The Warmest Romance Chapter 999 -1000

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Chapter 999

Yu Gu North with a gentle smile, no shelf, soft eyes, smile, a pair of people close to the good skin.

In the past, Ruan Shishi would have felt like this. However, during this period of time, she has seen the struggle between him and Yu Yimo. She knows that he is not a good one.

She sat there, not up.

Instead, director Gao stood up to greet him with a smile, “vice president Yu…”

He blurted out the title. After he said it, he realized that it was not right, and his face suddenly turned pale.

Who doesn’t know, Yu Gubei just announced his resignation as vice president of Yu Group on the social media platform, and then quickly established his own company.

Today, he is more than a “vice president”.

He is the second well-known “Yuzong” in Jiangzhou city. He is also the “Yuzong” who plans to fight with yuyimo. He is also the “Yuzong” who is ambitious but deep-seated.

Yu Gubei’s eyes are sharp and fleeting.

Director Gao realized that he had said something wrong and apologized, “Mr. Yu, I’m sorry…”

“No harm.”

Yu Gu North raised his hand, seems to be a very generous smile, eyes light complexion is still gentle as water, “I come here, is to find a person.”

Director Gao quickly asked, “I don’t know who Mr. Yu is looking for?”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “find my artist, lin ning.”

As soon as these words came out, the crew suddenly burst the pot, and even Ruan Shishi, who had been sitting there, frowned.

Lin ning, how could he be an artist of Yu group?

She looked up at lin ning over there. Lin ning stood in the same place and hesitated.

Yu Gu Bei looked up at her and said with a smile, “lin ning, do you want me to come to you?”

Lin ning hesitated to step over, eyes timid, seems to be afraid.

Ruan Shishi immediately stood up and came to her before lin ning went by. She asked, “what’s the matter?”

Lin ning was chosen by Jiang Huanchen for her, so there should be no problem. Besides, her popularity is not high, so she doesn’t look familiar to the audience at all.

How could Yu Gubei come here in person for such a little actor?

What I think is wrong.

Lin ning hesitated to look at Ruan Shishi and inhaled deeply, “I did sign Yu’s media, but I just signed it not long ago.”

Ruan Shishi frowned, and his heart suddenly became uneasy.

Yu’s media is a company that Yu Gubei has just registered. From site selection to recruitment, Yu Gubei has taken an extremely high profile in every step. He has also invested a lot of money in recruiting.

Yu Gu Bei over there saw that lin ning didn’t respond. He said in a light voice, “lin ning, don’t you come yet?”

Lin ning body a tight, immediately step past.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath, but she doesn’t understand what’s going on. She quickly follows up, stops lin ning, looks at Yu Gubei, and asks, “Mr. Yu, lin ning has signed a contract with us. Now she’s our actress. Before the shooting is over, she’s going to stay here.”

Listen to her say so, Yu Gu North hook up the corner of the lip, eyes pan a bit cold meaning, “don’t know Miss Ruan what qualifications to leave her?”

Chapter 1000

As soon as Ruan Shishi’s voice was tight and his brain was running at a high speed, he was about to find a way to say something. Unexpectedly, two black cars came and directly stopped at the front and rear of the RV, sandwiching it in the middle.

The door opened, and the cold faced man got out of the car and walked this way with his long legs. He was dressed in a black suit, with a sense of awe and oppression.

At the same time, Du Yue and several subordinates in suits walk down together and follow Yu Yimo. They walk towards Yu Yimo with great momentum.

Yu Yimo strides forward and automatically ignores the man in the wheelchair. He goes directly to Ruan Shishi and lin ning and asks, “what’s the matter?”

The man came down from the sky, just like the God of heaven, which made Ruan Shishi who was a little flustered suddenly feel relieved. She took a deep breath, and a warm feeling appeared in her heart. She said in a soft voice, “this Yu always suddenly came over and said that lin ning is his artist and wants to take her away, but Lin Ning has signed a contract with us before.”

After listening to Yu Yimo, there is no change in his face. He turns to Yu Gubei in his wheelchair and says nothing.

With a smile in his mouth and a wave of his hand, Yu Gu Bei immediately presents a document to Yu Yimo.

Ruan Shishi can also see clearly the big words on the cover of the contract, which is a signed contract.

She took a look at Yu Yimo, but she didn’t mean to reach out for the contract. She quickly took the initiative to reach out for the contract and turned to the last signature. It was indeed lin ning’s signature and red handprint.

She turned to lin ning and asked, “is this the contract you signed with them?”

Lin ning nodded, “yes, after signing the contract, I didn’t have a notice in hand. Then Mr. Jiang’s assistant asked me to come here to try the play, saying that making a short film, Zhenghe could fill the gap, so I came.”

Ruan Shishi, after hearing the speech, was clear in his heart. He flipped through the documents and quickly looked at the treaty. Then he looked up at Yu Gubei and said, “Mr. Yu, there’s no regulation on not allowing his artists to receive the notice from outside, and lin ning is in the gap now. Should there be no problem?”

Yu Gubei chuckles, “who said that she is in a gap period, there is a play I designated her as the heroine, her behavior now belongs to the rolling play.”

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to speak, lin ning next to him was surprised and said, “heroine, when did it happen?”

After she was signed into Yu’s media, she has always been a little transparent, not to mention the female owner. She has never been given a supporting role.

Yu Gu North does not change color, separate mouth way, “this morning, I personally decided, now know?”

People were surprised to hear him say so.

This is obviously a deliberate provocation by Yu Gubei. Because lin ning came to shoot a public welfare short film of Yu’s group, he just gave her a play to make it difficult for lin ning to do. By the way, he can also discredit Yu.

Ruan Shishi was a little annoyed, “Yu Zong, it’s not moral for you to do this?”

Yu Gubei said with a smile, “morality? What is morality? She is an artist under my command. When can I play for her? It’s just a matter of one sentence. Do you still need to report to Yu Group for application? “

A few words, not bad, but blocked Ruan poetry can not speak.

Yu Yimo’s face had been heavy for a long time. He looked at him coldly and said in a cold voice, “so, are you on purpose?”

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