The Warmest Romance Chapter 877 -878

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Chapter 877

After listening to Ruan Shishi, he felt a little relieved. He touched her head and looked back at Sha Sha lying on the bed. A complex emotion emerged in her heart.

Anyway, this time she must find out the villains who are hiding in the dark! Don’t let Sensen and Sasha suffer any more damage!

Biting her teeth, she nodded to song yun’an and walked out quickly.

Along the way, Ruan’s poems were in a state of high tension, and did not say a few words to Yu Yimo.

Du Yue drove them to the wildlife park. Soon, the car arrived at the monitoring room in the zoo. Yu Yimo asked the staff to call out all the monitoring near the shooting area and start screening.

However, at the beginning, because of the requirement of keeping the advertisement secret, all the monitoring around the shooting area were covered with black cloth, and basically the places that could be clearly photographed in the shooting area could not be monitored.

In this way, things become more difficult.

Ruan Shishi stares at the screen in front of the computer for more than an hour, but he doesn’t see any useful video. If he looks at the surveillance at the gate, there are too many people coming and going. As long as Li Jun wants to disguise himself, they can’t find it even if they stare at the surveillance for a day and a night.

In the end, the staff looked at them helplessly and said, “this is all the monitoring. If you need it, I will copy it to you.”

Ruan Shishi stood there, his heart was chilly, and a sense of powerlessness that could not be explained came to his heart.

She had vowed to find out the bad guys when she came here, but now it seems that the people behind the scenes are absolutely prepared, and all the effective evidence is really rare.

Team leader Liu and Huahua also helped to look for them for a long time. At last, their tired eyes were sore, but they still didn’t make any progress.

When Ruan Shishi was at a loss, the group leader next to him suddenly said, “if the surveillance can’t get it, is it possible that our own equipment in the shooting area can get it?”

Liu group leader’s words, instantly reminded everyone, the air was quiet for a few seconds, Huahua suddenly raised his hand, patted his head, “by the way, director Gao asked me to shoot gags, I have been shooting things in the crew, I remember I seem to have shot temporary workers!”

With that, she took a mobile phone out of her pocket, flipped out the video and began to look through it.

Ruan Shishi was looking at him, unconsciously nervous.

Now, all her hopes are pinned on it.

Hua Hua turned over for a long time and suddenly said excitedly, “team leader Liu, do you see if this is Li Jun?”

Liu group leader smell speech, immediately stepped forward, looked at the screen, quickly nodded, “seems to be him!”

Ruan Shishi looks at it in a hurry. In the video, Huahua turns around with her mobile phone. A man’s figure flashes behind her. He is wearing a dark blue frock and hat. He just walks away from the cage over there!

The woman’s intuition tells her that it must be this man who has tampered with the cage!

She took the mobile phone from Huahua’s hand and looked at it again. Inexplicably, she felt that the flash figure was familiar, just like I’ve seen it anywhere.

She clenched her teeth and played it upside down several times, staring at the figure of the man, but still can’t remember.

When she wanted to give up, suddenly, a light flashed in her mind, and a picture suddenly appeared.

Chapter 878

Five years ago, the man who ordered the motorcyclist to hit her was of such a figure, such a walking posture

Huo Chuan!

The name flashed through her mind. She took a deep breath, and her body seemed to be rigid. She didn’t move for a long time.

One side of the flower see, startled, quickly asked, “sister poetry, what’s the matter with you!”

After calling her several times, she had a little reaction.

Ruan Shishi came back and shook his head at Huahua, then said softly, “I’m ok…”

She said, looking up at Yu Yimo beside her. Although she was a little weak, her voice was very serious. “Come with me…”

Yu Yimo smelled the speech, lips pursed into a straight line, finally did not say anything, stepped to keep up with her step.

They went outside one by one. At last, Ruan stopped at the end of the corridor. She inhaled deeply, and her heart was full of emotions.

Yu Yimo asked patiently, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and summoned up courage to ask, “do you still remember Huo Chuan?”

Hearing the name, Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed an imperceptible dark light. Soon, he came back and nodded slightly, “remember.”

How could he not remember the man he sent to prison five years ago?

Ruan Shishi picked up his mobile phone, handed it to him and said, “this is like him.”

Yu Yimo took the phone, played the video, looked back and forth for several times, and his brow was getting lower and lower.

A moment later, he finally looked up at Ruan Shishi and said, “Huo Chuan is still in prison. It won’t be him.”

Smell speech, Ruan poem complexion slightly heavy, some surprised to see to him, the mouth asks a way, “how do you know is not him?”

The woman’s eyes are red, her face is still full of tears, and her eyes are a little tired. Yu Yimo can see that she is trying to find the killer.

However, if the killers were prepared from the beginning, they would not be able to find out even if they stayed up all night.

Looking at such a woman, Yu Yimo’s heart inexplicably gives birth to some heartache.

He didn’t want to see her tired into this appearance, and didn’t want her to torture herself to exhaustion.

Seeing that Yu Yimo had not spoken for a long time, Ruan Shishi bit his teeth and said, “Yu Yimo, you answer me. How do you know this is not huochuan?”

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a wave. He paused, put away his mobile phone, looked at her and said, “you need to have a good rest now.”

Then he reached out and took her wrist.

Ruan Shishi was startled, as if he had been electrified. Subconsciously, he threw away his hand and stepped back two steps. His eyes looked like a stranger.

“Yu Yimo, are you pretending to be stupid because Huo Chuan belongs to Ye Waner and is afraid that this will involve her? In fact, you know very well in your heart, right? “

Yu Yimo frowned and said in a deep voice, “what does this matter with Wan’er?”

In the face of the flash of the man in the video, he has no way to confirm his identity immediately, so he can only send someone to check, but this is not something that can be found out for a while.

And she is tired enough, now the most need is rest!

But Ruan Shishi understood another meaning. She shook her head and murmured to herself, “the person in the video is Huo Chuan! He must have been ordered by Ye Wan’er! “

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