The Warmest Romance Chapter 859 -860

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Chapter 859

In an instant, Ruan’s poems could not be said.

If yu Yimo took them away by force, she would settle accounts with him. But now Du Yue says that they are voluntary, and she has nothing to say.

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and asked, “where are they?”

Du Yue replied truthfully, “it should be in the haunted house now.”

Hearing the word “ghost house”, Ruan’s face became more ugly.

She repeatedly told Sensen and Shasha not to play such an exciting and frightening game, but she didn’t expect Yu Yimo to take them anywhere!

Ruan Shishi is more and more angry, and unconsciously speeds up her steps. When she arrives at the haunted house, she happens to see Yu Yimo and Sensen Shasha standing in line outside.

Standing in the queue, they are particularly dazzling. Yu Yimo holds two little guys with two hands. Besides being handsome, they are a little more cute.

At the moment when this idea came into her mind, Ruan Shishi woke up for a moment. She immediately shook her head, threw away the idea, and walked towards them quickly.

I don’t know if it’s a reaction or something, but Sensen and Sasha turn their heads to look at her.

Seeing Ruan Shishi, the two little guys immediately jumped with joy, “Mom!”

Seeing their smiling faces, for a moment, Ruan’s anger dissipated.

How could she have the heart to scold them when they were so lovely?

Don’t scold the little guy, but she can scold Yu Yimo!

At the thought of this, Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked at Yu Yimo coldly, without concealing the coldness in her eyes.

But who knows, Yu Yimo’s face is calm, not half guilty and uncomfortable, and even smiles at her.

Ruan Shishi was stunned. Two seconds later, her anger deepened. She quickly stepped forward and stretched out her hand. One hand held a little guy and dragged them to her side.

She lowered her voice, looked at Yu Yimo solemnly and said, “president Yu, take them away without saying hello to me. Is this really appropriate?”

Who knows, still have to wait for Yu Yimo mouth, leg side has a small milk sound to come, “Mom, don’t blame handsome uncle, is I let him bring us to play.”

Ruan Shishi bowed her head, followed her way, and saw that she was looking up at Shasha.

Sasha expression serious, “Mom, it’s true, don’t believe you ask brother.”

Ruan Shishi paused for half a second and turned to look at Sensen beside him. Unexpectedly, Sensen nodded seriously and said, “Mom, it’s true.”

For a moment, Ruan Shi had nothing to say.

The two little guys are willing to take the blame on themselves. What reason does she have to blame Yu Yimo?

She took a deep breath, stretched out her hand to pull them, whispered, “it’s late, we should go home, and didn’t say before, we can’t go to the haunted house, otherwise we will have nightmares at night!”

After hearing the words, Sen Sen stretched out his hand to hold the corner of her dress and said pitifully, “but mom, we really want to go, and I can protect my sister when I go in!”

Ruan Shi Wen Yan, and looked at the side of the same expression of Sha Sha, a time do not know what to say.

Suddenly, a low magnetic male voice came, “they haven’t been before, so they should go and feel it.”

Chapter 860

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes, just to Yu Yimo’s black eyes. Without waiting for her to speak, he continued, “since you’re here, it’s better to play with them and forget their wishes.”

“Yes, mom!”

“Mom, let’s play once!”


Two little guys, you and I said one by one, Ruan Shi’s heart softened a little.

Originally, she didn’t want them to come into contact with such bloody things, but seeing that they wanted to go, she didn’t want to refuse them all the time.

Just then, Yu Yimo suddenly said, “is it because you are afraid to go in, that you don’t take them

Ruan Shishi immediately frowned, raised her eyes to the man’s eyes, subconsciously denied, “who said I dare not go?”

Yu Yimo smelled the speech, eyebrows slightly pick, a smile on his face, “then go together.”

Without thinking about it, Ruan blurted out, “just go.”

Who is afraid of who.

At the moment of speaking, she found that she was trapped by Yu Yimo and opened her mouth, but what she had said could not be taken back.

“Great! Mother agreed! “

The two little guys are not happy, but Ruan Shishi seems to have suffered a lot from Huanglian.

In the end, she sighed and agreed.

Things have come to this point. If she doesn’t say any more, isn’t she going to fight in front of Sensen and Sasha.

After waiting for a while, they lined up to walk inside. Ruan Shishi pulled Sensen, Yu Yimo pulled Sasha, and walked in front of each other.

Suddenly from the bright environment on the ground into a dark place, we are not adapt to some.

Then, a voice with Mori meaning came from the top of my head, “welcome to the world of haunted house.”

Slowly, in front of a dark place slowly lit up a row of red wall lights, guiding them forward.

In front of the door of the first room, there was a sound of “stabbing, stabbing, stabbing.” a red room was full of skeletons, and a terrible looking man was eating raw meat.

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi suddenly had goose bumps on her body, and both Sasha and Sensen were startled.

They walked slowly inside. Every time they passed a room, there would be all kinds of frightening things inside. Ruan’s scalp felt numb. But in front of the children, he could only pretend to be calm.

When walking to the next corner, Sensen suddenly said, “Mom, my hand is hurt by you.”

Ruan Shishi suddenly regained his mind and quickly released his hand. Only then did he find that his palm didn’t know when it had been wet with sweat.

She took a deep breath and turned her head to see a grinning ghost sticking out her tongue. She was so scared that she was in a cold sweat.

Suddenly, there is a tall figure beside her. Yu Yimo doesn’t know when he suddenly comes to her.

Ruan Shishi looked back and saw the man’s eyes shining in the dim environment.

He slowly approached and asked in a low voice, “scared?”

Ruan Shishi gasped coldly, “who is afraid?”

With that, she immediately stopped looking and pretended to be calm.

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