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Chapter 189

Lisa Lin saw that Jamie Ye looked very thin, and knew she was worried about Devis’s body, so she encouraged Jamie Ye to relax. Now the first thing is to take good care of her body. As long as the baby in her belly is healthy, Devis’s condition will be Will be treated.

The two had a conversation, and Lisa Lin left. On the way back, Lisa Lin still wondered about it. Jamie Ye’s body is so thin, can the child she is pregnant with be healthy? No, she had to find a way to fatten Jamie Ye’s body, and Lisa Lin thought about buying something nutritious for Jamie Ye to replenish her body.

After returning home, Lisa Lin deliberately checked the recipes of pregnant women and found that pregnant women in Singapore and Hong Kong started eating bird’s nest two or three months before pregnancy. This not only makes the mother physically strong, but also makes future newborn babies stronger, whiter and more beautiful. , And less likely to get sick.

Bird’s nest is a good nourishing product. Lisa Lin’s eyes lit up and she decided to give Jamie Ye a bird’s nest to nourish her body.

Lisa Lin has not eaten bird’s nest less for body and beauty. She has a lot of bird’s nests at home. She ordered Erin Liu to find the bird’s nest at home and prepare to send it to Jamie Ye the next day.

Patricia Liu told Erin Liu not to let Lisa Lin’s every move. Erin Liu naturally obeyed. She didn’t let Lisa Lin do anything. She even carefully read the gifts Lisa Lin bought specifically for Jamie Ye and her child. She also called Patricia Liu to report. Patricia Liu praised her carefully. Now that Lisa Lin was going to send bird’s nests, she immediately told Patricia Liu about the matter secretly.

When Patricia Liu heard this, she thought about it. She gave Erin Liu’s instructions, and Erin Liu nodded again and again.

At dinner in the evening, Erin Liu took the initiative to say to Lisa Lin that she is best at boiling bird’s nest, and she should make it so that Lisa Lin will send it to Jamie Ye, which is more sincere.

Lisa Lin also felt reasonable when she said that. She decided to boil the bird’s nest and send it to Jamie Ye in person.

She has taken care of her over the years and rarely does things like this in the kitchen. If she cooks bird’s nests for Jamie Ye by herself, Jamie Ye should be touched by her sincerity. It would be great if she was moved and started again with Juan Mu.

After Lisa Lin left, Jamie Ye’s mood was very tangled. Lisa Lin bought so many gifts and looked at it with great care. Seeing her cautious look towards Devis, she was a little moved.

Andre Ye also said that Lisa Lin was like a different person, completely different from before. The two were talking, and Jamie Ye’s phone rang, and her voice connected to Karen Xia came over, “Sister, don’t be unharmed! “

Jamie Ye frowned, “What’s the matter with Miss Xia?”

“Did my sister receive a gift today?” Karen Xia asked back.

“How did you know?”

“Because I also received it, I don’t know if Aunt Lin treats us equally?” Karen Xia stretched her voice. Aunt Lin gave me something for pregnant women today. Jamie Ye took a look at this. Isn’t it the same as the one given to her?

Karen Xia was very proud, “My sister has Devis over there. Aunt Lin said that I should buy more toys, so I don’t want to worry about it. How can I be concerned about it? We are sisters, so I don’t care about it.”

“Shameless!” Jamie Ye was very angry.

“Sister, why do you lose your temper?” Karen Xia smiled, “Aunt Lin said, tomorrow she will give me bird’s nest, the best blood bird, let me replenish my body, and give me two fat grandchildren, She said that my sister also has a share. How could Aunt Lin treat us like this? Does she want us both to be her daughter-in-law?”

“Close your stinky mouth!”

“Sister, don’t be angry. Let me finish. We are sisters. Although my sister has always been prejudiced against me, I have no prejudice against my sister. I made things clear to my sister. My sister should not have dreams and reunite. The person that auntie has always liked is me. She will not let you in, so it is best for you to be mentally prepared and not to be fascinated by the illusion. It will be too late to regret.”

“This won’t bother Miss Xia, but I also have to remind Miss Xia, you should be very clear about what’s going on with the child in your stomach? Doing such shameless deeds happened by accident. Isn’t Ms Xia worried? Is there any problem with the child that I gave birth to then?”

