CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1353 – 1354

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Chapter 1353

Karl nodded slightly towards the director: “You don’t care about me, I just came here with my wife.”

Just put the two words “show affection” on his forehead.

Alyssa squeezed his arm secretly, and his unshakable backhand caught Alyssa’s hand.

The staff is almost there, Tina said, “I’ll go make-up first.”

After putting on makeup and changing clothes, Tina started filming. After some time, it entered the state and the filming went smoothly.

At twelve o’clock, the crew closed their work and set off for lunch.

Stephanie trots and brought water to Tina.

When Tina raised her head and drank water, she noticed that Stephanie’s face was not very good, and her small face was a bit abnormal.

“What’s wrong?” Tina drank the water and asked with her head down.

Stephanie shook her head: “It’s okay.”

Such an obvious reaction, Tina is not stupid, naturally, it is impossible to believe what she said is okay.

After Tina reviewed the water plug in her full hand, she reached out and took out the phone Stephanie had stuffed in her pocket, and directly opened Twitter to read the trending search.

Stephanie’s expression must have happened.

“Ms. Tina…” Stephanie wanted to stop, but she was not as tall as the cool one.

Tina held her mobile phone and turned around flexibly, and she had already opened Twitter and saw the seventh trending search:

——【Tina in the Studio Beating People】

As soon as Tina saw this title, she understood what was going on.

She shook her head, with a look of regret: “Tsk, isn’t this topic violent? How come it is ranked seventh, it should be ranked first, and there should be a word ‘explosive’ behind it.”

Stephanie had no choice but to truthfully say: “I notified the public relations department to withdraw the trending search, but if we withdraw directly, I am afraid it will cause a greater rebound, so I chose to reduce the heat.”

“Our company’s public relations department is too conservative.” Tina refreshed the trending search list again and found that this topic had fallen from seventh to tenth.

She swiped it several times, dropping once every time she swiped, and the ranking was getting lower and lower.

Tina found a place and sat down: “Bring me the meal.”

Stephanie originally didn’t intend to tell Tina, it was because Tina’s condition was too abnormal yesterday. She was afraid that Tina would be stimulated, but now looking at her reaction, she feels relieved.

Tina clicked into the trending search topic and took a look. There was a video in it, it was the part where she beat Cathy and then Cathy fell to the ground.

This sneak shot technique is very low-level and routine.

However, the routine has been popular since ancient times.

Without the part where Cathy hit Stephanie earlier, this video could kill Tina.

The first tweet in the topic, whether it is reposting likes or comments, has exceeded 100,000, and this Tweet was only sent an hour ago.

The lowly people say everything.

“This video is too hammering, right?”

“My God, I usually think that Tina is a very sturdy person, but this is too cruel, she beats people to the ground.”

“Fans have been blowing her name, and now it’s just fine, now it’s really going to be cold.”

Of course, in addition to these cool talkers, there are also fans who choose to believe in Tina.

“I believe Sister Weber!”

“This video has no cause and effect, who knows what happened.”

“If you don’t understand the cause and effect, you will be full of dung, and others will believe what they say. Don’t you have a brain? Are they all waste that can’t think independently?”

Chapter 1354

“What are you looking at?”

When Alyssa came back from the bathroom, she saw Tina staring at her cellphone blankly.

She sat down next to Tina, and Tina handed the phone over to let her see it by herself.

Karl came with Alyssa, and when he saw it, he also leaned over. Seeing from above, Karl frowned slightly.

“How could this happen?” Alyssa scrolled down and became very angry.

Tina took the phone back and refreshed the list again, and found that the topic of her beating had almost dropped off the list.

At this time, Stephanie also took the meal back. Seeing that they were discussing the trending search, she said, “I have never seen such a disgusting person.”

“Blame me too. Ms. Tina had let me get in the car yesterday and told me to leave Cathy alone. If I hadn’t been beaten by Cathy, Ms. Tina wouldn’t do anything to her, let alone be photographed…”

Stephanie was a little frustrated. Not only did she fail to protect Tina, but she also troubled her.

“Even if Cathy didn’t succeed yesterday, she will do this today, tomorrow, or someday in the future.” Tina sneered, “I’ll call it back again.”

The rest of the crew should have seen the trending search and look here from time to time.

The director who doesn’t usually surf the Internet, probably heard from others, and walked over to Tina, “Are you all here, haven’t you eaten yet?”

Stephanie replied, “Just about to eat.”

The director rubbed his hands and said tentatively: “I heard someone say something went wrong online?”

Stephanie smiled and said: “Something has happened, but please don’t worry director. Our AdamPic management team is very professional and will handle this matter.”

“Naturally, I believe you are right.” The director said that he chatted with them for a few more words, then turned and left.

As soon as the director left, Stephanie whispered: “Ms. Tina, don’t worry about this. I have already talked with the public relations department. Before there is any strong evidence, I insist that this video has no cause and effect. Definition, to guide public opinion and control the speed of fermentation.”

“Is there no surveillance where we parked yesterday?” If there is surveillance, Stephanie must have found the complete video to fight back. Tina just wanted to check again.

Stephanie gave a negative answer: “No.”

“Are there any witnesses?” Alyssa asked.

“Even if there are, they are also from our crew. Even if our own fans buy it, the opponent will continue to attack Ms. Tina on the grounds of ‘crew cover’. If we can’t fight back strongly, then this video will become a black spot on Ms. Tina’s body that cannot be washed off.”

After Stephanie finished speaking, she noticed that Tina had been looking at her thoughtfully, and asked, “Did Ms. Tina think of any solution?”

Tina shook her head and looked at Stephanie with relief: “I thought you could only eat, but I didn’t expect you to be quite clever.”

“Ms. Tina!” Stephanie couldn’t laugh or cry: “When is this, you still have the heart to say this.”

“Then eat first.”

Tina took apart two boxes of lunch and put them in front of Alyssa and Karl, “I have to work hard for Mr. Adams and Mrs. Adams. I will invite you to have a big meal in the evening.”

Karl’s face was visible to the naked eye, but Alyssa had already picked up the chopsticks and started eating. In addition, Tina’s “Mrs. Adams” sounded quite pleasant, so she was willing to give it a go.

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