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Chapter 1

Alyssa sat in front of the vanity mirror dreamily, waiting for the makeup artist to come in and give her makeup.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and Rachel walked in anxiously.

She saw Alyssa wearing her messy hair and a long gray cotton jacket. She scolded her on the face, “The Adams family men are here, why haven’t you even changed your clothes?”

Alyssa pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, her eyelids drooped and she looked dazed, “Mom, do you really want me to marry my sister’s fiance?”

Rachel thought she was going to regret it, and her face turned pale in anxiety.

The people of the Adams family are just waiting outside, and a single mistake could ruin our family!

She knelt in front of Alyssa with a “plop”, “Alyssa, mother begs you, your sister deserves something better, please help her!”

Alyssa’s godless eyes gradually became cold. Although Rachel was her biological mother, she gave all her love to the sons and daughters of her father’s dead ex-wife.

Therefore, Rachel knew that her sister’s fiancé is ugly and impot3nt, but asked Alyssa to marry in place of her sister.

The servant’s urging sound resounded outside the door, “Mrs. Third Miss, the Adams family is coming upstairs.”

Alyssa did not reach out to help Rachel, but said indifferently, “Get up, I’m leaving.”

This time, she really gave up.

Opening the door, she saw a group of eye-catching bodyguards standing outside the door. This were the men sent by the Adams family to pick her up.

There is no wedding, no groom, she is going to marry today just like this.

“Let’s go.” She walked ahead and went downstairs first.

The Adams family is the top wealthy family in Rostenvel. The only direct heir, Karl, was disfigured and made impot3nt when he was kidnapped ten years ago.

Since then, Karl has not appeared in front of others.

He was rumored to be cruel, ugly and terrible, and that every woman sent into his house did not come out alive.

Grief is greater than death, even if Karl is the devil, she doesn’t care.


After arriving at Karl’s villa, the bodyguards led her into the room, and they all left.

It wasn’t until the sky outside the window got dark that the door was pushed open again.

Alyssa turned her head and saw a tall man walking in from the door.

He closed the door with his backhand and turned on the light in the room.

The light suddenly turned on, and Alyssa stretched out her hand uncomfortably to block it, and then raised her head to look at the man.

At a glance, she was stunned.

It’s not that the man is ugly and terrible, but he is too handsome.

The dark suit wrapped his upright and sturdy body, a pair of long legs made great strides, and he quickly walked up to her.

His facial contours are deep and perfect, like a finely crafted work of art, exceptionally handsome, but it gives people a sense of oppression.

Karl looked at Alyssa with scrutiny for a few seconds, and twisted his brows slightly, “You’re ugly.”

In the calm tone, no extra emotions could be distinguished.

Alyssa regained her senses, she didn’t care much about him saying she was ugly, she just looked at him warily, “Who are you?”

His ink-colored pupils exude a sharp light, and his voice is deep, “You don’t know who you are married to?”

As he got closer, Alyssa shuddered with the bitter breath coming over her face.

The powerful aura oppressed her slightly, but she still straightened her back, “Of course I know that the person I married is Karl!”

When Karl heard the words, the sharpness in his eyes gradually converged, and then a trace of clarity flashed. It seemed that she was another woman who believed the rumors.

Married to a man who was “ugly and impot3nt”, her expression seemed too calm, and his calmness made him interested.

He curled his lips and smiled pretentiously, “It turned out to be my cousin. I am Luther, Karl’s cousin. On the wedding night, I guess you don’t want to guard a waste man.”

Chapter 2

He deliberately aggravated the word “waste man”, with a low ending, with a hint of flirting.

The man deliberately approached her, and the bitter breath became stronger.

Alyssa moved aside uncomfortably, and after a short period of doubt, she believed his words.

After all, Karl’s villa is not something ordinary people can come in.

“He is your cousin, please don’t say this to him.” Even his cousin said this, presumably Karl also had a bad life.

Alyssa felt a sense of sympathy in her heart.

Even if the Adams family is a top-notch giant, he must have had a hard time in these years.

A flash of surprise flashed across Karl’s black eyes, he had no idea that this ugly woman would say such a thing.

He couldn’t help but look at her again.

The messy hair, the black-framed glasses and long cotton-padded clothes in the soil, the bangs on the forehead are so heavy that they almost cover the eyes, and there are a few small spots on the dark yellow face. It is really disgusting to look at it more.

There is no doubt that this ugly woman is not his rumored beautiful fiancee.

But the people in the Adams family didn’t care whether the woman who married him was ugly or beautiful, as long as it was a woman who could pass on and receive them, and even if they changed individuals, they would not pursue it as something offensive.

A dark light flashed in Karl’s eyes, and he violently reached out and pushed Alyssa onto the bed, his tone was unabashedly contemptuous and malicious, “There is no one else here, you don’t have to pretend, you grow like this you must be a v!rgin, I will take it as a good thing to satisfy you.”

After speaking, he directly reached into her clothes.

The delicate touch is almost addictive at the touch of it.


Alyssa tried her best and slapped his face with little palm, “Don’t think that others are as nasty as you. Before your cousin comes, get out immediately, and I will assume that nothing happened.”

Although she tried to stay calm, her trembling hands betrayed her.

On the way here, she imagined how ugly Karl would be, but she never expected to encounter such a thing.

Karl’s face was sullen, his body exuded a deep chill, “No woman has ever dared to do anything to me.”

Because of the struggle, her glasses had fallen off, revealing a pair of eyes that were unexpectedly clear, and her trembling eyelashes showed the owner’s tension and fear.

Karl moved for a while, but he felt softhearted, but he didn’t know why.

He stood up, trimmed his shirt, and gave her a cold glance, “You continue to wait for that waste person here.”


It wasn’t until the door was closed that Alyssa’s tense nerves relaxed slightly.



Some bodyguards saw the red mark on Karl’s face, and said, “Master, your face…”

Karl touched his face and said blankly, “I was hit by the door.”

What door can knock five fingerprints on the face?

But the bodyguard didn’t dare to ask more, and only handed in a document respectfully, “This is Mrs. Young’s personal information.”

Karl opened the file and saw the name on it: Alyssa.

That ugly woman looked pretty cold, and she actually took the name “Alyssa”?

This Alyssa’s biological mother is a little bit interesting, and she treats her stepson and stepdaughter like pearls, which is really cruel to her biological daughter.

Moving on to the next one, he frowned and asked the bodyguard, “Is she a fool?”

The bodyguard nodded.

Karl said blankly, “Check again.”

When Alyssa spoke, she was clearly organized.

Besides, he had never seen a fool who could stand up and give a fierce slap in that situation.

Thinking of this, his face sank, and he threw the information in his hand into the arms of the bodyguard, “If you can’t find the information that I’m satisfied with, don’t come to see me!”

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