“Jamie Ye, I kindly tell you to make you be careful of Lisa Lin. You don’t need to appreciate it. How can you scold the child in my stomach?” Karen Xia’s voice changed, “Jamie Ye, believe it or not, but I’ll remind you, for the sake of your children, you must never eat the bird’s nest that Lisa Lin gave you, otherwise you will be conceited!” Karen Xia dropped this sentence and hung up the phone.

Although she was very clear about Karen Xia’s character, Jamie Ye was still stimulated. Didn’t Lisa Lin say that she didn’t like Karen Xia? In this case, how did Karen know about the gift Lisa bought for her? Did Lisa Lin really buy the same gift as her and give it to Karen Xia at the same time?

This kind of possibility still exists. The child Karen Xia is pregnant with is not a matter of Juan Mu. It has not been fully confirmed. Juan Mu said that he did not tell Lisa Lin. Lisa Lin did not know. Because of her love for children, she was very good so she bought two gifts for her and Karen Xia at the same time.

If this is the case, then her kindness can also be explained. She is a two-sided person who doesn’t want to let it go. The goal is Devis and the child in her stomach.

Although this was just a guess, not sure, Jamie Ye started to feel uncomfortable.

When Lisa Lin got up early in the morning, she began to soak the bird’s nest in water, preparing to stew the bird’s nest and send it to Jamie Ye to drink. Erin Liu offered to help her do it, but she refused. Jamie Ye will see her sincerity.

Speaking of stewed bird’s nest, Erin Liu was taught by her. Although Lisa Lin was born as a daughter, she is not the kind of daughter who can’t do anything. She is the one who can go to the kitchen under the hall. She often stew bird’s nest soup for her husband.

She cleaned the bird’s nest personally, soaked it in water, and then cleaned up the debris in the bird’s nest by hand, and then put the bird’s nest in the water to grow bigger, and then put the bird’s nest together with the water for soaking the bird’s nest in the stewing pot. Put rock sugar in a steamer and simmer over the fire.

Lisa Lin had been sitting aside while stewing the bird’s nest, and finally the bird’s nest was cooked. Lisa Lin packed the stewed bird’s nest and prepared to go out and give it to Jamie Ye.

Suddenly Flora Wu came to Mu’s house. Seeing Flora Wu coming, Lisa Lin had to return to the house. Erin Liu reminded her that the stewed bird’s nest would get cold, and it was best to send it to Jamie Ye right away.

Lisa Lin looked at Flora Wu and hesitated. Now that Flora Wu came, she couldn’t leave Flora Wu. Erin Liu volunteered to help Lisa Lin give Jamie Ye the bird’s nest.

Lisa Lin thought for a while and agreed, so Erin Liu took the bird’s nest and went out.

Jamie Ye and Andre Ye were playing in the living room with Devis. The doorbell rang, and Jamie Ye got up and went out to open the door. She saw Erin Liu standing at the door carrying an insulation box, looking at her with a smile on her face.

“What are you doing?” When Jamie Ye married into Mu’s house, Erin Liu helped Lisa Lin to bully her. She had always had no good impression of Lisa Lin, a loyal dogleg. Now that Erin Liu came to the door suddenly, she was on guard. The tone is not very nice.

Erin Liu didn’t seem to care about Jamie Ye’s attitude at all, and gave the thermos box in her hand to Jamie Ye, and smiled: “Madam wants me to come and send you bird’s nest.”

“Bird’s nest?” Jamie Ye stared at the insulated box incredulously. Karen Xia just reminded her last night that Lisa Lin was going to send bird’s nest. Today, Erin Liu is here to deliver bird’s nest. What exactly does Lisa Lin want to do?

Erin Liu nodded, “Yes, the madam said that you are pregnant with a child now and you have to take care of Devis. It is too hard. So I personally stewed the bird’s nest to replenish your body. This is the top blood bird with high nutritional value. It is most suitable for pregnant women. The most important thing is that the lady’s bird’s nest is stewed by herself. In these years, I have never seen her go to the kitchen. Seeing her inconvenient legs and feet, she insisted on stewing bird’s nest for you. It is really touching!

Jamie Ye made herself smile as much as possible, “It’s rare that Mrs. Mu is so enthusiastic, and she cooks the bird’s nest for me personally despite of her injured legs. I am embarrassed?”

