The Warmest Romance Chapter 853 -854

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Chapter 853

“Bang!” With a loud noise, the door closed.

Du Yue, sitting in the front row, raised his eyes in surprise. Unexpectedly, it happened to meet Yu Yimo’s eyes in the rearview mirror.

The man’s face slightly heavy, without hesitation under the order, “get off, to look at Sen Sen and Sha Sha.”

Du Yue heard the speech, without delay, and pushed the door open to get out of the car.

The moment the door closed, the car and the outside world were cut off.

Ruan Shishi felt nervous. He looked up at Yu Yimo and tried to take back his hand. “What are you doing?”

The man’s Iron Palm is like a lock, tightly clasping her wrist, is not willing to release.

His dark, bottomless eyes stared at her with a serious face and serious eyes. “Ruan Shishi, do you really intend to cheat me all the time?”

That day at the amusement park, he chatted with Sha Sha when he had time. By the way, he asked Ruan Shishi how they were feeling with song yean. Only then did he know that they were all sleeping in separate rooms.

At the moment of knowing the news, I don’t know why, there was a burst of inexplicable joy in my heart.

But soon, he realized that maybe from the beginning, Ruan Shishi was cheating him?

As soon as I think of it, Yu Yimo’s anger suddenly springs up in his heart. Holding Ruan Shishi’s hand, he also tightens a lot unconsciously.

“Ruan Shishi, I’ll ask you for the last time. It’s him who treats you badly.” It is said that after a pause, he frowned, “or are you not husband and wife at all?”

A few words, like a thorn, pierced into Ruan’s heart in an instant.

Two seconds later, she pretended to be calm and gave a cold hum. She pretended to be a rogue and said, “Yu Yimo, it’s our husband and wife’s business to sleep in separate beds. Do you live by the sea? How wide is it? “

Looking at a woman with a hard mouth to the end, Yu Yimo’s heart is more angry. His lips become a straight line, sweeping the woman’s stubborn shining eyes. His eyes move down, and then pass her rich and moist lips. As soon as his heart is tight, an unbearable rush comes up from the body.

The next second, he unconsciously stretched out his hand, pulled her to himself, and directly lowered his head to cover her lips.

The moment when the two lips touched each other, time seemed to be still at this moment.

Yu Yimo reaches out his big hand and caresses her back involuntarily to deepen the kiss.

Familiar taste, familiar feeling, including the desire deeply buried in the body, at this moment, it’s like lifting the seal, crazy and rapid surge in.

Ruan Shishi was so scared that she could not imagine that Yu Yimo would do this to her. After struggling for a long time, she was in vain. Unconsciously, her body began to burn up.

A hot and itchy feeling slowly conquered reason, her consciousness more fuzzy, more addicted.

The man stretched out his big hand and clasped it around her waist. With an effort, he put her in his arms and swept her back neatly, which made her body numb.

She has It’s been a long time.

For a time, the temperature in the car was getting higher and higher. The man held her face dominantly, brushed her slender neck with the other hand, and untied the button of her collar.

Just as his fingers went in and touched a greasy patch, the woman’s body shook.

Chapter 854

Yearning for more and being rational, Ruan Shishi suddenly flashed a light in her mind. Thinking that Sensen and Sasha were still in the car, she seemed to be poured a basin of cold water from the top of her head.

“Brush!” I’ll wake up in a moment.

She opened her eyes and pushed the man away.

Yu Yimo was unprepared. He was pushed hard and immediately leaned back.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and looked at him in surprise. Suddenly, a burst of fire burst out of his heart.

She was angry that she had no principle to treat her like this. At the same time, she was angry that she didn’t keep her sense.

What’s more, he has a family now. How can he just kiss her!

Ruan Shishi was both regretful and angry. She bit her teeth and glanced over Yu Yimo’s wedding ring. Her face was even darker. “Yu Yimo, are you worthy of Ye Wan’er when you are out here?”

With that, she pushed the door open and got out of the car indignantly.

She slammed the door and walked to her car. When she saw Du Yue standing beside the car, she was more angry. She threw him a white eye and got on the car and started the car to leave.

Du Yue was in the same place now, sniffing the tail gas and frowning. He was puzzled by Ruan’s white eyes just now.

He didn’t seem to have offended her, did he?

Du took a deep breath and watched the car go a certain distance. Then he walked to the car over there and opened the door to get on.

Du Yue raised his eyes and saw the cold face of the man in the rearview mirror. He paused and asked, “Mr. Yu, what’s the matter…”

Yu Yimo’s eyes were cold. He didn’t answer his question, but ordered coldly, “go back to the company.”

Unexpectedly, outside the car, he touched a nose of ash. Now he got on the car and hit a nose of ash again.

Du Yue shook his head helplessly, started the car and stepped on the accelerator.

The car entered the main road. Not far ahead, it was the car Ruan Shishi was driving.

Ruan Shishi was sitting in the car, his face was gloomy and frightening. Sensen and Sasha were sitting in the back row obediently, not daring to go out of the atmosphere.

After a long time, Sensen summoned up his courage, “Mom, what’s the matter? Is uncle Shuai bullying his mother? “

Ruan Shishi sniffed at the speech, breathed deeply, suppressed his anger, slowed down his tone and said, “no, don’t think about it.”

Hearing the speech, Sen Sen looked a little unhappy and said, “Mom, after that, Sen Sen will protect you and never let him make you angry again!”

Listening to the voice of the little guy, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but smile. The unhappiness that had been blocked in his heart also dissipated a lot.

When he arrived at the wildlife park, just in time, Ruan Shishi pulled Sensen and Sasha out of the car, entered the shooting area of the park, handed them over to Qi Ge, and went directly to the chief director himself.

“Director, I’ve thought about the sample film. I’ll take Sensen Shasha to cooperate with you. But if the sample film is called back five times, it shows that we are not competent enough to meet your requirements. Then we can only ask you to replace us.”

With that, she bowed to the director respectfully.

Three groups of photos have been called back. She can change them twice at most. She will never allow Yu Yimo to be domineering all the time!

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