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Chapter 919

“Mind your mouth.”

“I understand, I understand.”

The woman ordered some money, quickly put it into her arms and went out.

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes, and a trace of contempt flashed through her eyes.

Seeing Ruan’s poems was just ten minutes ago.

It’s rare to accompany Yu Yimo to meet a big client. She didn’t expect to meet Ruan Shishi here. It’s really frustrating.

Since all Ruan’s poems have come, she doesn’t want to embarrass her. It’s a good chance for her to be blind.

What’s more, what happened at Grandma’s birthday party last time made her so angry that she didn’t slow down. Now she has to take care of her.

With a lesson from the past, she deliberately pulled a strange woman to find fault this time. Even if she did, she would never find fault with her.

Looking at Ruan Shishi and her two wild seeds being driven away, ye Wan’er is very cool. She sits up straight and throws her silver fork into the plate. There is a chill at the bottom of her eyes.

She is not satisfied with Ruan’s poems. Today, she must not miss this good opportunity!

It was more than ten minutes after Song yean came out from changing clothes.

Ruan didn’t mention anything about what happened in the changing area just now.

It’s rare to have such a good chance for the family to be happy, and she doesn’t want to say this kind of thing.

Before entering the racecourse, the waiters first lead them to the VIP area, which is a three-story observation platform similar to a lookout platform, from which you can have a panoramic view of the nearby racecourse.

The people in the leisure area are scattered. As soon as Ruan Shishi leads the two little guys to sit down, he inadvertently raises his eyes and sees the group of people not far away.

A figure is particularly prominent among them. He is wearing a black knight’s suit and a brown tie around his waist. He is slim and fit, and has a clear view of his noble breath. Naturally, the most dazzling is his charming face that exudes charm anytime and anywhere.

Ruan’s heart was tight.

Yu Yimo is here!

“Poetry, what do you want to drink?”

Song yean’s voice came to her ears, and she came back to herself, “I can drink anything…”

She inhaled deeply, and then found that her heart beat a little faster unconsciously.

She looks up at Song yean. The man is dressed in a white chivalry suit. He is equally handsome. Compared with Yu Yimo, he is more gentle, but less heroic.

After drinking something and chatting for a while, the two little guys asked to get off the racecourse with great interest. Ruan Shishi and song yean looked at each other with a smile and immediately took them away from the leisure area and went to the racecourse.

First of all, they arrived at the stables to select the horses. Looking at the horses, they were all energetic and their hair was shining.

Can have a horse, but extraordinary outstanding, it is higher than the average size of the horse, black mane, a pair of bright eyes.

Song yean looks at him and shows his intention directly to the staff nearby. However, the staff is embarrassed and says with a smile, “Mr. Song, this horse has a specific owner.”

“A particular host?”

“Yes, his name is Edward. He is the love horse of Yuzong of Yushi group. He is specially kept in our racecourse.”

Hearing the name, song yean’s face suddenly sank. He looked up at the horse in the stable and asked, “is he here today?”

Chapter 920

The staff answered respectfully, “yes, Mr. Yu is here today. It’s estimated that he will be off the horse farm later.”

Smell speech, song yean eye flash a wave, two seconds later, he raised his eyes to other horses, finally picked another horse.

Ruan Shishi took two little guys on the other side and picked out two Welsh ponies. The staff led the rope and trained them in the most basic equestrian skills.

At the same time, song yean chose a white mare named Wendi for Ruan Shishi. She was gentle and small, so she was very suitable for ladies.

Naturally, Ruan Shishi has no opinion. First, she asks song yean to ride a horse for a walk. Then, looking at the scene of Sensen and Shasha riding, she can’t help taking out her mobile phone and taking a lot of photos.

At the same time, on the other side of the VIP area of the viewing platform, Yu Yimo stands in front of the wide transparent glass window, looking at the figure of the women on the edge of the racecourse, with complex emotions at the bottom of his eyes.

Just now, he had already seen Ruan Shishi and his family. When he saw the four members of their family traveling, his heart seemed to be bound by something, which made him feel miserable.

At this time, he couldn’t listen to anything that the people beside him said in his ear.

Ye Wan’er, sitting on one side, naturally sees that he is absent-minded. She pretends to deliver wine to Yu Yimo, goes to the window, takes a look along the man’s line of sight, and immediately recognizes the figure.

Suddenly, a burst of anger surged into her heart, and she was immediately wrapped by the burning jealousy.

She really can’t figure out what’s so good about that woman that Yu Yimo never forgets!

Ye Wan’er clenched her teeth. Her face became twisted because she was angry. She pretended to walk away calmly, but her hand hanging on her side became tighter and tighter.

The nails were embedded in her hands, but she didn’t feel any pain.

No, she can’t wait to die!

Next to the other boss’s girlfriend waved to her, “Miss ye, do you want to come to eat something? I’ll go to the racecourse later.”

Ye Wan’er turned around and gave her a smile. Her face returned to gentleness and generosity. “No, the racecourse is the home of men. I’ll just watch Yimo play below.”

Another flattery, ye Wan’er excuse to go to the bathroom, turned to the corner next to no one, dial a phone, “where are you now? I need to see you… “

More than 20 minutes later, the customers here are in a good mood to talk about going to the racecourse one after another. Yu Yimo naturally did not refuse. Looking down from the viewing platform, his eyes stay on the woman in the Red Riding suit for a moment, and he walks out of the leisure area with them.

At the same time, the direction of the racecourse.

Ruan Shishi is focusing on watching Sensen and Shasha practice their equestrian skills without paying attention to anything else.

A uniformed staff member slowly approached the mare selected by Ruan Shishi and swept around. Suddenly, he bent down with agility and quickly lifted the horse’s hooves and put the nails in his hands into the cracks of the hooves without paws.

After all this, the man retreated as if nothing had happened.

Ruan Shishou was next to sensenshasha, unaware of the situation there.

The central area of the racecourse.

Song yean has trotted for two laps on his horse, and his body is warm, and he slowly enters the state.

All of a sudden, he galloped his horse, quickened his pace, and galloped along the outer ring of the racecourse.

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