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Ascension to the Top is a Chines novel. It talks about how important money is in our today’s materialistic and power-driven world. The money decides the worth of a person. He or she is nothing even with the most angelic attitude and disposition.

While on the other hand the hollow men and women with pockets full of coinage get all the admiration. Ideally, love must triumphant everything, contrarily it is the money and wealth that takes the driving wheel in the affairs of individuals and societies.

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Ascension to the Top

In this novel the writer attempt to drive the point home that with success a person can achieve anything he or she dreams of. In this world, money is not God but can buy the gods of the world for you. Make them serve you at your will and call.

Money brings power and begets more. In life, we will come across people with varying natures and dispensations. Some are short-sighted and only see the things materialistic and tangible. Success for them is defined by how good the appearance is.

But at the same time, a person would meet the people who can see beyond the facade of expensive cloths and exterior looks. These are the gems we must collect and keep around. These are the people who are real wealth. The material riches are the dirt of the hand they can come and go, but the company of the faithful and good-natured will never falter.

Ascension to the Top Novel

This is the story of a man who gave up on everything for love. He rejected his rich family and picked a beautiful girl. The family removes him from the business and riches. He is forced to live a life of penury. Doing a job as a waiter and studying.

Living on one meal to keep his love happy. But the person whom he picked after rejecting a girl from another family has a mind of her own. She lives in a materialistic world. The presents and spendings given by her sincere and honest boyfriend are not enough.

When the innocent and poor man goes to greet his girlfriend on her birthday, with a gift that he has bought after saving the money for months. He finds her holing someone else’s hand in the Ascension to the Top full novel. This man she is holding in her arms is not a pauper just like her boyfriend. He is the son of a successful businessman and has money and a car to flaunt with a haughty and vain nature.

Today is the day he is going to find the reality of his girlfriend. He made the greatest mistake of his life by opting for her over everything, including his family and its wealth. But this girl lived with him hoping one day he will get his access back to the family’s wealth. But after waiting so long, she has now realized it is not going to happen and there is no point waiting and staying with a man who is penniless.

So, she breaks up with him for good. A materialist woman who cannot see beyond the pocket of men she wants to date. For short term gain, she loses a gem worth billions forever. This is something unacceptable for the hero. She is the girl, he loved like anything.

But this sudden experience of reality is beyond his capability to bear. Money is the real god he realizes. But on the very same day, the family comes to know about his break up and the rich father reestablishes relations with his son. The good days of protagonist in Ascension to the Top Chines novel are coming.

He has access to all the riches now. The hero is more powerful than the man this so-called selfish girlfriend left him for. Once living on a single meal to please his girlfriend, this man has become one of the richest overnight.

Despite all this access to the excess of money and wealth. The hero is someone innocent and humble, but know how to treat the people who took him for granted and took advantage of him and looked down upon him when he was a nobody.

Ascension to the Top Story

How will the hero tread from now based on his experience? He has found the people who are worthy of trust. People who seek genuine relationships. His state of poverty has sifted the selfish and greedy away from him and the honest and selfless are around him.

The lesson from the failed love told him the relations are not always sincere and people not candid all the time. How would he change the life of his own and the people around him with the power in his hands? To find out, read the complete novel now.

Ascension to the Top Read Online

Ascension to the Top Chinese novel is based on the value of money in our lives. How this human invention drives the day to day relations among these creatures? The hero who has seen the life of poverty for the sake of love gets schooled at the right time.

He learns that sincerity and honesty are the virtues not prized by all. For some people in this world, these are worthless attributes, unimportant, and unnecessary. Money transcends all the virtues and they are happy around it.

Such soulless people exist around us and the novel gives us a reminder that as soon as our troubles start these curry favoring will vanish into thin air, leaving us in the lurch.

The Ascension to the Top Teleread novel is a must-read for you. If you are looking for a quick source to read online the complete story of this innocent man, here you will get it.

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