The Warmest Romance Chapter 891 -892

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Chapter 891

Watching the reporters under the stage clap at them crazily, her smile deepened a bit.

Being able to appear on the front page of tomorrow’s Jiangzhou news with Yu Yimo is not a waste of the makeup she spent three hours on today.

At this time, a famous black car stopped at the front steps. Soon, the waiter came forward and opened the door thoughtfully.

Wearing a stiff suit, song yean stepped down, walked around half a circle, went to the other side and opened the door of the back seat by himself.

At this time, the woman in light blue cheongsam got out of the car gracefully and put her hand around Song yean’s arm naturally.

Standing on the steps, ye Wan’er inadvertently raised her eyes and was instantly attracted by the beautiful figure.

She felt a sense of threat.

When the woman turned around, she saw her face clearly, and her face turned pale for a moment.

How It’s going to be her!

It’s Ruan Shi!

A fierce jealousy and anger suddenly rush to ye Wan’er’s heart. She clenches her teeth and stares at the woman standing beside song ye’an!

She got up at five o’clock in the morning, bathed in incense, in order to become the most eye-catching presence on the scene, but unexpectedly, Ruan Shishi came! She also felt a strong sense of threat.

Imperceptibly, she took Yu Yimo’s hand and tightened it a lot. The man noticed the abnormality and looked at her slightly. Aware of her eyes, he looked up.

Under the steps, Ruan Shishi and song yean come up together. The woman is dressed in a light cyan retro cheongsam with hooked flowers. With each step, her long white legs can be seen from the side of her legs, which makes her heart itch.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank in an instant, and her eyes swept over her from beginning to end. Suddenly, there was an irrepressible impulse in her body.

She’s still here.

It’s so willful that I don’t know what to do!

Yu Yimo is a little angry, and his eyes finally stay in the hands of Ruan Shishi and song yean. His face is gloomy and frightening.

“Yu Zong?”

Just now, the man who is talking with Yu Yimo is embarrassed and barks several times. Yu Yimo has a little reaction.

Yu Yimo’s light eyes swept him and said, “go ahead.”

The man nodded awkwardly and walked into the hall with his girlfriend.

This is, Ruan Shishi and song yean have already come up. They look up and happen to see Yu Yimo and ye Wan’er standing there.

For a time, the four eyes were opposite, and the atmosphere became a little delicate.

Song yean took the lead and said politely, “Mr. Yu, congratulations on the old lady’s 70th birthday.”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and swept through Ruan’s poem. He replied in a light tone, “thank you. Please come in.”

Ruan Shishi stood aside and didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end. As song yean was about to enter, ye Wan’er suddenly said, “Miss Ruan, your cheongsam is so beautiful. I don’t know where it was made?”

Ruan Shishi looked back at her and said in a soft voice, “if you are interested in her, you can visit her another day, just like last time.”

How could ye Wan’er not hear what she said? In an instant, her face became a little blue and her smile became more and more reluctant.

Chapter 892

Seeing ye Wan’er’s expression, Ruan Shishi feels very happy. When she went to Jennifer to sample clothes, she asked her to make two sets of cheongsam. For these two sets of cheongsam, she promised to take a series of photos.

The price is not low.

But seeing ye Wan’er’s expression, she felt it was worth it.

“If Miss Ye is interested, she can ask some other day.”

With that, she nodded to her with a smile, put her hand around Song yean’s arm, and walked into the hall.

Ye Wan’er’s face turned blue, but because of the man beside her, she had to resist it.

Entering the hall, the appearance of Ruan’s poems seems to have become the focus of attention.

A Chinese style Qipao, perfectly outlines her figure, and the layout of the whole hall is Chinese style. She stands out in a group of people wearing western dress.

Ruan Shishi naturally felt the eyes of the people. She swept the hall in a leisurely manner, and her eyes stayed in the side where the most middle people were. She hooked her lips and turned to song yean, who was next to her. “Yean, let’s go to see grandma first.”

Hearing the speech, song yean smiles at her, and his eyes are full of doting, “OK, listen to you.”

Then he took Ruan Shishi and walked to the middle.

The old lady was surrounded by people. Beside her were people who came to send their blessings. Yu Qingshan and he Shuping stood with a smile on their face. There was a peaceful scene everywhere.

“Well, well, I’ve received all your blessings!”

The old lady was surrounded by people, smiling and nodding.

Seeing the old lady over there, Ruan’s heart was tight, and an inexplicable feeling poured into her heart.

Compared with five years ago, the old lady seems to have little change, but her overall shape is getting older.

Ruan Shishi was walking forward, and what happened with the old lady five years ago flashed through her mind unconsciously.

At this time, the old lady looked up and looked at her side. When her eyes swept her, her face was obviously slightly stagnant.

A glimmer of light flashed through her eyes, and she looked at Ruan Shishi with half faith, “Shishi? Is that you? “

Although the tone of doubt, but the voice with a bit can not hide the excitement.

People nearby looked at her one after another.

Ruan Shishi, with a sour nose, stepped forward and said, “Grandma!”

She was the one who protected her after the accident, and she was the one who treated her as her own granddaughter. Now it has been five years since we met again.

The old lady’s eyes flashed with surprise, “poetry! It’s really you! Come here and let Grandma have a look! “

Ruan Shishi immediately stepped forward and took grandma’s hand.

The old lady looked at her, her mood was complicated, and all kinds of problems emerged, “we Haven’t seen each other for years? Where were you? I’ve always wanted to see you… “

Ruan Shishi felt guilty, “sorry, grandma, I went abroad at the beginning, because it was too sudden, and I didn’t have time to say hello to you…”

“It’s OK. It’s OK. I’ll see you again! I haven’t seen you for a few years. I don’t even know a big girl! “


The old lady took her to gossip about her family, and seemed to regard all the people beside her as transparent people.

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