The Warmest Romance Chapter 785 -786

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Chapter 785

Anger was brewing like a storm in his eyes, and his voice was rolling in his throat. “Send someone immediately to check the whereabouts of Ruan Shi! Be sure to find her for me first

Du Yue smell speech, eyebrow eye micro motion, hesitated for a moment, this just open mouth should under, “is.”

Then he turned and was about to leave the office.

“Wait!” Yu Yimo frowned, suddenly stopped him, stared at him and asked, “Du Yue, do you know anything?”

Du Yue’s eyes flashed a dim light quickly. Half a second later, he looked up at Yu Yimo and said, “Yu Zong, there’s nothing wrong, but there’s one thing I didn’t tell you.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly, “what’s the matter?”

“Assistant Ruan came to me in private once before, and asked me for the photo of her and Jiang Huanchen that I bought from paparazzi last time. At that time, I only heard her say that it was for Jiang Huanchen to sign a contract. I gave it to her without thinking much, and I didn’t tell you.”

Smell speech, metaphor with Merton, droop a Mou to see to sign a contract on the nearby table, the eyeground mood is dark and unclear.

It seems that this contract was signed by Jiang Huanchen with some small skills. At the beginning, he only gave her three days. Now, according to the time of signing the contract, Ruan Shishi just got Jiang Huanchen to sign the contract on the last day.

He promised her that he would let her leave Yu group as long as she could win the endorsement within three days.

Unexpectedly, she really did it. She sent the signed contract and resignation together. It was like a gust of wind and disappeared completely in his life.

Originally, from that time on, she was secretly planning to leave him!

Yu Yimo’s heart pained two times unconsciously. After a moment, he inhaled deeply, looked up at Du Yue and asked, “did you find anything?”

Du Yue shook his head and answered truthfully, “nothing was found.”

Yu Yimo’s face was cold when he heard the sound.

With Ruan’s ability of poetry, even if she is hiding, it will certainly leave traces, but now that everything about her has been wiped clean, someone must be helping her!

Suddenly, his eyebrows and eyes moved, and a man’s face flashed through his mind.

Is it song yean who can compete with him?

The next second, he picked up the suit coat hanging on the back of the chair, coldly told Du Yue, “get ready for the car, go with me to Yunye technology.”

Du Yue heard the speech, hesitated for a moment, did not dare to ask, immediately should, with his step out of the CEO office.

Along the way, Yu Yimo’s face was gloomy, and his whole body sent out a chill of not being near, which made people shudder.

The car just stopped at the downstairs of Yunye technology, and the door was pushed open. Yu Yimo stepped out of the car on his long legs and walked directly into the front door of the company.

Du Yue looks at Yu Yimo’s posture and quickly catches up. He hesitates and asks, “Mr. Yu, we don’t have an appointment. Would you like to call Mr. Song’s assistant in advance?”


He and song yean had already passed the step of propriety before soldiers.

Take the elevator upstairs. Before they get to the general manager’s office, they are stopped by song yean’s assistant, “Mr. Yu, I’m sorry, Mr. Song is negotiating with our partner. Please wait a moment.”

Yu Yimo’s face sank and looked at him coldly. There was a kind of dark light at the bottom of his eyes. “Since you song always know that I’m coming, why don’t you hide from me?”

Chapter 786

Once he didn’t make an appointment with him in advance, and secondly he didn’t let the front desk inform him, but song yean’s assistant could recognize him accurately. It seems that he knew he would come long ago.

Song yean’s assistant took a cool breath. He couldn’t answer for a moment, but he didn’t dare disobey his general manager. He had to stand in front of them and said, “sorry, please wait a moment.”

Yu Yimo’s patience has reached the critical value. His cold eyes sweep the direction of the office. He is about to open his mouth when the door is suddenly pushed open.

Song yean stood at the door and looked up at them. He said with a smile, “Yuzong is here. I’m sorry to meet you far away.”

Yu Yimo glanced at him coldly, but he didn’t want to show off. He directly opened the door to the mountain road and said, “I have something to tell you.”

With that, he turned and walked quickly to the side.

Song yean hesitated for a moment and stepped forward to follow him.

They go to the small balcony next to the office. Song yean is about to open his mouth. Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo suddenly turns around, reaches out his hand and grabs his collar.

“Where did you hide Ruan’s poems?”

Yu Yimo’s cold eyes suddenly appear. Like an eagle falcon, his eyes tightly lock on Song yean. The hand hanging on his side has slowly clenched into a fist, as if it is possible to hit him in the face at any time.

Song yean’s eyes were stunned for two seconds. He pulled his lips and asked, “Mr. Yu, I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Yu Yimo grabs his hand by the collar and unconsciously tightens it. He looks down at him and says, “where are you hiding her?”

Ruan Shishi is a living person. If she disappears in Jiangzhou city out of thin air, it will leave some traces. But he sent someone to check, and all the clues about her were wiped clean, without any clues.

It can only be said that the traces she left have been erased, and song yean has this ability in Jiangzhou city.

“Is the poem gone?”

Song yean frowned, and the gentleness on his face slowly dissipated. He was serious for a few minutes, and then asked, “what did you do to her?”

Anger rolled in Yu Yimo’s eyes. His voice was low and deep. “Song yean, do you have meaning in front of me?”

Song yean’s face was cold, and he didn’t have the patience at the beginning. He held out his hand, held Yu Yimo’s wrist directly, and said in a cold voice, “why should I pretend in front of you? Yu Yimo, you don’t like me. Just come straight to me! “

The two men fought secretly, and neither of them was willing to give in. The assistant who stood outside to observe the situation couldn’t see it any more. He quickly stepped up and began to argue, “Mr. Yu, please calm down. Don’t do it first.”

Du Yue saw that the situation was not optimistic. He quickly came to Yu Yimo’s side and said in a low voice, “president, don’t be impulsive.”

If the two of them really started here today, it will definitely be on the news page of Jiangzhou city tomorrow morning, which will have a bad impact on both of them.

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a wave, hesitated for a moment, finally let go of song yean’s collar, and stepped back.

Song yean also let go, face a change in the past mild, the same cold frightening.

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows and eyes were covered with a layer of cold frost, and his voice was slightly cold. “Song yean, you have your way, and I also have my way. If I find out you’re doing it, we’ll see.”

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