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Chapter 425

“Huh?” Hazel was dragged by Blair Elijah to walk behind the car, and Hazel followed him suspiciously.

“What’s happening?”

Then Blair Elijah took a box of fireworks out of the trunk.


“En…very vulgar, right?”

Hazel pursed her lips and smiled.

“However, this is Connor’s kindness, and we can’t waste it.”

Hazel looked at him funny, “I knew you weren’t someone who would play this kind of stuff.”

Blair Elijah shrugged, expressing his innocence.

He arranged the fireworks one by one.

“Do you want to put it? Fireworks are strictly prohibited here.” Hazel said in a low voice.

“Hush…” Blair Elijah made a quiet gesture, “A good citizen has been doing this for half his life, so it’s not an exaggeration!”

He walked over and lit the core.

“Ah, come here quickly and stand further away,” Hazel called him hurriedly in fright.

Blair Elijah smiled and jumped away from the fireworks, and ran towards Hazel.

Night, lost…


With a burst of thought, colorful fireworks, forming one after another blooming flower, flowed down from the sky…

Gorgeous and shady…

Illuminated the two smiling faces below. At that moment, happiness is like hiding in fireworks, with the flowers blooming little by little, waving away like a corner of the world!!!

She smiled and leaned her head lightly on Blair Elijah’s broad shoulders.

He embraced her with one hand and held her tightly with the other hand.

Two people, cuddling each other tightly…

Hazel looked at the dazzling fireworks in the sky, while he looked at the gorgeous face in his arms.

She said: “It’s so beautiful…”

“En…” He answered her in a deep voice.

“It’s a pity, no matter how beautiful the view is, it’s just… a flash in the pan…”

When the fireworks are over…

The night sky returned to deep darkness, Hazel buried in his arms, and sighed, seemingly lonely.

She doesn’t know why, she laughed and felt that Blair Elijah at that moment seemed a little flustered…

He held her waist hand tightly. As soon as he lowered his head, he eagerly kissed her lips.

His vague voice was still ringing between his lips. He said, “Hazel, fireworks are short-lived, but love is not… nor is our happiness…”

He seemed eager to prove this theory.

Hazel took the initiative to wrap his neck and actively cooperated with this passionate deep kiss…

“Hazel, tell me, you love me…”

He withdrew from her lips, pressed his fingers on her chin, and rubbed her red lips with warm fingers.

With eyes filled with desire, he looked at her quietly, coaxing her, “Tell me, you…love me! Hazel…”

Hazel closed her eyes gently…

The eyelashes, like disc wings, tremble gently.

“I love you…”

The three words are superficial and simple.

She opened her beautiful eyes, and her eyes filled with water deeply locked the man in front of her.

“I love you…”

She, repeat!

“Blair Elijah, I love you!! From the first glance in the third grade, I have fallen in love with you…to this day, I still… love you!!”

She, love him, still deep!!!

It’s just that no one will understand how much this love is, how strong the pain is…

In her heart, if she was corroded by sulfuric acid and gnawed by bacteria, she suffered from this pain every day, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second!!!

Can’t find it, exit…

After receiving a smile from her, Blair Elijah laughed like a child when he got her affirmative answer.

Can’t help but pull her, just under the brilliant fireworks, once again jumped up that passionate Latin…

Five years…

This dance has accompanied him in his five-year psychological journey, from loneliness to today’s… joy.

Emotions, piled up in his chest, he didn’t have too many ways to express, it seems, except for dancing!

This night, beautiful and simple…


In the steam hotel project, Blair Elijah once again invested 500 million Yuan, which is more than 700 million Yuan.

The other projects in the company are also in operation at the same time, the newly developed high-rise real estate, the operating capital has also been calculated with a capital of 100 million Yuan.

Blair Elijah became busy.

And Hazel and Landon still only occasionally live with him.

This day, early morning…

Hazel wakes up very early.

The thin morning light projected in from the window and spilled across the room, giving them warmth in the upper layer of the cage.

Blair Elijah was still asleep.

He is exhausted recently!.

The little hand, walking gently on his cheek, seems to be carrying some kind of distress…

She, staring at him, is extremely soft…

But again, there is still some kind of sadness of unknown Tao.

The hand touched the scum, and a charming smile rose between his lips.

The little hand, caught by his big hand, he clasped it, gently pressed his lips and kissed, then went on to sleep.


The pitch-black eyes were adorned with sunlight.

She got up, acting very carefully, not in a hurry to put on clothes, only wrapped in a thin blanket, standing in front of the French window.

