The Warmest Romance Chapter 787 -788

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Chapter 787

Song yean is not willing to be outdone, “Yu Zong, I don’t know why you suddenly come here to make trouble, but if you want to continue, I’ll accompany you at any time.”

Two eyes meet, sparks everywhere, who refused to give up half a minute.

The assistant next to him began to persuade them. Yu Yimo gave them a cold glance, turned around and walked out quickly.

Walking up the elevator, Yu Yimo’s tight body relaxed a little. He turned to Du Yue and said in a cold voice, “check song yean’s recent whereabouts. Is there anything suspicious?”

Du Yue nodded his head and made a phone call to order him to check.

From Yunye technology to Yushi group, there is news.

Du Yue listened to the report and truthfully conveyed to Yu Yimo, “Mr. Yu, song yean has no suspicious action recently. He has been living in Jiangzhou city all the time, but he went to Yicheng this afternoon to see his sister and soon came back.”

Hearing this, Yu Yimo’s nerves tensed for a moment. After two seconds of hesitation, he frowned, “Yicheng?”

Will Ruan’s poems be hidden in Yicheng by song yean?

Seeing Yu Yimo’s doubts, Du Yue hesitated for a moment and whispered, “yes, Yicheng, and I know about it.”

Yu Yimo looked at him fiercely and looked up at him. “How do you know?”

Du Yue hesitated for a moment and said, “song yun’an is my girlfriend. Her performance in Yicheng is not very smooth. Originally, I wanted to see her, but I couldn’t get rid of her, so her brother passed.”

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a trace of suspicion, which was fleeting, and soon disappeared.

After a pause, he took a deep look at Du Yue and said coldly, “let’s go.”

Du Yue has been with him for so many years, which is worth believing.

But song yean had to send someone to stare at Ruan before he found her!

For three days, Yu Yimo’s men almost turned the whole city of Jiangzhou upside down, but there was still no news about Ruan’s poetry.

Yu group president office.

Du more push open the door of the office, looking at sitting at the desk, tired man, some surprised.

He has never seen his own president like this.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Yu Yimo raised his head. When he saw Du Yue, a faint light flashed at the bottom of his eyes and asked, “is there any news?”

Du more pause, shake his head, “not yet.”

The glimmer of light in the fundus of his eyes darkened for a moment. Yu Yimo’s face was cold again. He raised his hand, pressed his eyebrows and didn’t speak any more.

Du took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Yu, the front desk calls, saying that the artist Jiang Huanchen and his agent are here. They have already got on the elevator and will arrive soon.”

Yu Yimo frowned, “what is he doing here?”

“It’s said that I’m here to talk about the details of the cooperation. Do you want to push it and let redeur receive it?”

“No Yu Yimo said faintly, “you go to the reception room and arrange for them to be in the reception room. I’ll go there later.”


Du Yue turned and left. The moment the door closed, he was the only one left in the room.

Yu Yimo was a little depressed. He inhaled deeply. When he thought of Ruan Shishi, who had no news at all, he felt restless.

Chapter 788

Ruan Shishi met with Jiang Huanchen before he disappeared. Maybe he could learn something from Jiang Huanchen.

A moment later, after Du Yue settled in Jiang Huanchen and his agent, he got up and rushed from the office to the reception room.

The door opened, he saw Jiang Huanchen posture wantonly sitting on the sofa, the man looks handsome, but between the eyebrows and eyes are all uninhibited.

It was Qiong Jie, the agent next to him. As soon as he came in, she immediately stood up and said, “Mr. Yu, Hello, I’m Qiong Jie, the agent of Jiang Huanchen.”

She glanced at sister Qiong’s hand. Yu Yimo nodded with a faint look. Instead of shaking hands with her, she went directly to the sofa opposite Jiang Huanchen and sat down.

Qiong was embarrassed. She sat back on the sofa and winked at Jiang Huanchen.

Jiang Huanchen glanced at Yu Yimo, lazily raised his chin, and did not speak.

Yu Yimo didn’t feel embarrassed. He calmly ordered his secretary to serve tea. Then he looked at Jiang Huanchen and said, “what’s the matter, you can contact the person in charge of redeur. There’s no need to find the head office directly, because I’m not sure about some things.” A faint smile on one’s face was heard by

has heard Jiang Huanchen’s lips, but this has the final say.

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Huanchen didn’t show off, but said directly, “I want Ruan Shishi to be my spokesperson this time. She is responsible for all my affairs during the shooting.”

Hearing the three words “Ruan Shishi”, Yu Yimo’s face sank a little. He leaned back and squinted at Jiang Huanchen.

A moment later, he said slowly, “Ruan Shishi is from our headquarters. There will be professional docking people in redeur. Aren’t you satisfied with the professionals arranged by us?”

Jiang Huan Chen slightly pick eyebrows, eyebrows vivid, swept a look, Yu Yimo way, “I just want her to be responsible, in addition to this, other arrangements I have no objection.”

With that, he looked straight at Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo’s eyes were slightly dark, and his emotion was brewing in the fundus of his eyes. After a moment, he opened his thin lips and said in a cold voice, “this request can’t be agreed.”

It seems that he didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would refuse directly. Jiang Huanchen’s face turned cold and frowned, “why can’t he promise?”

He originally thought that Yu’s group had great sincerity, but he didn’t expect that he couldn’t even agree to such a small thing.

Yu Yimo said in a light tone, “except for Ruan Shishi, I can promise you all the others.”

“What I want is her. If not, I’m sorry. I’d rather not have this endorsement.”

Jiang Huanchen’s eyes were cold, and he pushed the contract directly to Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo was stunned for a moment. She didn’t seem to expect that Jiang Huanchen would say that. The agent next to her, sister Qiong, also stared in amazement. She turned her head and said in a low voice, “Jiang Huanchen, are you stupid?”

He has already signed his name on the contract. If he breaks the contract again, he will not get a cent at that time, and he will have to pay a penalty again!

Yu Yimo looked at the man opposite, his eyebrows covered with a layer of cold frost, he paused, the corner of his lips suddenly raised a sarcastic arc, looked at him and said, “I’m a little curious, Ruan Shishi in the end is what magic, even let today’s most popular male star never forget her.”

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