The Warmest Romance Chapter 991 -992

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Chapter 991

At the same time, things in Yu’s group continue to ferment. It is obvious that online comments are divided into two groups, supporting Yu Yimo and Yu Gubei respectively. It is said that the company is also divided into two groups, with constant fighting.

At this time, I’m afraid Yu Qingshan is the only one who can live in the town. However, Yu Qingshan, who just left Jiangzhou to go abroad a short time ago, has no news. It seems that the world has evaporated.

As everyone knows, Yu Qingshan prefers his eldest son Yu Yimo, but Yu Gubei, who is in a wheelchair, is not a simple character. Within a week, he registered with Yu’s media, invested a lot of money and began to make big moves.

To make it clear is to fight Yu Yimo to the end.

In this way, things get more complicated.

For this fight between the rich and powerful, Jiangzhou city is waiting to see the play with a cold eye. But for some reason, Ruan Shishi is worried and agitated when he looks at the news.

Stay in the crew, even at rest, she is also uneasy.

“Director Ruan.” Lin Zi strides over, “something’s wrong.”

Ruan Shishi recovered, put away his cell phone, looked at the breathless woods, and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Chen Tong said she didn’t plan to continue shooting.”

“What?” Ruan Shishi frowned and stood up, “where is she?”

Chen Tong was an actress she had chosen to appear in the public welfare short film. She was just a plain person before. Because her identity and the setting of roles in the short film fit well, she was chosen.

In recent days, she did hear some complaints from Chen Tong about the crew, and she didn’t feel at ease. After all, in terms of salary, the cost to Chen Tong is not small.

Unexpectedly, she kept tossing.

She followed the woods through the Hutong and entered the alley. Within a few steps, she saw a group of people beside the courtyard. Chen Tong was surrounded by director Gao and the staff.

Director Gao frowned, his face was not very good-looking, but he said calmly as far as possible, “if you want anything, just mention it. We’ll discuss it here and try our best to satisfy you…”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Hearing her voice, several people nearby gave way to her one after another.

Ruan Shishi stepped up, took a look at Chen Tong sitting on the bamboo bench, and asked, “I heard you don’t want to shoot?”

Chen Tong picked pick eyebrows, holding a fan fan, do not look at her, “well, do not want to shoot.”

Looking at the meaningless expression on the woman’s face, Ruan Shishi asked angrily, “let’s talk straight, what do you want?”

She has been a director for several years, but this kind of situation is not uncommon. Most of the actors want to raise the price and play big names, so they deliberately say they will not do it in the middle of the shooting, which makes the crew compromise.

Chen Tong raised chin, complexion disdain, “what don’t want, I just don’t want to shoot.”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “are you serious? Do you know the penalty for breaking a contract? “

“I know.” Chen Tong said, took out a card from the side pocket, handed over a way, “this is liquidated damages, I am ready.”


Next to director Gao, he couldn’t see it, and his angry face turned blue.

It’s no problem to change actors, and the crew can’t go on without her. Besides, she is a plain person who has never been in touch with shooting, so it’s not a big problem to change actors.

Chapter 992

However, now the crew is shooting a part of it. Her face has appeared in the previous clips. If the actors change, I’m afraid that all the previous shots will have to be reversed, and the actors will be selected again, starting from the beginning.

That is to say, if the actors change, the efforts of the whole crew will be in vain!

This is the most irritating place!

Ruan Shishi was even more angry. If he was knocked down and started over, it would take more time. I’m afraid that the work scheduled to end at the end of the month could not be finished.

She frowned, looked at Chen Tong, and said word by word, “Chen Tong, you should know what it means for the crew that you leave? I’ll give you another chance. We’ll discuss the terms with you. “

Chen Tong a listen to, sneer voice, swept her one eye, the eye revealed a bit disdain, “I don’t lack money.”

Hearing her saying this, Ruan Shishi’s eyes sank a little.

How could she not be short of money?

At the beginning of casting, she learned that Chen Tong was just an ordinary family. That’s why she chose her because of her grounding and the atmosphere of growing up in the Hutong.

But now, she disdains to pay the penalty money, determined not to shoot any more

No, there’s something wrong!

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and gave her a cold look. She turned to the director Gao and said, “director Gao, follow me.”

Asked director Gao to the side, Ruan Shishi’s face was serious and asked, “what’s wrong with Chen Tong recently?”

Director Gao frowned, “abnormal? It’s nothing unusual, but occasionally I hear her complain. Unexpectedly, she really doesn’t want to take pictures. “

Ruan Shi’s eyes sank and did not speak.

Director Gao is angry, “if she doesn’t shoot, we’ll start from scratch!”

Ruan Shishi said in a light voice, “if she really doesn’t shoot, we can’t help it.”

It’s true. It’s clear in the contract that the defaulting party should pay the other party liquidated damages. Since Chen Tong is willing to pay the liquidated damages, they can’t hold on to her.

Director Gao asked, “do you really want to promise him?”


Now, there is no other way.

Ten minutes later, after director Gao conveyed the instructions, Chen Tong actually paid the liquidated damages, packed up and prepared to leave.

The staff of the whole crew and several other actors are all moaning, and the workload is increasing, which makes no one happy.

Ruan Shishi sat there, looking up at Chen Tong, who was packing up. Her eyes swept the latest Cartier style on her wrist, and her eyes darkened.

There’s something wrong.

She orders director Gao to appease the crew, and then quickly gets on the car next to her. She finds a coat and a hat to put on. It happens that Chen Tong has packed up and is ready to go. She follows her not far behind and watches her every move.

Chen Tong is by no means such a rich person, but recently she is wearing new and famous brands, which makes people suspicious.

She follows behind Chen Tong, watching her walk out of the cast, throw the packed cartons directly into the nearby garbage can, pick up her mobile phone, make a phone call in high spirits, and then stop a taxi.

Looking at her getting on the bus, Ruan Shishi immediately stopped a car. After getting on the bus, he said to the driver, “master, keep up with the car in front.”

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