The Warmest Romance Chapter 793 -794

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Chapter 793

It seems that Yu Yimo really wants to understand that she is willing to get along with her alone.

She immediately asks the servant to come and serve tea and fruit, and then pulls Yu Yimo to the direction of the sofa.

Suddenly, she thought about it and whispered, “or Brother Mo, go to my room. It’s quiet there… “

Yu Yimo, with the same face, went to the sofa and sat down, “no, I’ve come to see you. I have something to do.”

Ye Wan’er couldn’t help wondering, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo didn’t speak. He raised his eyes and looked towards the door. Ye Wan’er saw this and followed his eyes.

At the door, Huo Chuan was pulled in by two men with his left and right arms clasped. He looked embarrassed.

Ye Wan’er was stunned. Her face changed a little. She looked at Yu Yimo and asked, “brother Mo, what are you doing?”

“Wan’er, do you remember the motorcycle accident that happened in front of the company last month?”

Smell speech, leaf Wan son on the face flash over tiny change, very quickly, she opens a mouth to ask a way, “how?”

Yu Yimo squints his eyes slightly, and his sharp eyes pass Huo Chuan, “it was not an accident, but someone planned it.”

Listening to what he said, ye Wan’er’s back suddenly stiffened. She clenched her fists and looked up at Huo Chuan. Her eyes were more or less cold.

Two seconds later, she pretended to be surprised, looked at Yu Yimo and said, “what does that have to do with huochuan?”

Yu Yimo said coldly, “let him talk about it.”

Huo Chuan’s face was a little gloomy. When he looked up at ye Wan’er, he felt guilty. He inhaled deeply and didn’t say a word.

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth and guessed something in her heart.

Now Yu Yimo sends two people to tie Huo Chuan without saying a word. That is to say, he must have evidence in his hand. If Huo Chuan confesses, she will be exposed!

With this thought, ye Wan’er’s back was covered with cold sweat. She inhaled deeply, glanced at Yu Yimo quickly, and quickly pretended to be angry. She stood up and walked towards Huo Chuan.

“Huo Chuan! What’s the matter with you! “

Huo Chuan looks up at ye Wan’er and moves his lips. He wants to stop talking.

Ye Wan’er frowned and then said in a cold voice, “what did you do to make brother Mo so angry? And what about motorcycles? “

Then she took advantage of the opportunity to turn her back to Yu Yimo and winked at huochuan.

Huo Chuan received the signal, took a deep breath, lowered his head, looked down at the ground, and said, “Miss, I don’t want to sophistry until now.”

Ye Wan’er clenched her fist and blushed, “you What have you done? “

Huo Chuan took a deep breath and said, “I arranged the motorcycle. Originally, I wanted to teach Ruan Shishi a lesson. Unexpectedly, miss, you suddenly appeared and stopped the car for her So it’s all my fault that you are injured and hospitalized. “

When ye Wan’er hears the speech, she pretends to be surprised and turns to Yu Yimo, “brother mo Is that true? “

Yu Yimo was cold, and the cold light at the bottom of his eyes suddenly appeared, “give me a lesson? I see that you are deliberately killing people! “

Since he felt Huo Chuan’s abnormality last time, he sent someone to investigate him. Unexpectedly, he also showed up in the surveillance room near Yu’s group on the day of the motorcycle accident, so he found the scene where he met the motorcyclist

Chapter 794

All of the things he has full ten grasp, this just dare to directly come to Ye villa to find him.

I didn’t expect that, but he was also frank and admitted it before he said a few words.

Yu Yimo stood up and walked towards him with great momentum. He stopped in front of him and asked in a cold voice, “tell me, why do you want to teach Ruan Shi a lesson?”

He and Ruan Shishi have no reason to harm her unless

Yu Yimo turns his head and looks coldly at Ye Waner.

Next to ye Wan’er feel the man suddenly look at her eyes, the body a cold, suddenly some indescribable tension.

She gritted her teeth, looked at Huo Chuan and raised her voice to build momentum for herself. “Huo Chuan, brother Mo asked you, why do you want to harm poetry?”

Huo Chuan’s eyes flashed a trace of gloom. After a few seconds’ pause, he looked at Yu Yimo cautiously and said in a cold voice, “because that woman is too eye-catching and always wanders around Yu Zong. I’m afraid that she will affect the happiness of Miss Yu, so I’m good at asserting. This matter has nothing to do with Miss Yu. It’s all my fault.”

Ye Wan’er’s heart is tight, but she doesn’t expect that Huo Chuan will carry the pot himself in order to save her.

Yu Yimo looked at him condescensively, “so, you confess your crime of abetting motorcyclists to deliberately harm others?”

Huo Chuan hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, “yes.”

Yu Yimo glanced at him coldly, “huochuan, do you know that you are going to jail like this?”

Huo Chuan heard the speech, silent and did not speak.

But ye Wan’er on one side turned pale.

After waiting for a moment, Huo Chuan still did not answer. Yu Yimo turned to Du Yue and said in a cold voice, “contact the police immediately and give them the recording just recorded. Let them handle the rest according to the procedure.”

“Brother Mo!” Ye Wan’er’s eyes widened in panic and stretched out her hand to hold Yu Yimo’s arm? Huo Chuan, he’s my bodyguard. He’s been with me for many years. Now if it’s true… “

Without waiting for ye Wan’er to finish her speech, Yu Yimo stretched out her hand and pulled it out of her hand, saying in a cold voice, “Wan’er, never speak for the wrong person.”

The man’s voice is loud, invisible with a few points of unclear power, making people unable to refute. Ye Wan’er opens her mouth, and the rest of the pleading words rush to her mouth, but she can’t speak.

At this time, huochuan suddenly looked up at her and said, “it’s OK, miss. At that time, I was confused and did something wrong. I’m willing to be punished.”

Ye Wan’er opened her mouth in surprise. Seeing Huo Chuan shaking her head, she closed her mouth and stopped talking.

By now, it’s a foregone conclusion. If she continues to plead with him, I’m afraid Yu Yimo will doubt her again, then it’s meaningless for him to carry the pot.

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a little cold. He looked at his subordinates and said in a cold voice, “take him away.”

Two men immediately do, a left and a right frame huochuan left.

Yu Yimo turns to ye Wan’er and says word by word, “Wan’er, I will investigate the motorcycle accident and give you an explanation.”

Ye Wan’er was in a complicated mood. She nodded and gasped, “good.”

Watching Yu Yimo leave Ye’s home, ye Waner’s anger almost burns from head to toe.

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