CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1273 – 1274

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Chapter 1273

After Tina finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Alyssa did not get off the car again.

Soon, their car drove away.

Tina watched the car go away, turned and walked into the community.

She felt cold and walked into the unit building with her arms around her.

A male celebrity walked towards her.

“Miss Weber.”

Tina reluctantly pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled at him as a response.

The male star looked like he wanted to say something but stopped. When Tina was about to leave, he hesitated slightly: “Are you okay?”

“I am very well.”

Does she look bad?

She just felt a little cold.

The male star didn’t ask any more, and said with concern: “The temperature has dropped drastically today, Miss Weber must pay attention to her body.

“Thank you, so do you.” Tina didn’t know why this male star had to greet her, did she look miserable?


Back home, Tina did not turn on the light.

When she made her first money, she bought this house.

She is very familiar with the layout of the house, even if she does not turn on the lights, she will not bump into it.

She lay down on the sofa and took out her mobile phone to go online.

There is a topic in the trending search: the coldest day in winter.

She clicked in and took a look and found that some experts said that today may be the coldest day of this winter.

No wonder it’s so cold, it turned out to be the coldest day.


Tina couldn’t remember when she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she only felt a headache, light feet, cold and hot.

Experience told her that it was a sign of a cold and fever.

It’s just a minor illness, not a fear.

The phone was still in her hand, unlocked, and found that the screen stayed on the Twitter trending search page.

Tina pulls down to refresh and refreshes the new trending search topics.

But when looking at the top topic in the trending search, she was slightly surprised.

[Peter Cathy]

There was a word “explosive” behind the topic.

This means that there is a lot of heat and a lot of discussions.

Several related topics immediately follow.

[CEO AdamPic’s romance exposed]

[Peter’s girlfriend Cathy]




The entertainment industry is a place where you can eat with your face.

Peter’s looks are outstanding even among top-notch niches, not to mention the extravagance raised by rich people’s homes that ordinary stars do not have.

Netizens often ridicule, if Peter wants to make his debut, he will definitely be popular.

His popularity is obvious to all.

Tina clicked into [Peter]’s trending search topics and found that someone had taken pictures of Peter and Cathy having breakfast together.

The photo is very clear.

After the photo was posted, Peter did not come forward to refute the rumors, which represented a love stone hammer.

She quickly found Cathy’s Twitter.

Tina took a look at the time when the first tweet was sent. By now, in just over an hour, Cathy had already gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

The more Tina watched, the more dizzy she felt, and she put the phone aside.

This is also good.

It should be so.

Tina calmed down, feeling less dizzy, and wanted to get up to take a shower.

She fell asleep on the sofa when she came back last night. She didn’t remove her makeup and was drunk. She didn’t like it.

If she remembers correctly, there seems to be an advertisement to shoot today.

When she was lying down before, she only felt dizzy. As soon as she stood up, she felt the sky spin and fell back to the sofa.

Tina stretched out her hand and pressed her temple, then gritted her teeth and stood up again, shaking to walk towards the bathroom, the phone on the sofa rang.

She leaned over, and as soon as she touched the phone with her finger, she collapsed to the ground when her eyes went dark.

Chapter 1274

“Isn’t it just a fever? Why didn’t you wake up after the fever went down?”

“I should wake up soon.”

“How long is it soon?”

“Sir, don’t worry…”

“How long has it been, and haven’t woken up yet, aren’t you in a hurry to change?”


In a daze, Tina heard Peter’s voice.

But the eyelids were too heavy, she wanted to wake up, and fell asleep deeply.

When Tina was fully awake, the first thing she smelled was the aroma of porridge.

“you’re awake?”

Before she could see the surrounding environment, she heard a surprised female voice.

Turning her head, she met the girl’s youthful face.

The look in her eyes is also clear, which doesn’t make people feel offended.

Tina searched in her mind and made sure that she didn’t know this girl.

The girl seemed to see her doubts and introduced herself: “I am Stephanie Grant, your new agent.

Seeing that Tina had no reaction, Stephanie smiled and added, “Part-time assistant.”

Tina remembered that because she had to announce her relationship with Brian, Peter changed Annie and wanted to take over her affairs personally.

But now, after experiencing what happened yesterday, it is natural that Peter can’t care about her.

“You took me to the hospital?” Tina just woke up, still very weak.

“Yeah.” Stephanie nodded: “I called you, but you never answered, so I got worried. I came to your house to look for you, but you never opened the door. I was worried about you, so I went to Boss. Got your door lock…”

Speaking of the lock, Stephanie’s voice became quieter.

She slid the door lock when she first met with her artist, which would definitely leave a bad impression.

Stephanie is too young to see through any emotions.

Tina smiled and said, “Thank you, if it weren’t for you to come home, I might still be lying at home now.”

She also remembered that she had heard Peter’s voice when she was confused.

After hesitating for a moment, she still didn’t hold back, and asked aloud: “Did anyone come to see me when I was asleep?”

“No.” Stephanie said, turning around to get her porridge: “You have been asleep for so long. You should be hungry. I bought you porridge. Would you like to eat some?”

Tina was startled and did not speak.

Is she the one who heard it wrong?


She had gone from fever, and she was indeed a little hungry.

But when she really ate, she felt that she had no appetite, and she didn’t want to eat after a few bites.

Tina put down her spoon and looked at Stephanie, “I am full, let’s go.”

It’s a little bit faster, and her commercial is shot at three o’clock.

Stephanie said nervously, “The doctor said you need to rest more.”

“I have an advertisement to shoot in the afternoon.” Tina frowned slightly, this agent didn’t even match her schedule, it was too unprofessional.

Stephanie’s face was full of embarrassment, and she pressed her lips without speaking.

Tina saw this and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Stephanie whispered, “Someone went to shoot your commercial.”

Tina had a meal: “Who?”

The resources she got were robbed by others.

She has never encountered such a thing in the past few years in AdamPic.

Stephanie paid attention to her expression and said, “Cathy Lee.”

It’s Cathy…

The commercial that Tina wanted to shoot in the afternoon was an international brand.

No matter how round, Cathy couldn’t get to the 18th line that she hadn’t even filmed a star TV series.

It must be Peter’s handwriting.

The CEO of AdamPic Media wants to hold his girlfriend, what a normal thing.

Thinking of this, Tina felt a little funny, and she really laughed out loud.

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