The Warmest Romance Chapter 933 -934

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Chapter 933

Just entering the hall, he saw Yu Qingshan, he Shuping and ye Waner sitting on the sofa.

“Emer, you’re back!” Ye Wan’er’s eyes flashed brightly, and immediately stood up to greet him, “how’s your hand…”

Yu Yimo slightly avoids her hand and turns to look at Yu Qingshan, who has a cold face. He says in a light voice, “father.”

“Hum!” Yu Qingshan is cold hum, the complexion is heavy green, “you still know to come back!”

Looking at his posture of asking questions, Yu Yimo walked forward and asked, “father, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter, you don’t know for yourself?” Yu Qingshan’s cold eyes swept his arm. “Tell me for yourself, how did you hurt your hand?”

Smell speech, Yu with silent Mou light dark a few minutes, turned to sweep a leaf Wan son.

Ye Wan’er looks innocent and lowers her head without saying a word.

Yu Yimo inhaled deeply and answered truthfully, “there was an accident at the racecourse. I hurt myself carelessly.”

Yu Qingshan raised his hand and slapped the table, “accident? In order to save an unimportant woman and hurt her arm, do you do things without thinking! Now in Jiangzhou City, who doesn’t know that you don’t care about your wife, but you are fascinated by the women outside! “

Yu Yimo frowned and remained silent for a moment without answering.

Before he came back, he had already guessed that these things would be passed on to Yu Qingshan. What he didn’t expect was that it would spread so fast.

He raises an eye, the line of sight passes leaf Wan son, the heart has a number.

A few seconds later, he said, “father, I just did what I thought was right.”

On hearing this, Yu Qingshan’s eyes were as sharp as hooks. “What’s right? Yu Yimo, do you want to annoy me! “

Then he stood up and walked to Yu Yimo.

Seeing this, he Shuping immediately stood up, grabbed his arm, and said, “don’t be angry, master. It’s not bad to do such a thing with silence. At least in the eyes of outsiders, we are in love and righteousness.”

“Love and righteousness?” Yu Qingshan hummed coldly, “what kind of love and righteousness is he! Amorous, playful, regardless of home! These are what outsiders see! “

Then he turned to Yu Yimo and said, “you and Wan’er have been married for more than two years. Not only did you not add a man and half a woman to our Yu family, but now you’ve also made a lot of news! You don’t want face, I want face! “

Yu Qingshan’s words are more and more difficult to hear. Yu Yimo’s brows are tightened, and his expression doesn’t fluctuate.

At this time, ye Wan’er suddenly said, “Dad, this time I’m also wrong. I should always be by Yimo’s side. I’m sorry.”

“It’s none of your business!” Yu Qingshan said coldly, “if he doesn’t treat you well, you can tell me directly, I will never let him go!”

Yu Qingshan said a few more words, and he Shuping and ye Waner gave a few symbolic advice to ease the atmosphere.

Finally, Yu Yimo raised his eyes, looked at Yu Qingshan and said in a soft voice, “Dad, please calm down. I’ll go back to my room first.”

With that, he walked directly to the direction of the stairway.

Seeing this, ye Wan’er said, “Yimo, I’ll go with you!”

Chapter 934

Yu Yimo did not refuse, but let her follow her like this.

Entering the bedroom, the door closes. Ye Wan’er naturally puts her hand around Yu Yimo’s arm and says in a soft voice, “Yimo, I don’t know where my father heard it, so he suddenly comes to me. Aren’t you angry?”

With that, she looks at Yu Yimo innocently.

Yu Yimo’s eyes were cold. He pulled his hand out of her hand and opened the distance between them. He asked in a cold voice, “don’t you really know?”

How could Yu Qingshan know so quickly if she didn’t mean to reveal it?

Ye Wan’er stares at him with an incredible expression, “brother Mo, are you doubting me?”

While speaking, without waiting for the metaphor to reply, her tears had already “pa pa” down.

Her aggrieved shoulder stirred, crying with rain, “brother Mo, why should I tell Dad such a thing? Even if you still have Ruan Shi in your heart, I can accept it… “

See, metaphor with silent brow frown, inexplicably some irritable.

If before, ye Wan’er’s tears are the thing that can make his heart soften most, but now when he sees her crying in front of him, his heart is filled with impatience and irritability.

“Brother mo…” Ye Wan’er reaches out her hand and hooks his wrist.

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows are twisted deeper. He pulls his hand out of the woman’s hand, raises his hand, finds something in his pocket, and throws it directly to the table next to him.

His dark eyes stare at her straight, cold voice way, “then how do you explain this.”

Ye Wan’er took a cool breath and looked up at the table.

A few scattered photos, blurred figure, is a man dressed in black, with a cap on his head that can cover most of his face, only half of his side face can be seen vaguely.

But she recognized the person in the photo at a glance, because it was her most familiar right-hand man – Huo Chuan!

There was a moment of stagnation in her eyes, and she soon changed into that innocent look. She raised her eyes to Yu Yimo and asked, “brother Mo, what is this?”

Yu Yimo squints her eyes slightly and looks at her reaction. Her cold thin lips are tightly pressed into a line and there is no reply.

Ye Wan’er was staring at his hair, can’t get an answer, she symbolically picked up the photos, one by one looked at in turn, the last photo is the most clear, can see the man’s facial features.

It’s huochuan, no doubt.

Ye Wan’er widens her eyes slightly and looks up at Yu Yimo in surprise. “He He’s Huo Chuan! Isn’t he in prison! How could… “

Looking at the expression of a woman who can’t find any fault, Yu Yimo frowns. He steps forward and looks down at her eyes, as if he wants to see through her heart.

Finally, he moved his lips and said in a deep voice, “don’t you know where he is?”

Five years ago, when Ruan Shishi was nearly hit by a motorcycle, Huo Chuan turned himself in and said that he was behind the scenes. But now, before the time of five years’ imprisonment, he got out of prison ahead of time. After that, so many things happened one after another around Ruan Shishi, and the surveillance probe photographed Huo Chuan.

It had to make him think more.

Last time Sasha was bitten by a boa constrictor for no reason, this time it was Ruan Shishi who suddenly fell off the horse. Everything happened so strange.

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