“Hehe, what’s so embarrassing about this. Devis and the children in your stomach are both of the Mu family. You are about to remarry with Mr. Mu again soon, and everyone will be a family again.” Erin Liu’s eyes fell on On the top of the insulation box, he said earnestly: “You can eat while it is hot!”

Jamie Ye remembered Karen Xia’s warning: You’d better not eat those bird’s nests, otherwise you will be at your own risk!

She smiled faintly, “I just ate something, and now I am not hungry at all. I will eat this bird’s nest later.”

“The bird’s nest is not tasty when it is cold. It is better to eat it while it is hot. This is the Madam’s wish. You have to appreciate it.” Erin Liu persuaded.

“I take Madam Ye’s feelings. Go back and tell her that I have eaten the bird’s nest. Let her rest assured.”

“This…” Erin Liu frowned in embarrassment, “Miss Ye, you also know your Madam’s temper, and she hate liars the most. If you know I lie to her, she will definitely not let me go. You still eat. Right, even if it’s a bite?”

These words made Jamie Ye even more alert. Why did Erin Liu watch her eat? Is there really something tricky in this bird’s nest?

Chapter 190

Jamie Ye originally had doubts about Lisa Lin’s sudden improvement of herself, but now the suspicion in her heart is getting bigger. Did Lisa Lin deliberately confuse her, let her relax her vigilance, and then look for opportunities to harm her?

Although this idea is a bit weird, she didn’t dare to make fun of the child in her belly. She smiled faintly, “Well, I like to add milk to the bird’s nest. I’ll add some milk to eat.”

After speaking, she turned and entered the house. Erin Liu followed her and only walked a few steps. Jamie Ye turned and stopped Erin Liu: “Oh, I forgot one thing. The last time Devis was taken back by Mrs. Mu. I was very frightened. He is always afraid to see her and you. You should not come in otherwise you will be seen by him.”

Erin Liu stopped and asked awkwardly, “Is he even afraid of me?”

“Yes, after he came out of the hospital that day, he kept saying that the two bad women are so disgusting. If you dare to bully him in the future, he will ask the police uncle to come over and arrest them.”

This is half true. Devis only said that he wanted the police to arrest Lisa Lin, but did not say that Erin Liu was arrested, but Jamie Ye, seeing Erin Liu’s embarrassment, relieved her hatred and simply lied to her.

As expected, Erin Liu felt even more embarrassed, “Well then, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Jamie Ye smiled at her, turned and walked into the house.

Back in the room, Andre Ye looked at the thermal insulation box in her hand and asked, “What? Who sent it?”

“Uncle, this is the bird’s nest that Lisa Lin asked Erin Liu to send me, saying that it is to replenish me.” Jamie Ye put the thermal box on the coffee table.

Andre Ye was taken aback, “She really gave you the bird’s nest? How could Karen Xia guess so accurately? There is no real problem with this bird’s nest, right?”

Jamie Ye glanced at Devis, who was sitting on the ground seriously playing with the car toy, motioned Andre Ye to follow her into the kitchen, and recounted the strange behavior of Erin Liu just now.

Andre Ye’s face sank, “There must be a problem with that, you must not eat.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat it.” Jamie Ye said as she opened the lid of the heat preservation box and glanced at the contents, a strange expression appeared on her face.

I saw that there was more than half a box of cooked bird’s nest in the thermal insulation box. The color of the soup was orange-red with a smell, which was different from the ones she had eaten before.

“Hey, why is the color of this bird’s nest so red? Blood swallows can’t be red like this!” During the years of marrying Juan Mu, Jamie Ye did not eat less supplements in order to have children, and Mu’s family was also a wealthy family. The delicacies of mountains and seas are just like everyday meals. Although the blood swallows are precious, Jamie Ye has eaten it many times.

Andre Ye leaned over to take a look, picked up the insulation box and smelled it, his face changed abruptly, “There is the smell of saffron in this bird’s nest.”

“What! Saffron?”

“That’s right.” Andre Ye took a pair of chopsticks into the heat preservation box and turned over, picked up a long slender orange stem, and said solemnly: “Look, this is the saffron, it must be the person who cooks the bird’s nest. Not meticulous enough to leave such a single saffron.”

