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Chapter 427

“People didn’t talk nonsense!!” The little guy stopped doing it, pouting aggrievedly, “Hazel, you hold Landon and call Daddy’s name every night when you sleep, and you said you don’t want people, it’s a lie at all!!”


Hazel’s face was flushed with a layer of paint because of her son’s words.

At that moment, she was so embarrassed that she could hardly dig a hole to hide.

“Hahaha…” Blair Elijah couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Son, I didn’t let daddy hurt you for nothing!!”

Hazel flushed, scolding the little guy in Blair Elijah’s arms, “Little white-eyed wolf!!”

“I don’t even know… Hazel told Landon, and you can’t lie to children…”


“Then baby, can you help Daddy to tell something to your mommy?”

Blair Elijah’s dark eye pool, tender as water, stared at him with a smile.

Affection, in the sight of the two confronting each other, running…

Hazel couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Daddy, what do you want Landon to convey to Mommy?”

“Just help me tell your mommy that your daddy had a bad time outside these days, thinking about her every day, thinking about her, unable to eat, sleeping well, and…”


Hazel interrupted Blair Elijah’s nasty words angrily and funnily, “You tell him again, you must take him bad!!”

“Then what’s in my heart, have you heard it?” Blair Elijah looked at her sincerely, with a gentle smile on his lips.

“I heard it!!”

Moreover, the emotion in her heart is beyond words.

“It’s rare that our family will go out for an outing this weekend, OK?”

“Wow!! An outing, great!! I like it, I like it!” The little guy rejoiced in Blair Elijah’s arms.

Hazel at the relaxed smile on the corners of his lips, she was even more worried, “You… don’t you need to be busy with company affairs?”

“It’s okay to come back from a business trip and take a day off!”

“That’s good…”

Hazel lowered her eyebrows, and asked for a while, “has the company’s affairs been resolved?”

Blair Elijah stared at her amusedly, “What are you doing? Afraid that my family will go bankrupt and I won’t be able to support you, mother and son?”


Hazel looked at him worriedly, her little hand grabbed his sleeve, “I’m serious, how have the company’s affairs been resolved?”

Stared at by her caring eyes, Blair Elijah was stunned for a second, and then laughed and rubbed her head with his big hand, “Don’t worry, it’s okay! When will it be rare for your husband to pass! Get in the car! Let’s get ready for a trip!!!”

“Long live Daddy…”

With a shout, the little guy got into the car.

Seeing Blair Elijah’s relaxed smile, Hazel’s heart relaxed a bit without any reason.

Yes!!! Is there anything difficult to get Blair Elijah? So, no matter how big the difficulty is, he can easily solve it, right?!

The three people swept the entire supermarket almost like crazy.

In less than half an hour, he bought everything needed for the outing, and Blair Elijah drove the car and led his precious son and wife to Qinling Mountain in western Fujian.

They sat down on a flat ground covered with grass, took out the tablecloths, and laid them out, and then all the food they had eaten came out.


The little guy was so greedy that he almost drooled.

The gentle wind, accompanied by the warm sunshine, gently enveloped the three of them, as if covering them with a warm tulle…

At this moment, it was almost beautiful.

Blair Elijah put his head on his arm and lay leisurely on the grass, smiling at the verdant green leaves above his head.

Hazel tilted her small head against his strong chest, while the little guy was resting on Blair Elijah’s strong thigh.

In this way, a warm family, he has made the foundation…

Blair Elijah gently closed his eyes…

He doesn’t know, what else can be happier than this moment!!!

When he was a child, he had hoped that he could sleep on his father’s lap like the current Landon, and his mother could lie in his father’s arms so warmly, and the three of them could also be like this. Warm and harmonious.

But in the end, extravagant thinking is always just extravagant thinking…

He has lived for thirty years. Such extravagant hopes did not happen after all, but what makes him thankful is that such a beautiful scene happened to his precious son!

And he just hugged his tender body so warmly and hugged his son…

This is enough!!!

If happiness stops at this second, everything seems to be enough!!!


Since then, Blair Elijah has become increasingly busy.

This time, Hazel hasn’t seen anyone for a full month.

He went to the United States on a business trip. She didn’t know what he did. She only knew that he was busy every day!

Sometimes when she receives an ocean call from him, she can hear his fatigue in the call.

She hasn’t seen him for a month. Hazel misses him…

Especially when her son is nagging about his daddy in her ear, she will feel even more uncomfortable.

Blair Elijah always told her on the phone, “Hazel, I miss you so much…”

“I want to go back and see you and Landon, but I don’t have time…”

“Wait for me, when I have handled everything, I will go back!”