Looking at the fresh morning scenery outside the window, listening to the sweet singing of the little birds, Hazel has never felt that the mood is as relaxed as this moment…

Finally, she has come to this point!!!

Today is it destined to be an extraordinary day?!


Quill, the man on the bed called her, his voice a little low.

“En?” Hazel looked back at him with a smile.

In the morning light, her smile was so pure and moving.

He got up, walked over, and hugged her tightly from behind.

Two people, shrouded in the warm sunshine, so warm…

“Why don’t you still sleep?” Blair Elijah rubbed her cheek lazily with the scum.

Hazel was so amused by him that she couldn’t help but smiled, “Did I wake you up?”


Blair Elijah continued to shave her with the scum, “Help me shave, okay?”


This time, Hazel did not refuse.

Blair Elijah excitedly hugged her, barefoot, and walked into the bathroom.

He still put her on the sink, letting her cover his face with the shaving water, and Blair Elijah still just smiled at her spoiling.

“Nonsense again!!”

She scolded him softly but did not stop.

The smirk of ‘chuckling’ laughed loudly, but she didn’t know how irritated she was at this moment, tightly wrapped in blankets.

Especially the pink snow peaks that are ready to emerge, with her one after another, directly stimulating Blair Elijah’s most sensitive nerves, provoking the most primitive desire in his body!

Without paying attention to the piles of white foam on his face, Blair Elijah didn’t hesitate and leaned over to capture her abundance…


Hazel blushed and yelled, “It makes people dirty…”

She laughed and beat Blair Elijah at the same time, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t change the man’s reason…

As a result, a human-to-human war that started early in the morning was frantically staged again.

Hazel’s delicious breakfast was served.

The little guy excitedly took the knife and fork and knocked on the table, “Come on! Landon’s little belly is going to be hungry…”

“Alright, alright! It’s coming soon!”

Hazel handed the fried egg to the uncle pool, “Be good, don’t knock on the table.”

“Four is)!”

The little guy gulped excitedly.

“You eat slowly…” Hazel at his appearance, reminded him hurriedly.

“Dingling Jingling…”

Blair Elijah’s cell phone ringing on the table suddenly rang.

The call was from Jameson.

Hazel held the knife and fork in her hand and stiffened slightly for a second.


On the other end, Jameson’s voice seemed to be crying, and even his voice was trembling.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Don’t worry, speak slowly.” Blair Elijah is still always calm.

“Brother-in-law, you… haven’t you read the morning paper?”

“I haven’t had time to see it yet.”

Blair Elijah got up and went to get the newspaper.

“Our project is over, brother-in-law…our project is completely over…”

Jameson’s voice was almost desperate.

Blair Elijah spread out the newspaper, his face changed slightly, and his big hand holding the phone froze.

Hazel glanced suspiciously at the newspaper, and the next moment her face was pale…

In the newspaper, it is a piece of political news.

It’s about the collection plan!!!

Since the government wants to connect the economy of southern Fujian and western Fujian into a mainline, the whole city will build a new green track to connect the two districts. There used to be such news outside, but it was never mentioned in the rumors. Where is the pass through the Green Rail Line!

Probably, everyone, who never expected it, the green rail route, just near the hotel…

This should be a good thing! But…

The key point of the steam hotel lies in the word steam!!!

As soon as the green track was repaired, the pipe connecting the steam to the hotel was completely cut off!!! That is… the so-called steam hotel, there is only one body left!!!

The project was completely told to suspend!!!

All the money, from the initial 200 million to the 500 million invested in, is equivalent to a waste of all!!!

“Sorry, brother-in-law, I… I killed you…”

Over there, Jameson continued to apologize.


Hazel’s voice was still trembling, and the hand, holding Blair Elijah’s hand, was a bit chilling.

For a long, long time, Jameson thought that Blair Elijah could not speak anymore, but he heard him say, “It’s okay, Jameson, investment is always dangerous, treat it normally, and brother-in-law will find a solution…”

He spoke lightly, but only Hazel knew how badly this incident was for his company!!!

After closing the phone, Blair Elijah sat back on the dining table.

At the dining table, everyone was silent and didn’t say a word. Even the little guy Landon seemed to realize the seriousness of the matter. He also had his little head hanging down. He didn’t speak or naughty. Holding the eggs on the plate.

After that day, Blair Elijah became busier and busier.

Sometimes, he will not go home for several days, sometimes he gets busy, and it is possible to go to three cities in one day.

That day, in the evening, very unexpectedly, he came back early.

Hazel hurriedly greeted him and took off his suit outside, “Why did you come back so early today?”

Blair Elijah reached out and hugged her into his arms, “Because it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t had a meal with you and Landon for a long time, so I came back early to see you.”

