CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1355 – 1356

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Chapter 1355

It’s not the first time that Tina has been hacked. Although this video looks very serious, but before the last moment, who knows if she can definitely fight back.

Tina’s mentality was relaxed, eating the box lunch and the Alyssa couple were talking and laughing, like a okay person, the drama-level staff passing by couldn’t help but look more here.

Looking at Tina and the mood joking, a little curious whether the Tina team had a countermeasure.

However, Stephanie was so anxious that she didn’t concentrate on eating. She swiped her phone while eating, keeping an eye on the trends on Twitter.

Tina and Alyssa were chatting, and Alyssa winked at her suddenly and motioned her to look at Stephanie next to her.

When Tina turned her head, she saw Stephanie biting her chopsticks in her hand, her eyes falling straight on the phone, and her other hand sliding on the phone continuously, her brows frowned into a knot.

“Eat.” Tina’s long arms stretched out and took Stephanie’s mobile phone.

“Eh, cell phone…” Stephanie looked up and found that the one holding the phone was Tina.

Tina put her mobile phone next to her where Stephanie couldn’t get it: “I’ll give it to you after eating.”

“The phone is my life, give me my life…” Stephanie looked like she was about to cry.

Tina knocked her head unceremoniously before Stephanie lowered her head to eat honestly.


Tina finished eating and was about to rest for a while to start work.

Stephanie ran over and looked at Tina hesitantly: “I have something to tell you.”

Tina raised her eyelids and motioned to her.

“The director said that you may not be in a good state today. In order to show the best results, he asked you to take a break this afternoon. He moved your scene to the back.”

Tina had a meal: “That’s it.”

“Ms. Weber!”

At this time, the director also came.

This time the incident happened suddenly, and if it is not resolved, the investor is likely to ask for a change of heroine. For a project such as “Lost City”, I dare not use actors with black spots.

After all, the director had cooperated with Tina before. He arbitrarily transferred Tina’s scenes to the back, and he was still a little bit sad, so he personally came over to talk to her about it.

“Ms. Weber, I have heard about the Internet. We have cooperated so many times and we have known each other for several years. I must believe you, but your company said that it made you temporarily suspend work…”

Listening to the director’s words, Tina frowned slightly and interrupted him: “My company said?”

“Yes, during the meal before, AdamPic called and talked about this.” The director saw that Tina’s expression was wrong and asked, “Did your company tell you?”

Tina went to visit Stephanie, Stephanie shook her head, saying that she didn’t know.

Stephanie was also called by the deputy director to talk about the suspension of work just now. At the bottom of her heart, she was still dissatisfied with the director, but now it seems that she blamed the director.

The director is also a veteran. Looking at this situation, we know that the company did not notify Tina, but directly contacted him to temporarily suspend work.

In this way, things become a little more subtle.

Tina is AdamPic’s head artist, and they are supposed to protect her like a national treasure. When something happened this time, they didn’t think about solving the matter first, but instead let Tina stop work.

After a moment of deep contemplation, he asked the director in a serious tone, “Mr. Martin, who called you to talk about this?”

The director’s name is Martin Dixon.

Martin Dixon admired Tina and didn’t hide it. He told the truth: “He said he was CEO Grant’s assistant…”

Chapter 1356

Martin came into contact with too many people in one day. If he was not someone with a particularly memorable point, he might not remember his name.

He frowned and thought again: “I saw him at a meeting in AdamPic before, but his name was a bit hard to remember, and it was a bit hard to remember.”

After listening to Martin’s words, Tina and Stephanie looked at each other and saw surprise in each other’s eyes.

Stephanie reminded Martin: “Is it called Rubin?”

Peter actually had many secretaries and assistants, but the right-hand man he trusted the most was Rubin.

Martin clapped his hands: “Yes, that’s him, that’s the name, and that’s Rubin. He called me and told me to ask Ms. Weber to suspend work, saying that it was an order from CEO Grant.”

Tina’s hands hanging on her side slowly tightened.

She thought it was an order from the top of the company, but she didn’t expect it to be a direct order from Peter.

Martin patted Tina’s shoulder: “It’s okay, things are being dealt with, hurry back to film, I believe in your ability!”

In fact, Martin had a clear heart. Peter personally ordered Tina to temporarily stop the work, which can be regarded as showing his attitude, which means that Peter may not be so scrupulous about Tina in this matter.

There is always a lot of right and wrong in the entertainment industry, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

No matter why Tina beat Cathy, this matter has started now, and it does not end well.

In fact, it’s not difficult to understand, that Cathy is Peter’s girlfriend after all, and he heard that she went to the hospital…

Martin still felt a little regretful: “I am also confused about this matter, but your temper is not the violent of the actors I have ever seen!”

It is precisely because Tina has her own temper that she will not be swayed by the big dye tank of the entertainment circle and focus on acting, so her acting skills are getting better and better, and her personality is becoming more and more attractive.

Tina said solemnly: “Thank you, Mr. Martin, for the compliment.”

“You girl!” Martin glared at her angrily: “Okay, you take care, I have to go to rest for a while, I may have to stay up late at night, if there is anything I can do, I can help you. Come to me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Martin.” Tina thanked him sincerely.

Martin waved away.

“Cousin, how could he be like this…” Stephanie’s tone also had a hint of anger: “He has really fainted. He didn’t figure out what was going on, so he stopped work. “

Seeing Tina’s indifferent appearance, Stephanie hated iron and steel and said, “Ms. Tina, are you not angry?”

“If anger is useful, will I still be suspended?” Tina leaned back on the recliner, her eyes unfocused and looked not far away, her bright eyes were covered with mist, which made people look at them. The true emotions in her eyes.

“Ms. Tina, how do you want to deal with this matter?” Although Stephanie is a novice agent with inexperience, she also knows that her own artist is the first reason for everything.

No matter how you deal with it in the end, you must maximize Tina’s benefits, and Tina’s own ideas are also very important.

Tina was satisfied that Stephanie was able to carry it so clearly, so that she didn’t hurt her in vain.

Tina adjusted her clothes and stood up slowly: “Then go to Mr. Grant for a while, after all, he is also the person’s boyfriend, isn’t he?”

“Wait for me here, I’ll talk to Alyssa.”

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