The Warmest Romance Chapter 893 -894

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Chapter 893

Ruan Shishi smiles and listens to her saying. She turns the topic to the birthday at the right time. “Grandma, congratulations on your 70th birthday. This is a gift I prepared for you. Do you like it or not?”

Then she took an exquisite gift box from Song yean and handed it to the old lady.

The old lady smiles and nods. She takes the box and opens the lid.

In the box, there is a hand-made cheongsam with excellent texture. The blue color of Dai, the fine texture, and the exquisite speechless.

The old lady’s eyes flashed with light, and she slowly stroked the cheongsam with her hand.

Ruan Shishi can see that she likes it very much.

Five years ago, she and her grandmother accidentally chatted and knew that she liked cheongsam. Unexpectedly, after five years, she had the chance to give the old lady a cheongsam.

Fate is a coincidence.

“I I love it

The old lady nodded and tears burst out from her eyes. She held out her hand, clenched Ruan Shishi’s hand and said in a soft voice, “Shishi, you really know me.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart warmed and said with a smile, “grandma, you just like it.”

She accompanied the old lady to say a few words, and then withdrew from the crowd.

At this time, so many people are waiting to celebrate grandma’s birthday. She is really embarrassed to stand there all the time.

She quits the crowd, is turning around to search for song yean’s figure, who knows directly bumped into a pair of dark eyes.

The man in the wheelchair slowly approached her, smiling softly, but his smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, polite and alienated.

Yu Gubei drives the wheelchair close to her and says with a smile, “Shishi, long time no see.”

The man in the wheelchair is just like a handsome young man with a gentle smile.

But I don’t know why, looking at him, Ruan Shishi felt a chill on his back.

She raised the corner of her lip, gave him a smile and said in a soft voice, “Yu Er Shao, long time no see.”

Hearing this address, Yu Gu Bei’s eyebrows moved slightly, but his face didn’t change much.

He smile, tone of nature changed the name, praised the way, “five years no see, today’s Miss Ruan really glamorous.”

“I’m flattered. Yu Er Shao seems to be in a good mental state.”

After five years, when we meet again, Yu Gubei’s impression on Ruan Shishi is no longer that of pale and weak. Although he is still sitting in a wheelchair, his skin has become wheat colored, faded a bit of weakness, and become more and more man.

After a long time of commercial communication, Ruan Shishi looked down at the time on his mobile phone, looked at Yu Gubei, and said in a soft voice, “Er Shao, I have something else to do over there. I’m afraid I have to go first.”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “please help yourself.”

After nodding to each other, Yu Gubei turns his wheelchair to leave.

Ruan Shishi’s eyes inadvertently skimmed by, and when he saw his legs slightly moved under the blanket, he suddenly stood in the same place.

Isn’t Yu Gu Bei’s legs totally unconscious? Why did you move just now?

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked over again, but only saw the figure of the man driving the wheelchair away. There was no abnormality.

Ruan Shishi twisted her eyebrows and was full of doubts. Just now, she saw Yu Gubei’s leg move. She was definitely not dazzled!

Chapter 894



Suddenly, a voice came from behind. Ruan Shishi looked back and saw song yean walking towards here.

Song yean stretched out her hand and naturally held her shoulder. “How was the conversation with the old lady?”

“It’s fine. Let’s go over there.”

Ruan Shishi leads song yean to a corner where there are few people. When he turns to look at the position in the field, there are so many people. The one who is surrounded in the center is obviously Mrs. Yu.

There are Yu Qingshan and Yu Yimo here, and people with a little reputation in Jiangzhou are gathering together.

On the surface, it’s grandma’s 70th birthday party, but in fact, it’s a good opportunity for the upper class of Jiangzhou to pull up resources.

Yu Yimo and ye Waner are standing on one side, facing all the people who come to talk with each other, just like a model couple.

Looking at such a scene, Ruan Shishi felt a little disgusted. She frowned and looked away.

Next to song yean, she was acutely aware of her changes. She took a deep breath and whispered, “Shishi, what are you going to do next?”

He is very clear that Ruan Shishi comes here not only to congratulate grandma, but also to talk to ye Wan’er.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and said in a light tone, “I’ve already thought about it. Don’t interfere this time. Can I do it myself?”

Then she reached out and put her hand on the back of song yean’s hand.

The firmness of the woman’s eyes and the warmth of her palm make song yean feel more at ease. He pauses and holds her hand in his backhand. “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and gave him a relieved smile.

Up to now, she and ye Wan’er have no feelings to talk about. It’s time to open the window and tell the truth.

Slowly, after more than half an hour, the congratulatory crowd gradually dispersed.

In addition to the festive decoration, the rest of the place is just like the usual cocktail party.

Ruan Shishi suddenly felt a little cold for her grandmother.

She clenched her teeth, glanced across the hall, and began to look for ye Wan’er’s figure, but she didn’t see it.

She stood up, looked at Song yean and said in a soft voice, “I’ll go by myself. Don’t worry about me.”

With that, she walked away.

Song yean raised his eyes and looked at the elegant figure of the woman. His eyes were a little dark and his heart was worried.

After thinking about it, he finally took out his cell phone and made a call.

Soon, the phone was connected, and song yun’an’s voice came from there, “what’s the matter, brother?”

“Where are you?”

Song yun’an’s voice came from the other side, “I’m on my way. Didn’t I say that there is a performance today. After the performance, I can’t even change my clothes, so I’ll go to Jiangzhou international. It’s still more than 20 minutes!”

Song yean said in a light voice, “well, come as soon as possible. Shishi has gone to find her.”

“She has gone to the bad woman! Why didn’t you stop it! “

“Master, drive fast, I have something urgent!”



Without waiting for song yean to speak, there came a scream from Song Yunan, and he immediately hung up.

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