Once, at two or three in the middle of the night, Hazel received a call from Blair Elijah.

He seemed to be a little incoherent on the phone because of the alcohol.

Hazel knew that he was not going to a place like a bar to get drunk but to accompany customers or investors to drink to make himself like this.


He kept calling her name on the phone.

“Do you know how much I want to be with you…?”

“I love you… I have been working hard, trying to bring us closer…”

“Elijah, have you drunk?” Hearing his drunk words, Hazel’s heart, a shivering pain.

“Hazel, I’m so tired now…”


He never said a tired word in front of her!!!

Even if he is so tired that he loses a few laps, he will not call out a word of tiredness, except…

He is drinking!!!

Moreover, he is drunk!!!

Also, he is really tired…

On this end, Hazel while holding the phone, but after hearing the word ‘tired’, she couldn’t help but… tears, wet her cheeks.


That day, after Hazel answered the call, Blair Elijah had disappeared from her life and never received any more from him, and Hazel dialed the phone, which was also in a downstate.

What’s the matter? No one knows.

Even Hazel on this end, anxious to sleep at night, still can’t.

On this day, at noon.

Hazel still buried her head in the pile of documents.

“Sister Hazel…”

It’s a little Kaylee, “It’s time for dinner! Don’t put yourself in this pile of materials anymore, look, people have lost a few laps…”

“It’s okay! Finish this matter first.”

“Let’s go to eat!! Don’t eat, it doesn’t look good if you are hungry and thin! Besides, President Blair will not feel good when he comes back to see you like this…”

Kaylee’s words made Hazel stunned for a second, and then Hazel nodded, “Okay! I’ll go later, and finish sorting out this information first.”

“Okay, then hurry up! I’ll wait for you in the cafeteria.”

Kaylee went first, Hazel busy for a while finally walked to the cafeteria.

Just as Kaylee said, he must be uncomfortable when he comes back to see her skinny self!

Hazel while thinking, walked towards the elevator door.

However, she felt a gust of wind passing by, and her waist suddenly tightened. The whole person was swept by a powerful arm, and she was swept into an unmanned conference hall without warning.

It was too late to Hazel back, the hot and humid kiss, like raindrops, eroded towards her densely.

Hazel was disturbed by this sudden kiss, and the sweet mouth had no time to speak, and it was already occupied by the man in front of her.

He kissed her heartily, impatient and greedy.

In the madness, there is endless nostalgia…

The big hand, holding her small face, the arrogant appearance, is to swallow the woman in front of him for life.

It is how much he misses that he wants to swallow her, want to incorporate her into his body, and never separate.

Hazel can know who this crazy man is in front of her.

She could recognize him for the taste that was too familiar, the breath that was too familiar, and the kissing technique that was too familiar.

Blair Elijah…

The Blair Elijah who had suddenly disappeared from her life for many days!!!


She was a little gasped by his violent kiss, stretched out her hand, trying to push him away, wanting to ask where he has been all these days, but the man in front of her gave her no chance to escape.

Pushing her soft body to the wall, but he, pressing her against the wall like that, without a trace of gasping, kissed her enough.

It looks like that, all the lost love these days will be made up!!!

Feeling that he missed her deeply, Hazel stretched out her hand, actively hooked his neck, in response to his deep kiss…

The two people kissed for a long time until Hazel felt a sudden coldness between the fingers, and Blair Elijah’s lips slowly moved away until he reluctantly left.

The heart of Hazel was delayed for a second…

Even breathing, as if at that moment, stopped!!!

Between her fingers, the familiar coldness made her figure shake… Raise her hand stiffly…

There was a shimmering light on the ring finger!!!

That is, diamonds!!!

Between the fingers, what was engraved was not something else, but a…wedding ring!!!

A very delicate diamond wedding ring!!!

“Hazel, marry me…”

Blair Elijah’s low hoarse voice overflowed between his sexy thin lips.

He stared at her eyes, as black as ink and as deep as a hurricane as if to absorb her deeply.

“Marry me! Be my wife…”

His hand, holding her hand tightly, clasped her fingers!!!

At that moment, Blair Elijah could feel that Hazel’s hand was shaking constantly.

“Allison Hazel, I want you to be my Blair Elijah’s wife!!!”

He announced domineeringly, but without waiting for her to answer, kissed wildly, and attacked her again!!!

The big hand, like magic, passed through the hem of the shirt and eagerly got into her clothes, rubbing her soft skin together, feeling the deadly softness!!!