Chapter 426

“The little guy didn’t come here today!” Hazel in his arms said softly.

“Forget it, go to school to see him another day!”

“En!” Hazel nodded, stretched out her hand to help him untie his necktie, “have you been busy recently?”

She found that the scum on his jaw had grown a lot, and it was too late to clean it.

Blair Elijah was half-curved, allowing her to act for himself. This kind of warm interaction gave him a sense of home!!!

Even when he was outside, no matter how hard it was and how hard it was, as soon as he returned to this home, he felt relieved and at ease.

“As long as I can see you every day, no matter how busy I am, I won’t be exhausted.”

Blair Elijah grabbed her little hand, put it between his lips, and gnawed again.

“The beard is so long, can I tidy it off for you later in the evening?”



Hazel with a hoarse voice, whispering his name.

“En?” Blair Elijah held up her small face.

“You have lost a lot…”

She stood on tiptoe and pecked him gently on the nose…

At that moment, she heard the sound of a broken heart…

So painful, so painful!!!

“It’s better to lose weight.” Blair Elijah smiled nonchalantly.

“What have you been busy with work lately?” Hazel obediently nestled her body in his arms and sat on the sofa.

Blair Elijah’s slender fingers gently brushed her hair…

Time after time, too much pampering and nostalgia entangled between his fingers.

“Recently, the company’s capital turnover is difficult, so I am busy applying for loans from the bank.”

“Applying for a loan?” Hazel frowned.

“En! It’s just that the loan amount is relatively large, so it’s a little troublesome to apply for it for a while.”

“Really?” Hazel murmured, and said, “Elijah, let me help you!”

“You help me?” Blair Elijah looked at her in surprise.

“Yes! Let me help you!” Hazel nodded, sitting up, “Let me share a little bit for you, okay?”

Looking at Hazel’s eyes, Blair Elijah smiled softly, and stroked her long hair on her back with his big hand, “Then how do you want to share the burden for me?”

“I’ll help you apply for a loan!”


Hazel sat down beside him, and said solemnly, “Didn’t I stay in ‘Le Chao’ for a while? I have met many big people with Ronnie, one of whom is the bank president! She! Will help me.”


Because she once helped that woman!

Playing with a little white face in Le Chao that time, she didn’t expect to be hit by her husband. When she was still struggling to cover up, Hazel stood up for her and said that the man her boyfriend!

Therefore, that woman will help her.

The first,

She does have grace to her.


The one who knew her secret was herself, and she dared not help.

“Hazel, I know you can do it, but I don’t want you to worry about it for me…”

“But I want to help you!”

Blair Elijah sighed, and finally nodded, “Okay! Then you try.”

“En!” Hazel opened up.

“Hungry? I’m going to cook.”

“Okay! I want to eat meat…”



The next day, Hazel went to find the woman. As expected, it went smoothly. The hundreds of millions of loans were quickly completed, and Blair Elijah finally eased the bank loan.

Everything about the company seems to be on the right track again.

But, unexpectedly, when the project was about to inject capital, he suddenly received news of the bank’s withdrawal of capital.

“President Blair, how could this be?” Asher panicked, “Why would Kai Bank suddenly withdraw funds at this point? Isn’t this cheating us?”

When receiving the news of the divestment, Blair Elijah was also shocked for quite a while.

The hand that was typing on the keyboard paused slightly, his expression was in a trance, complicated emotions ran through his dark eyes, and no one could guess what he was thinking at the moment.

He got up, lit a cigarette, and smoked it.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, his blurred eyes stared at the busy traffic downstairs outside the window.

“Mr. Blair, let’s talk to Kai again!! They can’t withdraw funds at this time!!” Asher has never been so anxious at this moment.

The current project is only waiting for capital injection to operate, but Kai’s withdrawal of capital in this way will not push them to death?

It is too late to find other banks to inject capital now. With such a huge number, it will take a long time to apply for it in terms of time and relationships.

But the project stops here, and the daily losses are calculated based on tens of millions of losses!

In the case of a loss of 700 million, how can the company stand up to such a toss?!

“What is the reason for Kai Bank’s withdrawal?”

Blair Elijah took a deep breath and asked Asher behind him.

Compared with Asher’s anxiety, Blair Elijah seemed much calmer.

“The bank conducted an in-depth investigation of our company’s investment. After learning that the investment loss of Steam Hotel was huge, it decided not to take this risk and chose…withdrawal.” Asher’s voice was as deep as a rock.


Blair Elijah’s deep eyes were in the misty smoke, which was unpredictable.