Jamie Ye took a deep breath. She knew that Andre Ye often went to the doctor for Devis’s illness. Especially these days, he would study Chinese herbal medicine every day. It is not surprising to know saffron. She previously suspected that Lisa Lin would make hands and feet in the bird’s nest, but she did not expect that she would actually put saffron in the bird’s nest. To know that saffron has an abortion effect, isn’t Lisa Lin doing this to harm the child in her stomach?

Thinking of the consequences of eating these bird’s nests, Jamie Ye shuddered, “Why is this old witch so vicious! She actually killed my child.”

“I think there is something wrong with this. She knows that the child in your stomach belongs to Juan Mu, and Devis is waiting to save her life with cord blood. Why is she going to kill you?” Andre Ye was calmer than Jamie Ye, and immediately thought of it.

Jamie Ye gritted her teeth and said: “She must hate me for breaking her leg, and admiring Juan’s reluctance to listen to her, only then will she be frantically mad at me.”

Andre Ye shook his head, “I don’t think she would do this,’tiger poison does not eat children’. Devis and the child in your stomach are both her grandsons. No matter how cruel she is, she will never attack her grandson.

Jamie Ye disagrees, “For Lisa Lin, the b!tch Karen Xia is pregnant with her grandson. She has always liked that b!tch, but now the b!tch is carrying twins in her belly. It is no better for her. Devis and the baby in my stomach are not important for her.”

“No, she wants grandson so much. No matter who gave birth, she will care about it as long as it is the blood of her Mu family. I think there must be a problem. You said just now that she sent someone to send it. Who is that person?”

“It’s her nanny Erin Liu. I asked her to wait in the garden.”

Andre Ye raised his brows, “Could it be the hands and feet of this nanny?”

“No, I have no grievances with Erin Liu. How could she want to harm me? Even if she did something, Lisa Lin instigated it.”

During the years in the Mu’s house, Jamie Ye had always been very polite to Erin Liu, asking herself that no one had offended her, she could not have harmed her. However, Erin Liu has been a babysitter in Mu’s house for many years and has always followed Lisa Lin’s advice. If Lisa Lin ordered her to do so, she would not dare to defy.

Andre Ye thought for a while and said, “Then you go and test Erin Liu first and see what she says.”

“Okay, I’ll go and ask her now.” Jamie Ye also felt that Andre Ye was right, so she hurriedly closed the insulation box and wanted to leave when she picked it up, but was stopped by Andre Ye.

“Wait a minute, you pour out a little bird’s nest and keep it as evidence, and show her a saffron.”

Jamie Ye understood that Andre Ye was afraid that Lisa Lin would not admit it, so he took a bowl and poured some bird’s nests before going out.

Walking out of the living room door, Jamie Ye saw Erin Liu looking anxiously toward the house, and was even more annoyed. She walked up to her in three steps, put the insulation box in her arms, and said sharply, “Take a good look at what’s inside, and you dare to bring it to me to eat.”

Erin Liu looked at the insulation box questioningly, “Isn’t this a bird’s nest?” She opened the lid to check.

Jamie Ye pointed to the heat preservation box and said: “Is it clear that the bird’s nest is cooked in this color? Is the smell so fragrant? You have been in Mu’s house for so many years, and you often cook bird’s nest. You should know better than me?”

Erin Liu stared at the bird’s nest in the thermal insulation box and exclaimed, “Oh, how could this bird’s nest be of this color? Madam clearly said that this is a good blood bird, and she asked someone to buy it from Malaysia. It’s definitely authentic. How does it look like an artificially dyed defective product?”

“What’s inferior, it’s obvious that there is saffron in it, look what it is?” Jamie Ye said, holding the saffron mixed in the bird’s nest and sending it to Erin Liu.

“Saffron? No?” Erin Liu opened her eyes wide and looked at the saffron in her hand in disbelief.

“Don’t pretend!” Jamie Ye sneered, “No wonder I had to eat right away just now, because I was afraid that if I didn’t eat, your conspiracy would not succeed. You can honestly explain, did Lisa Lin want you to do this?”

