The Warmest Romance Chapter 973 -974

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Chapter 973

“Director he, tell me what’s going on.”

The man’s eyes turned flexibly, swept the Yugu North beside him, looked at yuyimo and said, “Yuzong, is it the problem of accounts?”

Yu Yimo is silent and does not answer, his eyes are fixed on him.

Director he touched his nose and stepped forward. When he saw the account book, his face turned a little white.

Next to the computer screen display, is the account has been checked, all the holes, the difference, at a glance.

Director he stood there, his nose sweating.

At this time, even if he has ten mouths, I’m afraid he can’t tell.

These data are real things on the surface. He can’t fake them, and he can’t escape the charge.

Yu Yimo stares at him and spits out two words coldly, “say it.”

Director he shivered slightly, his face turned white, but he could not speak.

Yu Yimo stares at him, frowns tightly, and all his patience is running out.

At this moment, he has no patience.

After waiting for another two minutes, he frowned and looked at his subordinate Hong Tian.

He Guangming, if I remember correctly, your son just passed his fifth birthday half a month ago, right

At the mention of his son, he Guangming’s face suddenly changed Yes

Hongtian said word by word, “I’m only five years old, so young, I haven’t had a good look at the world…”

“What do you want to do?”

He Guangming immediately became excited and looked at others on guard.

He’s in his forties. He’s an old boy. He’s such a precious son, but now “What do we want to do? You has the final say,”

hung Tian smiled.

The next Yu Gu Bei frowned, looked at Yu Yimo and said in a cold voice, “brother, what do you mean?”

Yu Yimo asked coldly, “don’t you know?”

He just learned what he did.

Next to him, Hongtian takes out a mobile phone and throws it directly in front of he Guangming. There is a video playing on it. He can vaguely hear the baby’s voice calling “Dad”.

Sitting in the inner room, Ruan Shishi saw the scene and felt a chill in his heart.

Her back, however, was already sweating.

She did not expect that Yu Yimo would threaten he Guangming with her children!

“What do you want to do?” He Guangming a little flustered, “how can my son be in your hands!”

Yu Yimo said calmly, “when you made false accounts, you should have thought that one day, if your son is really gone, blame yourself.”

His words were heartless enough, and his voice seemed to be filled with ice dregs, which pierced into he Guangming’s heart and Ruan Shishi’s heart.

It’s just a five-year-old child. She’s as old as Sam Sam. even if her parents do something wrong, they are innocent after all.

For a moment, Ruan’s heart was full of bitterness, which made Yu Yimo’s eyes more cold.

This man is really more cruel than she imagined!

Over there in the conference room, he Guangming is in a mess. He often looks at Yu Gubei, but he doesn’t get any response.

Chapter 974

Looking at he Guangming, Hong Tian continued, “you only have three minutes to say what you know, and you can protect your son’s integrity. If you don’t say it, you will be responsible for the consequences.”

Give him clear still have no response, Yu Yimo frown, toward the next Hongtian slightly nod.

Hongtian didn’t say a word. He picked up his cell phone and dialed.

“I I said

He Guangming trembled, looked up at Yu Gubei in a panic, gritted his teeth and said, “yes It means vice president Yu… “

Sitting in a wheelchair, Yu Gu beiwen narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at he Guangming with a bright light under his eyes. A few seconds later, he sneered and said, “what a play.”

“I’m sorry, vice president Yu.”

He Guangming said, shaking out something from his inner pocket, and handed it to Yu Yimo with both hands, “Yu always Mr. Yu, this is the evidence I left before. Please have a look. “

A small U disk, full of silver, no one knows what is inside.

It’s implied that Yi Hongtian takes it, plugs it into the computer, and directly tunes it out.

All the things in it can be proved to be the things that Yu Gubei did.

Up to now, Yu Gubei has retired.

He did not expect that he Guangming would sell him so soon! I even left the previous evidence behind and led it into the USB flash disk.

“What do you have to say now?” Yu Yimo coldly pushes the computer to him.

Yu Gubei has nothing to say.

Now, such a farce, to this point, has come to an end.

Yu Yimo gets up and signals Hongtian to take he Guangming away. Then he looks at Yu Gubei coldly and orders coldly, “fill up the hole in three days.”

He pauses, “then, get out of Yu’s group!”

Yu Gu North cold voice way, “big brother, we two make so stiff, no one is good.”

If these things spread, I’m afraid the reputation of Yu’s group will drop from the top to the bottom, and the stock will also be affected.

This is not a small event, but as long as Yu Yimo has a heart, everything can be covered.

Yu Yimo suddenly turns back and stares at him coldly, “Yu Gubei, what do you regard Yu group as?”

In recent years, he has taken advantage of his power to swallow so much. Now that he has been found out, he even wants to cover up the sky. Is it possible?


If you leave this sentence, it means that Yimo is about to leave.

He just walked to the door, Yu Gubei suddenly said, “so, brother, this is a declaration of war to me, isn’t it?”

Yu Yimo takes a step. After a few seconds, he turns around and stares at him coldly

Sooner or later, there will be a fierce battle between him and Yu Gubei. Now, because of this, there is no need for them to play tricks on each other.

At this time, Yu Gubei burst out laughing, “then I’d like to see how powerful brother is.”

Leaving this sentence, he turned to Shao Zhuo. Shao Zhuo pushed the wheelchair and pushed him out of the meeting room.

Yu Gu North left, the cold air in the room did not dissipate half a minute, but more chilly.

He Guangming, who had been paralyzed for a long time, looked at Yu Yimo and began to pray with trembling, “Mr. Yu, please forgive me this time. I was really abetted by Mr. Yu…”

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