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Chapter 791

Huo Chuan is looking at him through the car window. They look at each other inadvertently. Yu Yimo clearly sees a sharp cold light flashing through his eyes.

But the next second, he had turned his head, rolled down the window, and said something with ye Wan’er.

Yu Yimo frowns. His intuition tells him that the man is not simple. He takes a deep breath, takes out his mobile phone, and sends a message to Luo Yu, “check the information of the bodyguard beside Wan’er, the more detailed the better.”

If that bodyguard really has a problem, it’s not only him but also ye Wan’er who will be in danger at that time, so he must take precautions.

Unconsciously, it has been nearly a month since Ruan left Jiangzhou city and arrived in the United States.

Thanks to song yean, she lives in a vacant small western style house in his friend’s house, three stories high, with a spacious and bright yard. The house is not big, but very comfortable.

After a month, she gradually became familiar with the life here. She often went shopping alone, and then went back home to read books.

Life seems to be in the state of providing for the aged.

However, this kind of life is also very full. She will choose part of the time to study and accumulate every day. Unconsciously, she will live very fast. The only thing that has a great impact on her life is pregnancy and vomiting.

For several days, every morning Ruan Shishi vomited what she ate. Unconsciously, she lost a circle of weight.

“Ding Dong -“

hearing the doorbell ring, Ruan Shishi immediately rinsed her mouth, walked out of the bathroom and quickly walked out.

When she got to the door, she pushed open the door and raised her eyes to see the people standing outside the yard.

Song yean waved to her and said with a smile, “don’t you open the door yet?”

Ruan Shishi came back, surprised and happy. He immediately went over and opened the door, “Why are you here?”

“It’s been a month. Of course I’ll come to see you!”

Song yean walked in quickly, laughing happily, with a colorful bag in his hand.

Two people exchanged greetings and walked into the room. Song yean put the bag on the table and said with a smile, “this is what an an had to ask me to bring to you. She said it was the beautiful baby clothes she saw when she was shopping. Because she didn’t know whether the baby was a man or a woman, she bought two sets of baby clothes.”

“Is it?” Ruan Shishi’s eyes flashed a little light and opened the bag. Sure enough, he saw two cute baby suits, one pink and one blue, small and delicate.

Song yean came over and took a look at the baby clothes. He said with a helpless smile, “it’s very nice, but I’m afraid there will be more…”

“No Ruan Shishi looked at the small clothes in front of her eyes, involuntarily raised the corners of her lips and said in a soft voice, “two sets are just right.”

At the beginning, she thought that she had only one little life in her stomach. However, she went to the hospital for examination last week, and then she knew that she not only won the prize, but also won the double lottery!

How much did God care for her and give her two little angels at once?

“What?” Song yean was surprised and thought that he had heard it wrong. “Shishi, what did you say just now?”

Ruan Shishi unconsciously raised his lips, stroked his stomach with his right hand and said in a soft voice, “the doctor said it’s a dragon and Phoenix fetus.”

Hearing the speech, song yean’s eyes burst out a bit of light, and his face was happy, “really?”

Chapter 792

Seeing his expression, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help nodding.

“Great!” Song yean’s eyes and eyebrows were just happy. He held Ruan Shishi’s hand excitedly. “Both of his sons and daughters are perfect. There is no regret in life!”

Looking at his happy appearance, Ruan Shishi had some feelings in his heart.

During this period of time, song yean was really good to her and her family. He not only helped her leave Jiangzhou City, but also arranged properly for Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu.

She could see his sincerity to her.

When she thought about it, her nose was sour, and tears flashed in her eyes.

Seeing this, song yean’s smile froze, and he was a little nervous. “Shishi, what’s the matter with you?”

Ruan Shishi shook his head and inhaled deeply, “good night, thank you very much.”

Hearing the speech, song yean hooked his lips and said with deep feeling, “Shishi, I’m willing to take care of you. I just want you to accept me one day in the future.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart moved. She raised her eyes to song yean’s, but suddenly another man’s face flashed in her mind.

Instantly, as if there was a basin of cold water pouring down directly from her head, which made her wake up a lot.

She inhaled deeply, looked at Song yean and whispered, “yean, I’m sorry, maybe one day in the future, but now I really…”

With that, she couldn’t go on.

“I understand.” Song yean’s eyes flashed a trace of bitterness and said in a soft voice, “I’m not in a hurry, and I’m willing to wait.”

When Ruan’s poems heard the words, he felt more and more ashamed of song yean.

Now, she really has no way, in a foreign country, she can only rely on Song yean, but after that, owing song yean this great favor, she must return it!

For that man, she will slowly forget him and completely exclude him from her own world.

Ruan did not know that the man she could not forget had never forgotten to look for her.

In China, the villa area of Jiangzhou city.

Ye Waner is in a hurry to pick and change clothes in her bedroom. The reason is that 20 minutes ago, Yu Yimo called her and said that she would come to find her.

This is the first time that Yu Yimo wants to come to her home to find her after her engagement. Naturally, she should dress up well, neither too casually nor too ceremoniously.

She changed several clothes. As soon as she put a lavender skirt on her body, a maid knocked at the door of the room. “Miss, Mr. Yu has arrived downstairs.”

On hearing this, ye Wan’er hurriedly zipped up her skirt and straightened her hair. Then she pretended to be calm and went downstairs.

As soon as ye Wan’er came down from the second floor, she saw the man coming in from the door. She raised her lips and welcomed him with a smile. She said in a sweet voice, “brother Mo!”

Yu Yimo’s face was slightly heavy. He raised his eyes to her and asked in a light tone, “isn’t uncle and aunt here?”

Ye Wan’er stepped forward and took his arm naturally. “My father and brother are in the company. My mother has gone to play cards. Do you want me to call them back?”

“No Yu Yimo’s eyes were deep, and the fierce and quick flash made people unable to grasp, “this is the best.”

When ye Wan’er heard the speech, she felt happy, and her cheeks were not naturally flushed.

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