The Warmest Romance Chapter 857 -858

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Chapter 857

Two little guys just left. Then she looked up at ye Wan’er and asked, “Miss ye, do you have anything else to do when you come to me?”

Ye Wan’er sat next to him and laughed. “Sure enough, I still like to deal with smart people.”

Said, she looked up to the side, not flurried and said, “I didn’t expect that the person shooting the advertisement would be you.”

Ruan Shishi smiles, “I didn’t expect that this was a project under Yu’s banner.”

When ye Wan’er heard the speech, a trace of sarcasm passed over her face. She raised her right hand, looked at the beautiful and delicate ring between her fingers, and said in a soft voice, “you can shoot this advertisement. I don’t say anything, but poetry, I heard that you and brother Mo are very close recently…”

Said, she raised her eyes, the bottom of the eyes flashed a few cold, “if before, but now, we all have family, you again this is not suitable?”

Ye Wan’er’s tone is not sharp, but the meaning of the words has another meaning.

There’s warning, there’s irony, there’s reprimand.

Ruan Shishi can’t tell that ye Wan’er is completely embarrassing her. She denounces her openly and secretly as Xiao San who destroys other people’s families.

She frowned and looked at ye Wan’er firmly, saying, “don’t worry, Miss ye, I have my own family and my own things to protect. I won’t be as indecent as you said. Moreover, even if you don’t say it, I don’t want to entangle with him.”

“Is it?” Ye Wan’er’s face suddenly turned cold. She looked at Ruan Shishi sharply. “Do you think I don’t know what happened when you met brother Mo?”

Ruan Shishi frowned and was about to open her mouth. Unexpectedly, ye Wan’er said, “I hope you don’t destroy my marriage. Since you don’t want to get involved with him, I’ll put off the job and pay the penalty.”

Her voice was a little chilly, and she looked like a benefactor.

Ruan Shishi looked at her, her heart inexplicably emerged a stream of anger.

She has never been the kind of irresponsible person. If she defaults, she not only has no professional ethics, but also sets a bad example for Sen Sen and Sasha. She doesn’t want to.

She clenched her teeth, looked up at ye Wan’er, and said firmly, “it’s not necessary. I will finish my work well, but I can promise that I won’t get involved with Yu Yimo any more. Please rest assured.”

With that, Ruan Shishi stood up, turned away and walked in the direction of Sensen and Shasha.

Now, she doesn’t need to continue to talk with ye Wan’er. She’s afraid that if she continues, she can’t help fighting with ye Wan’er.

Ye Wan’er sat there, looking up at the back of the woman who resolutely left, and the bottom of her eyes quickly passed a trace of coldness.

One day, she must make Ruan Shishi smile!

Ten minutes later, after chatting with the chief director, ye Waner left the shooting area.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked at the car that was slowly going away. Her heart was on guard, and then she slowly let it go.

What ye Wan’er did to her five years ago doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know. Now, she doesn’t have to be shameless with her, but she can never be unprepared for her.

After a while, the shooting area was busy again, and the next shooting work continued.

Chapter 858

Unconsciously, two hours later, the task of that day was almost finished. Ruan Shishi sat under the tree and slowly lost her mind.

She unconsciously remembered the words she said when she met ye Wan’er in the afternoon. Her heart was dull, like a big stone.

This time I met ye Wan’er, she obviously felt that her change was that she was more direct than before, at least now she disdained to pretend to be so hypocritical in front of her.

But if she makes it clear, it means that she will be more bold. If something fails, I’m afraid she will do something more terrible.

On this thought, Ruan Shi’s heart suddenly tightened, and a sense of tension that could not be described suddenly surged into his heart.

She quickly looked up to the direction of the shooting area, but did not see Sensen and Shasha.

Ruan Shishi stood up and looked around.

The staff are all packing up. It seems that they are going to finish their work. She looks around, but can’t find Sensen and Shasha.

Instantly, as if there was an invisible hand, suddenly pinched her neck, let her out of breath.

Where are Sensen and Sasha!

She quickly took a step, ran to the shooting area over there and asked the staff, “do you see Sensen and Sasha?”

The staff looked at each other and shook their heads

Ruan Shishi, hearing the speech, hurriedly stepped forward and looked for it as he ran, “Sensen! Sasha

After running around the shooting area, she didn’t see the figures of the two little guys, and a strong sense of uneasiness rushed to her heart.

Is it ye Wan’er?

This terrible idea flashed through her mind. When she couldn’t figure out a solution, a voice came from behind her, “Miss Ruan.”

Ruan Shishi’s body shakes and turns around. When she sees Du Yue standing not far behind her, her face becomes more and more serious.

“Miss Ruan, Sensen and Sasha are safe. You can rest assured that Mr. Yu has taken them to play.”

Is it a metaphor for silence?

For a moment, Ruan Shishi’s face became more gloomy. She clenched her fist and forbade her anger. “Where are they! Take me there

What does he want to do when he takes away her child without saying hello and without her permission!

The panic in Ruan’s heart is more and more serious. She is trembling with anger. On the contrary, Du is more and more calm.

“Miss Ruan, come with me.”

Ruan took a deep breath, temporarily suppressed his anger, and kept pace with Du Yue.

Through half a safari park, along a cobblestone path lined with green plants, they arrived at an iron gate.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked over there. Then she found that there was happy valley!

Du Yue raised his hand, pressed the code and opened the door.

Ruan Shishi was stunned. He took a look at Du Yue with his usual face, took a deep breath, and walked in.

Du Yue followed him, closed the door, and explained, “just now general manager Yu came over and saw Sensen and Sasha. When he heard that they wanted to go to Happy Valley, he took them there.”

Ruan Shiqi clenched his fist, “but without my permission, who let you take them away without authorization!”

Du Yue hears speech, not hasty not slow of open mouth way, “is Sha Sha and Sen Sen Sen voluntarily.”

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