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Chapter 1343

When Stephanie on the side saw this, she also cried out, “Mr. Grant.”

Peter raised his eyebrows, looked at Tina, and when he was about to say something, Tina said, “It’s about to start, I’m leaving now.”

“Bye.” Stephanie was dragged away by Tina, and she didn’t forget to wave back to Peter.

Peter looked in the direction they left, and Maria’s voice sounded from the side.


Peter turned around, somewhat surprised: “So early?”

“I’m going to fly back to Rostenvel today.” Maria said with a smile on her face, “I’m in a hurry. I’ll leave first and get together again.”

“Yeah.” Peter nodded: “Be careful on the road.”


Until Maria left, she did not glance at Cathy next to him.

Just now when Tina passed by, they only greeted Peter indifferently. The two people seemed to have made an appointment in advance, treating Cathy as a transparent person.

Let alone Tina, after all, she had already torn her face with Tina, and Tina had kept a distance from Peter now.

But what is Maria who suddenly appeared, not only showed that she was int!mate with Peter, but she also didn’t put her real girlfriend in the eyes.

Cathy clenched her hand, calmed down her anger, and said softly: “Peter, is your friend also working in film and television? Otherwise, it’s okay to rush to the film and television city to stay in the hotel, this is too idle, right?”

“I’m not free with you.” Peter glanced at her indifferently and entered the restaurant quickly.


Tina has no play in the afternoon, and night play in the evening.

She didn’t bother to go back to the hotel, and rested on the set at noon.

The environment on the set was not very good, and there was no exclusive lounge, so she went back to the nanny car to rest.

After a short break, she heard voices from outside.

“Sister Weber is resting.” She could hear the voice of a staff member, but she felt familiar.

This is Stephanie’s voice: “Well, she should be awake soon.”

Tina slept enough last night and didn’t need to make up for it. Now that she had enough lunch break, she opened the car door: “Is something wrong?”

She just woke up with a light sleepiness in her expression. The makeup of this show is relatively natural, just a shallow foundation. The calm skin has a good foundation, and her fair face has the light pink that just woke up. Showing somewhat charming laziness.

The staff is a young girl who is a fan of Tina. When Tina watched this way, she blushed a little embarrassedly: “It’s Mr. Grant’s girlfriend who asked everyone for coffee. They asked me to ask if you want.”

Tina curled her lips and smiled: “I don’t, thank you.”

There are many people in the crew who are her fans. They are filming together every day. When they see her, they are still shy, so…cute.

“Then I will go first, Sister Weber, continue to rest.”

The staff ran away, and the smile on Tina’s face gradually faded.

Because she saw Cathy walking towards her with a coffee not far away.

It’s really lingering.

“Stephanie, get in the car and close the door.”

After Tina finished speaking, she turned around and sat back in the car, ignoring Cathy directly.

Stephanie also saw Cathy who came over with coffee.

“Will this be bad?” Stephanie slowly closed the door, whispering to Tina.

Tina responded by closing the car door directly, shutting Stephanie outside.

Stephanie took out her cell phone and sent a WeChat message to Tina: “Ms. Tina, if you are photographed, you will be used to make up your mind again.”

Tina replied: “That’s your business.”

Chapter 1344

Stephanie choked and stopped sending messages to Tina.

Cathy has come to the front.

“Miss Weber is still resting?” Of course, Cathy also saw the scene of Tina getting in the car and closing the door just now. She was angry in her heart, but wanted to maintain the surface calm.

“Yes, Ms. Tina has night work, and she has already taken a break at this time. Night works are quite taxing.” Stephanie was full of professional smirks.

Tina sat in the car, flipping through the magazine while listening to Stephanie and Cathy talking.

“I invite everyone to have coffee, and I brought a cup for Miss Weber.” Cathy glanced embarrassedly at the coffee in her hand.

Stephanie continued to smile, “Thank you, Miss Lee, for your kindness. Give it to others.”

Whether this woman is going or not, her face is stiff with a smile.

Cathy would speak politely to Stephanie, also because she knew that Tina was not resting at all, but she didn’t expect that Stephanie, an agent, would be just as unfavorable as Tina.

“You are loyal to Tina.” Cathy lowered her face, unable to pretend.

Although Stephanie’s family background is not as good as that of Peter’s family, she also grew up in a wealthy family. She has a lot of arrogance in her bones. She is convinced of Tina, so she is not angry when Tina says anything about her.

For Cathy, she somewhat hated her. Tina didn’t like Cathy, and she would not like Cathy naturally, and her tone became impatient: “Is there anything else?”

Stephanie regretted not getting in the car anymore, whether Cathy was a woman or not.

Cathy squinted her eyes slightly, and didn’t know what she thought of, and said, “You dare to speak to me in this tone? Tina won’t educate her people. I will help her.”

As the voice fell, Cathy directly slapped Stephanie’s face with a slap.

When things happened suddenly, Stephanie didn’t have time to react at all, and was slapped abruptly.

Stephanie was beaten up.

Except when she was beaten when she was a child when she was fighting with the stinky boy in the compound, even her parents had not done anything to her. This was the first time she was beaten.

“Not convinced?” Seeing Stephanie staring straight at her, Cathy sneered, “Hold it, I’m the future boss of AdamPic.”

Although Tina was in the car, she was also paying attention to the situation outside.

She opened the car door with a cold face, and pulled Stephanie, who was still in a daze, behind her. Seeing that Tina had finally got out of the car, Cathy showed a triumphant expression on her face: “I thought you were not going to take care of your hands. This dog is now.”

When talking about “dogs”, she deliberately glanced at Stephanie, who was blocked by Tina.


Tina slammed her face, slapped her hand back.

The smug look on Cathy’s face was frozen by the slap: “You dare to hit me?”

“What are you calling her? What do you think you are?”

Tina’s eyes were frozen like icy. There was no extra action, but Cathy felt a sense of horror. She unconsciously stepped back, but the terrain was not flat, and she was frightened and staggered when she stepped back. Fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Tina didn’t care about her at all, looking back at Stephanie with concern.

Stephanie originally thought it was nothing, but when Tina asked like this, she felt aggrieved in her heart. She sucked her nose with her slumped mouth, tears in her eyes circled, and said with a cry, “I’m fine…”

She had never met a woman like Cathy before, and she had to come up to make trouble, and beat others inexplicably.

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