The Warmest Romance Chapter 831 -832

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Chapter 831

When Ruan Shishi heard the speech, he turned his head and saw a fat middle-aged man smiling at her.

She was stunned. “Are you?”

“I’m in charge of Happy Valley Park. You can call me manager he.”

Manager he took out a business card and handed it to her.

Ruan Shishi took the card, looked at the contents, then looked up at him and asked, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

“Well, recently, we are doing activities in our park. For every 1000 tickets sold, a lucky tourist is randomly selected and given our privilege card. With this privilege card, tourists can avoid any queuing and waiting and go directly to the green channel.”

With that, manager he took out a colorful card and handed it to her.

“Happy Valley rainbow card” is printed on the card

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised and looked up at him, “is this true?”

“It’s true, of course.”

Manager he smiles and then signals to the staff behind him, “lucky tourists have small gifts!”

Wearing the happy valley working system, the staff came forward and gave Sensen and Shasha a happy valley mascot dolls.

“Congratulations, as long as you rely on the rainbow card, you can have priority in all the rides and avoid queuing.”

“Mom, that’s great!”

“Great! We don’t have to line up! “

The two little guys were dancing excitedly.

Ruan Shishi took the card. It seemed that it didn’t look like a cheat. Seeing the staff leave, she slowly recovered.

Ruan Shishi, with a dubious attitude, took them to the gate on the other side of the front end of the dragon and showed the staff the rainbow card. When the staff saw the card, they respectfully asked them to enter through the empty gate.

“Wow! Great

Sensen and Shasha seem to have regained their vitality. As soon as they enter the park, they jump and jump with excitement.

Ruan Shishi looked at the two of them laughing happily and unconsciously raised his lips.

In this way, today is not so bad!

She immediately stepped forward and asked, “what do you want to play first?”

Morimori jumped up excitedly, “jumping machine!”

“No, that’s too high!”

“Haunted house!”

“No! I’ll scare you into nightmares

Sensen’s two proposals were rejected by Ruan Shishi, and he could not help pouting.

Next to Shasha, she said, “Mom, I want a carousel!”

“This is OK! Go

Mori even busy way, “that is a girl to play!”

Ruan Shishi was happy and took them to the direction of the carousel. “Who said boys can’t play?”

When he arrived at the scene of the carousel, Sensen looked at the huge super luxury carousel in front of him, and his eyes lit up, “I want to play too!”

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing and took the two little guys to the entrance to wait for the next round.

Not far away, Yu Yimo is wearing a suit, and his eyes follow the three people over there, never moving away.

He stood there and got a lot of return.

The first reason is that he and Du Yue are both dressed in formal clothes, and there is no wrinkle on their suits, which is really out of place. The second reason is that his envious face has attracted the eyes of many men and women.

Chapter 832

Finally, metaphorically perceiving something, he frowned slightly, turned to Du Yue and asked, “why do they always look at me? Do I have flowers on my face?”

Du Yue couldn’t help laughing and coughed twice. “General manager Yu, I suggest you take off your coat and take off your tie, which may be better.”

Yu Yimo sniffed the words and nodded in agreement, “what you said is reasonable.”

With that, he raised his hand to take off his coat, raised his right hand to hold the bow tie, and pulled it down directly.

The women passing by made surprised voices, and some even picked up their mobile phones to take pictures.

“My God, it’s so handsome!”

“That action was too lustful!”

Yu Yimo turned a blind eye to those voices. He looked up at the direction of the carousel and saw that Ruan Shishi came down from the top with Sensen Shasha. He immediately handed his clothes and tie to Du Yue and said, “take care of it. If you have anything to do with your work, don’t disturb me.”

With that, he walked to the other side, leaving Du Yue alone in the wind.

The president of his family has always attached great importance to work. What’s the matter?

Over there, Ruan Shishi takes Sensen and Shasha off the carousel and goes straight to the next project, the pirate ship.

The pirate ship is very long and wide. There are many people sitting on it. The most people are in the middle row. They are descending to the two ends in turn. The bow and stern are in the same position, and then there are two, three, four

When Ruan Shishi arrived with them, only the front row was left.

There are four seats in that row, two child seats in the middle and two adult seats next to them.

Ruan Shishi originally wanted Sensen and Shasha to sit on both sides of her, so that she could ensure the safety of both of them, but there must be one person in such a seat that she couldn’t take care of.

What should we do? Do you want to sit or not?

“Mom, I want to sit down.”

Sensen pulled the hand of Ruan’s poetry, and his eyes were full of expectation.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, turned to Shasha and asked, “Shasha, how about you?”

Sasha nodded seriously, “I want to sit, too.”

For a moment, Ruan’s heart was a little tangled.

Next to the staff waiting to press the open key, she hesitated to go up and asked, “do you want to go up? It’s about to start. “

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth, but she was still not sure to pay attention.

Although all these rides have seat belts, she is still afraid of making mistakes. If she can only take care of a child, she would rather not sit.

Staff in the side urged, “do you want to go? There’s only one minute left. “

Sensen and Sasha look at her pitifully, “Mom, let’s go up…”

Ruan took a deep breath and turned to look at the staff, “forget it, let’s wait for the next shift.”

On the next flight, they will choose the middle seat so that she can sit in the middle and take care of them.

The safety of the two of them always comes first in her mind.

The staff asked again, “really not? Then I’m closed. “

Then she would close the iron door of the entrance.

Just then, a sonorous male voice came from the side, “wait a minute.”

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