CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1291 – 1292

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Chapter 1291

“Mr. Grant…” Mr. Josh shook his head, there are already some flowers in front of him.

Peter interrupted him directly: “What are you doing, I will pour for you CEO Josh, I finally have the opportunity to drink with you.”

CEO Josh couldn’t get rid of it, so he could only continue drinking with Peter.

No matter how dull the people at the dinner table, they also vaguely realized that Peter was really upset, and he had to drink CEO Josh down.

Peter is the Great Lord, and these people dare not offend him easily.

CEO Josh thought about drinking with Tina because Tina is really beautiful, and Peter didn’t express his attitude at first, so he didn’t take Tina seriously, and he regarded her as a companion.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Grant got angry now.

CEO Josh had no choice but to eat this boring loss himself.

But CEO Josh’s subordinates couldn’t help but say: “Mr. Josh always has stomach problems, and he really can’t drink anymore.”

“Who are you? Your CEO Josh can’t speak, it is your turn?” Peter glanced at the man contemptuously, and curled her lips toward CEO Josh: “Continue.”

CEO Josh took another drink, and suddenly coughed violently.

“CEO Josh coughed up bleeding, hit 120!”

Tina was sitting close to CEO Josh, and everyone was shocked when they saw CEO Josh coughing up blood.

“It’s just a stomach bleeding, he can’t die.” Peter shook the wine glass in his hand, his eyes terribly cold.

Tina frowned and looked up at Peter.

Except for Karl, Peter didn’t seem to have convinced anyone, and there were few people in his eyes, but he was sleek, and he didn’t stop there.

This was the first time Tina saw him so cruel.

Peter’s brutal force just now clearly wanted to kill CEO Josh here.

After a while of chaos in the box, all the people on Mr. Josh’s side left, only Tina, Peter and Stephanie were left.

Peter was still sitting in his original position, with a faint expression, indifferent to everything happening around him, and even thinking about eating food.

Feeling Tina looking at him, he glanced at her and slowly said, “If you don’t eat, don’t pester me here, disturb me eating.”

When the voice fell, Peter heard the sound of the chair being dragged on the ground.

He lowered his eyes and laughed at himself, and he couldn’t expect this woman to have any conscience, and let her go and really left.

Peter didn’t raise his head until he heard the door closing.

Staring straight at the closed door for a moment, he suddenly threw the chopsticks in his hand angrily and leaned his head up against the back of the chair angrily.

Haven’t you seen him drink so much alcohol?

She left him just like that.

At least he is still her boss now!

Does any employee dare to treat the boss like this?

Never seen such a horizontal employee!

Peter got more and more angry, raised his leg and kicked the table, but he was shocked to fall off the chair.

He tried to get up, but his head was so dizzy and weak that he couldn’t get up at all.

Anyway, there was no one, so he just lay on the ground.

Don’t know how long it took, Peter dumbly heard the door opening.

He thought it was a waiter who came in, and roared drunkenly: “Get out, no one cares about me.”

The waiter not only did not go out, but also walked towards him.

“I said, out!” Peter had no strength to get up, and his mood was bad, and his tone became even more fierce.

“Peter, do you think you are still a young man? You are in your thirties, drunk and lying on the ground and drunk crazy. You are not ashamed. As your artist, I am ashamed.”

Chapter 1292

Hearing this familiar female voice, Peter froze.

After a few seconds, Peter slowly turned his head, looking at the direction of the sound.

Tina went and returned, standing next to him, holding a cup of tea in her hand, looking at him condescendingly.

Peter was overjoyed at first, and then thought that it was too ugly to lie on the ground now, so he struggled to get up.

But he tried his best to no avail.

Tina sighed helplessly, put the hangover tea in her hand aside, and squatted down to help Peter.

Who knows, Peter shook off her hand: “Do you look down on me? I can get up by myself!”

Tina: “…”

Tina watched as Peter got up and fell down again. After a few times, she couldn’t stand it anymore and directly dragged Peter to the sofa aside.

Peter didn’t have the strength to break away from her, so he could only yell and yell: “I’m your boss. Wouldn’t your conscience hurting yourself if you treat me like this?”

Tina ignored him. After throwing him on the sofa, she turned back and poured the sober tea over to Peter.


Peter was choked twice, but still drank it.

Tina took a tissue and stuffed it into his hand, letting him wipe the tea stain on the corner of his mouth.

Peter was paralyzed, and Tina picked up a tissue and wiped it for him.

As soon as she stretched out her hand, Peter grabbed her.

Drunk, his eyes were full of moisture, fixedly looking at Tina, his eyes were childish like a child.

Tina avoided Peter’s gaze in embarrassment, but Peter didn’t let her go, tilting his head and looking at her.

“You didn’t say thank you to me.” The drunk person was a little slow, and his speaking speed was much slower than usual, and he looked a little silly.

It also makes people feel cute.

Speaking of this incident, Tina was also a little angry, and said angrily: “I didn’t let you go and drink with CEO Josh without death.”

She knows that Peter’s opponent’s artists are still defending. If other artists are present today, Peter might just say a few words.

But the problem is that it is impossible for ordinary artists to have the opportunity to participate in the same dinner as Peter.

Peter drank like this, indeed because of her.

Tina was very convinced of this.

They have known each other for a long time, and they know each other well enough. The tacit understanding is carved in their bones.

Others can’t see or understand, only they can feel each other.

“You and that Mr. Josh is very happy? What’s so good about that old man?” Peter stretched out his hand and pulled off his tie, and pulled off his shirt to reveal the solid chest inside: “Is he as handsome as me? He has a good figure as me?”

He tugged quickly, before Tina had time to stop him, his shirt buttons were torn apart and spilled on the ground.

Tina was dumbfounded. Peter was very good when he was drunk before. She has never seen him so…unrestrained.

“You say! Answer me! I’m handsome or that old man is handsome.” Peter yelled reluctantly.

Tina couldn’t laugh or cry: “You are handsome.”

“Oh.” Peter was satisfied.

Tina hesitated for a moment, stretched out her hand to close his opened shirt, and turned around to get his jacket to put on him.

But Peter didn’t cooperate with wearing clothes, so Tina had to coax him: “You put on your clothes and go home, OK?”

Peter also reached out for the face and asked her to dress him.

The button of his shirt had collapsed, and Tina could only button him his coat tightly.

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