Erin Liu waved her hand vigorously, “No, it’s the lady’s hands from the beginning of soaking the bird’s nest to the cooking and putting it into the thermal insulation box. I’m only responsible for helping bring it to you. I really don’t know what’s going on. If you don’t believe it, You can ask the madam.”

“Okay, then let’s go to the Mu’s house and ask Lisa Lin personally to see who did it.” Jamie Ye took the heat preservation box and pulled Erin Liu out.

Erin Liu only struggled for a while and followed her out of the villa’s door. Her expression was not panic, but her expression was very puzzled.

Jamie Ye looked in her eyes and felt that Erin Liu really didn’t know, otherwise she would definitely be very scared.

You must know that Lisa Lin’s temper is notoriously short-tempered. If she is a little dissatisfied, she will be furious with Erin Liu. If Erin Liu is really instigated by her to harm herself, and now the conspiracy is revealed, she will definitely put the blame on Erin Liu. Afterwards, Erin Liu will definitely be scolded bloody afterwards.

It seemed that this was really just the work of Lisa Lin, and she didn’t expect that the old witch would be so cruel, even she didn’t even care about Devis.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. The driver of the Mu family saw them coming out and immediately got out of the car and opened the door. Jamie Ye didn’t care, and pulled the door and got in the car directly, and Lisa Lin followed.

On the way, Erin Liu defended Lisa Lin, saying that Lisa Lin would definitely not be so black-hearted to harm the child in Jamie Ye’s belly. She must have accidentally made a mistake.

Jamie Ye glared at Erin Liu fiercely, “Don’t tell me she is blind, even the bird’s nest and saffron can’t be distinguished.”

Erin Liu hurriedly explained, “No, I mean that the lady may be taking the Chinese medicine saffron, and she just cooked the bird’s nest for you, and accidentally confuses the two things.”

Jamie Ye sneered, “Huh, she eats saffron by herself? Is it irregular menstruation or postpartum lochia? I don’t know if she is old enough to have that kind of function.”

Erin Liu was stunned for a moment to realize that Jamie Ye was mocking Lisa Lin as an old woman who was already menopausal and didn’t need to take saffron at all. After staying for a few seconds, she smiled again and said: “Isn’t it said that saffron can beautify your face? Maybe the lady eats it for this reason?”

“Okay, you don’t have to explain it for her.” Jamie Ye interrupted her, only to find it ridiculous. Even if Lisa Lin really wants to use saffron to beautify her face, she can’t make soup by herself, let alone boil the saffron out. Pour the soup into the bird’s nest.

Erin Liu stopped her mouth, looked at Jamie Ye’s gloomy face, and did not dare to speak again.


The car drove into Mu’s house and stopped. Jamie Ye pulled the door and got out of the car. Erin Liu followed her closely.

Entering the living room, Jamie Ye put the insulation box on the coffee table, sat on the sofa, and said to Erin Liu:

“Where is Lisa Lin?”

“Madam took a nap upstairs when I left. She should still be sleeping upstairs now,” Erin Liu replied.

“You called her down?”

“Madame doesn’t like being disturbed the most when sleeping, Miss Ye, I think you’d better wait here for a while, and wait until Madam gets up.”

“Why would she take a nap at this point? Is it because she heard me come out with a guilty conscience and dare not come out to see me?” Jamie Ye sneered. “Well, she won’t come to see me, I’ll see her.”

While speaking, she stepped upstairs, but Erin Liu stopped her, “Miss Ye, you can’t go up.”

“What are you doing? I asked you to tell her to come down. What do you mean by stopping me from going up if you didn’t call?” After speaking, she threw Erin Liu’s hands away from the stairs.

Erin Liu followed her for two steps, and the phone on the corner of the sofa rang suddenly, and she had to turn around to answer the phone.

Jamie Ye has lived here for many years, knowing where Lisa Lin’s bedroom is, and without waiting for Erin Liu, he went upstairs by herself.

Lisa Lin’s bedroom was the one closest to the inside on the right hand side of the second floor. Jamie Ye walked to the door, raised her hand and knocked on the door. After waiting for a while, she knocked again, but no one responded. She was a little impatient and ignored the politeness, so she opened the door and walked in.

As soon as she walked into the room, Jamie Ye was stunned. On the wooden floor in front of the bed, Lisa Lin lay motionless on the ground, seeming to have passed out.

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