Chapter 428

“Elijah, don’t be like this…”

Hazel wanted to grab his big hand.

However, the man on her body is as if possessed by a demon, his lips and teeth madly moved down from her lips, passing by her sexy collarbone, to the white breast…

“Hazel, do you know how much I miss you…”

“Elijah, don’t do this, this is the company!!!”

“Don’t think I am?” Blair Elijah ignored her at all, drifting his lips and tongue skillfully on her tender skin, and asked her dumbly.


Hazel refused to answer, Blair Elijah gently bit her sensitive earlobe.

Hazel shivered all over, then she replied, “I want to…”

“However, we really can’t be here!! Stop, cherish the court…”

Blair Elijah’s big hand has almost struck her lower body, and Hazel shot his hand in a bad mood, “Elijah, stop making trouble!!”

“But I think…”

Blair Elijah’s eyes were dyed with an unfavorable desire, “I want you!!”

“No way!! First, bear it! If you think about it, you have to wait for home!!” Hazel coaxed him like a child.

Blair Elijah finally let her go, “There is no time…”

“En?” Hazel looked at him with a puzzling smile.

Blair Elijah looked at the watch on his wrist and smiled lonely, “I have to rush to the airport!”

“Ah? Are you so tight?” Hazel’s eyes showed a little bit of reluctance.

“En!” Blair Elijah held her small face in his hands, and in the next instant, a lingering kiss struck her red lips again. It looked like how long and how many kisses were not enough.

However, this kiss did not go too deep, nor did it last long.

He smiled, his eyes were full of doting, “I’m worried that after a long kiss, I will have to move my feet!!”

“Are you going to leave?” Hazel was anxious.

“En! I’ve been really busy these days, but I really miss you so much, so I can only fly back to see you during my sleep time…By the way, give that to you!!!”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel’s eyes red instantly.

“You stupid!! Why are you flying back so busy!! Also, your mobile phone has been unable to get through… I am so worried!!” Hazel finally cried.

“Sorry!! Something went wrong with my phone number, so I can’t get in touch anymore!!!”

“Then you don’t contact me either!!” Hazel hammered his chest, a bit resentful.

Blair Elijah smiled, holding her crying face, kissed and kissed, “Because, I want to surprise you…”

Indeed, this is a surprise!!!

Suddenly appeared in front of her, suddenly gave her a diamond ring, suddenly proposed to her…

Although, a lot of things are missing.

No witnesses, no flowers, no kneeling…

“Okay, obey, don’t cry! I should go now…”

“Are you going to leave?” Hazel pulled him, “Shall I take you to the airport?”

“No need! Go eat! I haven’t seen you in a few days, you are so thin! Wait until I come back to see how I can teach you!”


“Don’t but!! Obedient!!”

Blair Elijah took her down the elevator together.

Watching Blair Elijah’s back leave…

Hazel’s hand, always holding the ring…

Diamonds, embedded in the palm, are a little bit painful.

That’s it, glanced, Hazel thought…

Her heart, just like, is about to shatter!!!

Blair Elijah, you…how can you be so stupid?!


From the moment the steam hotel project was announced to be suspended, it has been forty days.

This day…

The whole Pekan city was full of trouble.

Silverbell, something went wrong!!!

Financial news rushed to report that Silverbell’s entire company collapsed due to a project error.

Early morning…

Hazel was only wearing a shirt and was about to go out, but was stopped by her mother.

“Hazel, it’s getting colder, put on your jacket before leaving.”


Hazel reached out and took the coat from her mother.

Open the entrance door.

She stood in the corridor, welcoming the cool breeze coming in from the window.

Sure enough, God, it’s already quietly turning cold…

The rustling wind blew on her face, making it hurt.

Hand, put it in her pocket, palm, always holding a cold thing!


October 9th…

Everything, in this day, is over!!!

From the very first glance to the end, this unforgettable pain… will eventually come to an end…

Hazel realized that her heart seemed to be completely relieved at this moment…

Take a deep breath before walking downstairs.

Outside the house, misty…

The whole world was shrouded in gray as if there was no light.

She walked out of the community in the cold breeze.

At a glance, she saw the familiar figure…

Behind him, there is no car!

Standing alone, wearing only a thin shirt, let the cool breeze pour into his body.

He still has that short spiritual hair, but the whole person is a little thinner than before, but it still doesn’t affect his handsomeness.

At this moment, he is still the noble and elegant Blair Elijah, even without the background of the famous cars behind him.

There was a faint smile between his sexy thin lips.

The dark eyes looked straight at Hazel that came towards him, but there seemed to be some anxiety and panic hidden in those deep eyes.

