His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1966

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Chapter 1966

Christian accompanied Ameli Su on a global trip. Lisa Tang and Elbert Bo’s marriage life suddenly went flat, and there were no juniors chatting around, and they suddenly felt that they had lost a lot of life.

“I don’t know if this kid can treat Yan Yan well.”

Lisa Tang said while using the egg beater to make the foam, and at the same time adjusting the temperature in front of the oven, “I heard that Jia Qi’s daughter’s birthday is coming, and we’re baking.

Order biscuits for her.” “My father is a chef. I guess he has eaten delicious ones. I can’t see what we made.” Elbert Bo said deliberately, “Han Rang’s craftsmanship should be better than both of us.”

Lisa Tang reluctantly Stirring the cream, “It’s just a matter of mind. In a few days, we will ask Jia Qi to come out for a gathering. By the way, give the biscuits to light cigarettes.”


As a result, on the agreed day, only Jia Qi and Han Rang came. Not seeing their lively little daughter.

Lisa Tang asked Jia Qi suspiciously, “Where did the light smoke go?”

“Follow the kid from the Wei family to go out to play.”

Jia Qi was angry and funny, “I suspect that kid is in love with my daughter.”

“Also. It’s necessary for you to doubt.” Han Rang pointed to his two eyes, “I can see it!”

Lisa Tang suddenly became excited, and after Christian and Ameli Suchen settled down, she looked forward to Jia Qi’s daughter. I can also talk about a better person, “Wei’s family, is Wei Ying’s son Wei Xin?”

“Yeah.” Jia Qi smiled and blinked, “Oh, it’s handsome, I tell you, I I’m satisfied with Wei Xin.”

“But Qingyan seems to like…” Han Rang paused and glanced at his wife, “Gu’s…?”

Several elders looked at each other and shook their heads.

My daughter grows up, she can’t control it.

“You have to come.”

While driving, Wei Xin glanced at Han Qingyan, who was crying in the front passenger seat, “Gu He and Fu Shuman have been engaged for so long. They are a solid matter …” “But… isn’t this not married? Without getting married, everything is possible.”

Han Qingyan said while rubbing the tissue, “Then why did he even tell me to wait for him…”

“Because you are stupid, you are so foolish.”

Wei Xin stopped at the door of the house. When he got off the bus, he had his own single-family apartment, and when he led Han Qingyan in, both of them were familiar with each other.

Han Qingyan spent the night at Wei Xin’s house not once or twice. They grew up together and their relationship was so good, so good that even if they live in a single family, they have always been a family. They opened the door to Han Qingyan, Wei Xin Said, “Fu Shuman goes abroad to study, Gu He is lonely, he is lonely, don’t you understand? That’s why I came to you-look, when you go like this now, I am happy to see Gu He hugging other women.

Right ?” Han Qingyan was paralyzed on his sofa, as if he was heartbroken, “Then he will think of me when he is lonely, does it mean that he has me in his heart?”

Wei Xin really wants to treat Han Qingyan Pry open her mind to see what’s inside. Gu He is the first person Han Qingyan likes, so she still doesn’t know what kind of love is the right one. Wei Xin said to Han Qingyan, “You put it away I feel moved by licking the dog.” Han Qingyan’s face paled, “What are you talking about! Gu He asked me to wait…”

“You don’t believe me if you are stupid.”

Wei Xin put his hands on his chest. Before, standing in front of Han Qingyan, watching her sitting on the sofa, the man looked at her condescendingly, with a sneer on his delicate face, “He is engaged, and you have to wait, which means he is a scumbag. , I want to step on two boats, do you understand?”

Han Qingyan was stunned, her heart sullen, she subconsciously said, “But…”

“There are not so many, but people who really like you will not let you Waiting.”

Wei Xin said this indifferently and quickly, then turned around, “Shall I take a shower? I’m going to put the water. What do I have for supper at night?”

Han Qingyan suddenly changed from crying to laughing, as innocent as a child, and rushed up, “I want to drink the 90-year-old bottle in your basement”

Wei Xin was like a cat with his tail trampled on. Jump up, “You dream!”

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