The Warmest Romance Chapter 993 -994

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Chapter 993

Chen Tong won’t do this for no reason. She must find out.

The driver took a strange look at her. Although he didn’t speak, he stepped on the gas.

Next, the driver looked at her several times through the inside rearview mirror, with a guard in his eyes, thinking that she was a bad person.

Feeling the driver’s eyes, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and pretended to be indignant. “Master, to be honest, that’s my best friend in front of me. I suspect that she and my boyfriend meet secretly, so I will follow her…”

After listening to her, the driver dispelled her doubts and even comforted her. He stepped on the accelerator and followed the taxi in front of her.

The taxi ran two streets in the center of the city, and finally stopped in front of Xingguang square. Ruan Shishi watched Chen Tong get out of the car, immediately paid for the master, and then got out of the car.

She wore a hat and changed her clothes. Even if Chen Tong saw her, she probably couldn’t recognize her. What’s more, now Chen Tong is in high spirits and obviously plans to meet someone.

Ruan Shishi followed her not far away, watching her walk into a cafe in Xingguang square and go up to the second floor.

She deliberately stopped for a while before she stepped up.

On the second floor, there are many seats. It’s not convenient to find people, and it’s easy to expose them. Ruan Shishi is standing at the stairway, hesitating whether to move forward, when he suddenly sees the figure coming out of the glass and makes a big step.

Not far away, the woman sitting opposite Chen Tong is all dressed up and glamorous. Who is ye Wan’er?

She seemed to have been punctured, and she couldn’t move any more. Looking at that direction, she felt an impulse to go there.

It’s her?

A moment later, she calmed down and went down to the front desk. Sure enough, she saw a computer screen next to her, which showed the surveillance video.

Ruan Shishi’s big eyes swept, and immediately determined the position.

It’s really ye Wan’er! Chen Tong sat opposite her with a big smile.

Ye Wan’er didn’t know what to say. She looked around and took out a card from her handbag and put it on the table.

Chen Tong immediately dog legs of smile, hands took over.

If it’s true, as she thought, someone really got in the way!

What she didn’t expect was that the man was ye Wan’er!

What good is it for her!

By doing so, she will extend her construction period and meet Yu Yimo more often and for a longer time.

Why does she have to?

At the same time, ye Wan’er on the second floor of the coffee shop looks at the flattering woman in front of her, and her eyes are a bit disgusted.

She said impatiently, “mind your mouth, understand?”

Chen Tong nodded as if to pound garlic, “understand, understand!”

Ye Wan’er hummed coldly and didn’t want to say a word more.

She did not expect that Yu Yimo not only met with Ruan Shishi again and again, but also signed a contract with her to shoot a public welfare short film!

When she learned about this, her lungs were about to explode, so she deliberately obstructed it, in order to screw up the short film that Ruan Shishi shot, and let Yu Yimo have a look. Ruan Shishi has no such ability at all!

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes and took a look at Chen Tong. A little impatience flashed out of her eyes. “OK, you go.”

“OK, OK, then I won’t disturb you, Miss Ye. I’ll cooperate with you when I have a chance.”

Chapter 994

Chen Tong said and stood up with a smile. Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned around and saw the woman standing next to her, her face suddenly froze.

“Ruan Ruan Dao

Ruan Shishi’s eyes looked at her coldly and hummed, “where are you going in such a hurry?”

The opposite ye Wan’er did not expect that Ruan Shi would suddenly appear. She frowned, pursed her lips and looked at her coolly.

Ruan Shishi stretched out her hand and directly pulled out the bank card from Chen Tong’s hand. She looked at her with a sneer, “I don’t know how many of these cards are? It makes you betray your job like this. “

Chen Tong feels guilty and can’t speak. Ye Wan’er is not unusual except for her ugly face. She glances at Ruan Shishi with disdain and says coldly, “I can’t understand what you’re saying here. I’m tired when I meet you.”

Then she stood up, picked up her handbag and was about to leave.

Ruan Shishi quickly takes out her mobile phone and takes a picture of Ye Waner, Chen Tong and her bank card. Then she throws the card on the table and says in a cold voice, “Ye Waner, if yu Yimo knows what you’re doing, what will he do?”

As soon as Yu Yimo was mentioned, ye Wan’er’s face turned white.

She looked warily at Ruan Shishi, “what do you want to do?”

“This public welfare short film is Yu Yimo’s favorite project. Do you know how much traffic and revenue this short film can bring to Yu group? And now, sabotage, you say, will he be happy? “

Ruan’s words made ye Wan’er speechless. “You…”

Chen Tong looked at them and said, “if you two gods fight, I will withdraw first.”

Then she reached for the bank card on the table and ran away.

For a moment, there was only a silent confrontation between Ruan Shi and ye Wan’er.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stopped for a moment, suddenly pulled his lips and said, “let me guess, what are you doing this for?”

“You deliberately make it difficult for me to shoot a short film, just to make Yu Yimo feel that I am incompetent, so you hate me, hate me, don’t you?”

Ye Wan’er’s face changed, but she said, “what are you talking about! I haven’t done anything

“Ye Wan’er, I warned you last time on Grandma’s birthday that if I wanted to do something for a long time, I didn’t do it because I was not interested in Yu Yimo. Originally, I planned to finish my work as soon as possible and leave without any involvement with Yu Yimo. But because of your stupid behavior, my schedule was extended, so Yu Yimo and I will only stay longer.”

She cold hum, mercilessly mend knife, “you this is to dig a hole for yourself, achievement we, ye Wan’er, you quite selfless.”

Ye Wan’er was slightly shocked. Her face was white and ugly. “You crazy woman!”

Ruan Shishi smiles, shakes her mobile phone in her hand and says, “moreover, if I show Yu Yimo those photos, what will he think?”

Stealing chicken does not eat rice. She really did a beautiful job.

Ye Wan’er was furious. “Ruan Shishi, you dare!”

“Do you think I dare? As long as I move my finger, I can send these photos to him

Ye Waner is flustered. She looks at the mobile phone in Ruan Shishi’s hand and realizes her stupidity this time.

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