When she saw him…

She has to admit that the relieved heart still stagnated for a second.

Pain, somewhat sharp.

After a pause at the door, she walked towards the lonely figure in the cool breeze blankly.

“When did you come back?”

Hazel asked him, her tone surprisingly calm.

“Just got off the plane.” Blair Elijah still smiled, “Go to work?”

“En…” Hazel nodded.

“I’ll take you there! Take the MRT with you.”

“No need…”

Hazel took a deep breath.

“It’s okay!! I’ve never taken the MRT, I want to experience that feeling!” Blair Elijah followed Hazel.

“Squeezing the MRT in the morning will be very painful! You can’t adapt to it!!”

“It’s okay! I also want to experience it with you.”

“You won’t like it…” Hazel continued walking indifferently.

“It’s okay, as long as…”

“Blair Elijah!!” Finally, Hazel stopped him, turned around, and stared at him indifferently, “Enough…Don’t follow me anymore, we are here, it’s over…”

She, her little hand in the pocket of her clothes, held tightly, still trembling.

In the palm of her hand, there was a hard object against her, almost embedded in the flesh, a little painful.

Blair Elijah pressed his thin lips tightly and looked at her without speaking.

Hazel’s hand clenched into a fist was about to be pulled out of her pocket, but she was squeezed by his big hand.

In his pitch-black eyes, he was stained with scarlet blood, and his scorching eyes stared at her urgently.

The big cold hand, pressing her hand tightly, was still shaking.

“Hazel, give me another chance…”

His voice was hoarse as never before, and there was a humble plea in his tone.

Hazel’s hand, shaking, trying to pull it out of her pocket…

Struggling, but being held on tightly by him!!!

She smiled faintly, a bit cold…

Her heart is sore.

“Since when did you know?”

Blair Elijah was stunned for a second, and his expression was a little lonely, but he pressed her hand, but he did not relax.

“Very early…”

Yes!!! He knew very early that this was a trap! A mystery array!!!

But when is it early?

Since she promised her love? Or from the first appearance of Jameson?

Knowing that ‘Continental’ is just a body, he still jumped into it without hesitation, knowing that the 500 million funds are gone forever, and knowing that she kindly helped him apply for a loan, but it was just set…

However, he just jumped inside so stupidly!!!

It is easy for him to investigate a company. He knew that Continental had too many problems before he released the 500 million funds!

And for applying for a loan…

How easy it was for him, but looking at her eagerly wanting to help him, he finally couldn’t bear it, and finally chose to agree to her!

As long as she is happy!

The fish was hooked, just to use his life to win the fisherman’s smile…

Blair Elijah’s answer made Hazel’s dark eyes a little panic.

She walked towards the bus stop.

Blair Elijah’s hand still clasped her hand…

At the station, Hazel stopped.

“Blair Elijah, let go!!”

She frowned and tried hard to withdraw her hand from her pocket.

“I’ll send you…” His voice was still a little flustered.

“Enough, Blair Elijah!!” Hazel closed her eyes, suppressed all the panic and pain in her eyes, and then opened her eyes, leaving only indifference and coldness, “We have no future…”

In a word, Hazel felt the big hand holding her hand and suddenly froze.

Twelve Road arrived at the station and stopped in front of Hazel.

Taking advantage of the moment he froze, Hazel hard and pulled her hand out of her pocket.

Hand spread it out, attach his big hand, and return the cold thing in the palm of her hand to him…

However, Blair Elijah stubbornly clenched his fist and refused to take what was in her hand.

Dark eyes, looking straight at her…

The bottom of his eyes is full of sadness and loneliness!!!

The mist… seems to be gradual, the misty eyes…

“Don’t follow me anymore!!”

Hazel biting her lip, staring at him indifferently, spreading her hand, and ruthlessly returned the cold wedding ring in his hand.

Of course, he was so stubborn that he wouldn’t accept it…

Palm side…

The ring fell to the ground with a “ding-” sound, making a muffled sound.

Two people were startled at the same time…

Then, watching the ring under their eyes…slid into the dark sewer…

The two people froze for a second.

Blair Elijah held Hazel’s hand…slowly loosened…

The bottom of his eyes is full of loneliness, and it seems to be a little desperate…

Hazel back to her senses, her eyes were a little sour inexplicably, but she still smiled indifferently, “Blair Elijah, this is our end!”

She turned around and stopped looking at the man beside her.

Take a step and get on the bus.


In a low voice, uttered two words…

See you again!!!

Blair Elijah…

Between us, let’s stop here!!!

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