The Warmest Romance Chapter 863 -864

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Chapter 863

Watching them walk away slowly, he takes out his mobile phone and calls Du Yue.

“Is there something that I don’t know happened in the shooting area today?”

Otherwise, how could Ruan’s attitude become so thorough and resolute?

Du Yue hesitated for two seconds and said, “today, Miss ye went to the shooting area.”

Smell speech, metaphor with silent black heavy eyes a flash, with slightly sharp cold meaning.

Ye Waner? How did she go to the shooting area?

Did you come to find Ruan Shi?

Yu Yimo’s mind suddenly flashed a little uneasy. At this moment, Du Yue next to him suddenly asked, “Mr. Yu, do you want to…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Yu Yimo said, “no, I have a good idea.”

Du Yue heard the speech and immediately nodded.

Yu Yimo stood still. A moment later, he said in a cold voice, “go to Fengnan mansion tonight.”

Meanwhile, Fengnan residence.

Ye Wan’er sits on the sofa and flicks her nails. A few seconds later, she raises her eyes and looks at Huo Chuan standing in front of her? What’s the matter? We have to meet and talk about it? “

As soon as Huo Chuan lowered his head, his long bangs just covered the scar on his eyebrow.

“Miss, after you came out of the safari park in the afternoon, you went for a hairdressing. Since then, I have been monitoring Ruan Shishi. Around five o’clock, she met Yu Yimo and went to the nearby happy valley together.”


Ye Wan’er was startled. She sat up straight and widened her eyes.

When she arrived at the wildlife park this afternoon, she didn’t see Yu Yimo, and director Gao also said that Yu Yimo hadn’t been there for several days. Why did he go as soon as she left!

Huo Chuan takes out his mobile phone, calls up the photo and hands it to ye Wan’er.

In the photo, Yu Yimo and Ruan Shishi line up in front of the door of the haunted house with Sensen Shasha. They stand together like a family of four!

Suddenly, the fire pressure of Ye Wan’er’s heart is not enough.

She still remembers that in the afternoon, Ruan Shishi firmly said that she would keep a distance from Yu Yimo. Unexpectedly, as soon as she left, they still met as usual!

This Ruan Shishi, really think she won’t do it to her!

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth and clenched her hand. Her fingernails had been embedded in her palm unconsciously. “It seems that I don’t have to show mercy to her anymore!”

Said, she raised her eyes to Huo Chuan, a pair of beautiful eyes flashed Yin spicy cold light, “Huo Chuan, you say how to do!”

Huo Chuan smell speech, eyes color a sink, with the cold voice that has no ups and downs said, “hit the snake to hit seven inches, this kind of woman, want to let her completely afraid, after running away dare not come back, this is the most fundamental way.”

Ye Wan’er immediately nodded with approval after hearing the speech, “you’re right! But what is ye Wan’er’s seven inches? “

Huo Chuan pauses and says with pity, “her seven inches are naturally her children.”

Smell speech, leaf Wan son Mou light one Shan, after a moment, firm point to nod, “right!”

When she went to the shooting area this afternoon, she could see how nervous she was about her children. What’s more, these two children are wild seeds of her and Yu Yimo. Even if she doesn’t start now, she will start sooner or later.

Chapter 864

It’s better to take this opportunity to teach Ruan a bloody lesson!

After making up her mind, ye Wan’er’s eyes flashed an imperceptible chill, “Huo Chuan, I’ll leave this matter to you. You must go in person. I’m not at ease.”

Huo Chuan immediately nodded, “yes, miss.”

On the way back with Sensen and Shasha, Ruan Shishi’s face was gloomy and didn’t say a word.

The two little guys were scared and couldn’t figure out what was going on. They were obedient all the way and didn’t dare to say a word in the car.

Finally, Sen Sen finally couldn’t help it and asked carefully, “Mom, don’t you like us playing with Uncle Shuai?”

Seeing that Ruan Shishi didn’t answer in silence, Sensen continued, “we won’t meet him next time.”

Next to Sha Sha also wrongly bowed her head, voice of grandma said, “me too…”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked back through the rearview mirror. She saw that the two little guys were all bowed their heads, and they looked very wronged. Her heart softened a lot unconsciously.

“Mom was just angry that you didn’t tell me where you were going. Did you know I was worried when I couldn’t find you?”

Sensen sniffed and whispered, “I see, mom, we’re wrong.”

Seeing that the two little guys were both crying, Ruan Shishi’s unhappiness dissipated, and he said, “OK, OK, remember this time, don’t do this next time, OK?”

“OK, I see, mom!”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes. Through the rearview mirror, she saw their bright little faces again. She also raised her mouth.

Sure enough, the two of them are really her happy fruit. Without them, she would not be happy.

She pulled down the handbrake and turned her head and said, “by the way, you can have a rest tomorrow. Where do you want to go? Mom’s going to take you

“I want to draw at home!”

“I want to watch TV…”

Listening to their answers, Ruan Shishi shook his head helplessly.

These two days, they have been running outside every day. They have played in the safari park and happy valley, and naturally they don’t want to go out any more.

Ruan Shishi laughed, “well, you are allowed to stay at home for a day.”

It’s just tomorrow that she’s going to check out the new collection of clothes at Jennifer’s studio to push her work forward.

After all, it’s just around the corner for sensenshasha to finish her work, and she will be able to leave Jiangzhou city as soon as possible.

This thought made Ruan’s heart a little more joyful.

The next morning, Sensen and Shasha were at home. They asked Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu to take care of them. Then they drove away from Xiqiao garden and went to Jennifer’s studio.

On the way, she remembered that song yean had told her last time that Jennifer liked wild lilies, so she turned to a flower shop nearby and bought one.

The location of Jennifer’s studio is wonderful. In an old house near the bustling downtown, you have to go through a crooked alley to find it. Hiding in the downtown, it has a unique flavor.

But in such a lane, it is the most test of driving skills. Ruan Shishi was careful and worried all the way, and then he stopped the car on the stone road in front of the studio.

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