“Let the Minister of the Finance Department come here…” Blair Elijah turned around and slammed the cigarette butt out in the ashtray.


Asher hurriedly dialed the internal number to the Finance Department.

Within two minutes, Finance Minister Old Xavier hurried to the president’s office.

“Mr. Blair.”

“Old Xavier, sit down.”

Blair Elijah spread his hands and politely motioned to Old Xavier to sit down.

He is still like this, it is still a major event, and he is still calm and steady so that people can’t detect any anxiety and impatience.

“Thank you, Mr. Blair.”

“Old Xavier, as far as the company’s current financial situation is concerned, if all projects in Minxi are suspended, how long can the company last?”

Blair Elijah’s question made Old Xavier stunned. His dark eyes shrank sharply. He glanced at Asher on the side, then looked at Blair Elijah, and after considering it for a while, he said, “Probably… May it looks like in the next 30 days!”

Old Xavier’s words made Asher take a breath.

“Old Xavier, are you sure you made a mistake?”

Thirty days…

For such huge sums of money, not to mention whether he can apply to the bank, as far as bank approval is concerned, there are complicated procedures to go through. He is very nervous for thirty days.

“Okay, I get it.”

Blair Elijah nodded clearly, “Nothing else, you can go out to work!”

“President Blair, this…”

“Assistant Asher, help me book a ticket to fly to Las Vegas, USA, the sooner the better…”



Blair Elijah is on a business trip.

Before going to the United States, he received a call from Hazel.

“Sorry, Elijah…” On the phone, Hazel apologized to him.

“What’s the matter?” Blair Elijah still smiled lightly, “Why apologies?”

“It’s all my fault!! Because of me, Silverbell’s situation has become worse, right?”

“How come!” Blair Elijah comforted her on the phone, but his voice was a little tired, “Hazel…I’m going to fly to Las Vegas now, maybe it’s too late to go home to pack up…”

“Are you leaving now?”

“Yes! We are at the airport! We will board the plane soon…”

“When will you come back?” Hazel on the phone seemed a little anxious.

“The fastest, it will take a week!”

“For so long…” Hazel couldn’t help murmuring. In her tone, she seemed to be too lonely. However, the next moment, he could hear her say, “Hey Elijah, I will wait for you to come back…”

“Okay!! Wait for me…”


At night, the little guy was nestled in Mommy’s arms and couldn’t sleep for a long time.

“Hazel, I miss Daddy…”

The little guy murmured on her stomach.

Hazel’s heart drew a little bit for a second, and the little hand stroked the little guy’s face and said, “Daddy is busy outside. When Daddy is finished, Landon can see him.”

“En…” The little guy nodded.

“Baby…” Hazel at Landon, her voice was a little hoarse, “If… Daddy and Mommy can’t be together, will the baby be sad?”

The little guy’s petite figure seemed to be stiff for a second, and for a long time, he was silent and did not speak.

A long time…

Hazel thought that the little thing was going to fall asleep, but she heard him say, “Hazel wants to abandon Daddy again, right?”

The little guy’s words made Hazel’s eyes red involuntarily, and her nose was even sorer.

The answer to this question…


Between them, there has never been anyone, who has been abandoned…


The little guy called her softly.

The little hand went to help her wipe away the tears that had climbed up Hazel’s cheeks.

“Whether you are with daddy or not, but you are all good daddy and mommy of Landon…”

“Sorry baby…”

Hazel holding the pool in her arms, but couldn’t help crying.

Everything can’t look back!!!


A week later, Blair Elijah came back suddenly.

He is still dressed in a neat dark suit, with a light gray tie, which makes his noble temperament more elegant.

He stood in front of the car with a soft smile on his lips, looking at the mother and son who were walking towards him step by step.

“Boy, you can make your father want me to die!!”

He walked over, grabbed the pink porcelain pool into his arms, hugged him, and happily prodded his pink and tender face with the scum.

“Ouch! ~~Itchy, itchy, hahaha…itchy…”

The little guy was so troubled by him that he almost didn’t roll in his arms.

“Quickly, do you miss father?!”

“Yes, Landon miss you!!”

The little guy spoke honestly, and in the next moment, he hugged the handsome face of the old man and took a few bites.

Hazel just watched their warm scene…

The corners of her lips couldn’t help but smile faintly.

“What about your mommy? Did your mommy think about me?” Blair Elijah teased Hazel and asked the little thing in his arms.

“Yes, of course…”

The little guy nodded like garlic, “She misses you more than Landon!”

“Landon, you’re talking nonsense again!!” Hazel at Landon with a smile, then turned to say, “Don’t listen to his nonsense!”

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