CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1359 – 1360

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Chapter 1359

Hearing Tina mentioning the suspension of work, Peter’s eyes flickered, and his voice suddenly rose a little: “It is the company’s decision to make you temporarily stop work.”

“Even if it’s the company’s decision, shouldn’t I be notified?” The company was very unkind about stopping her from work. It made a decision without authorization to bypass her and notify the crew. This did not stop her at all. Keep it in the eye.

In the past few years in AdamPic, Tina walked steadily and hard, and now she has a certain right to speak.

Even other companies will give her three points of the face. She should know that her contract is about to expire. She is now in the best period as an actor, and more people want to sign her.

Tina is an entertainer with great commercial value. The video problem is not completely irreversible. A normal company must first keep her, instead of just letting her shut down without notifying her at this time.

AdamPic has raised so many employees, and they are all brainy people, so they naturally know how to deal with Tina.

A normal person would not mention this kind of opinion that first let Tina stop work.

Moreover, the executor is Rubin, who directly called Martin, and there is no so-called company decision.


“It’s the company’s decision or yours. It’s a man who has to be frank and straightforward. Don’t shrink like a woman and dare not admit what you have done!”

The two spoke almost at the same time, but Tina still took the lead, interrupting what Peter was about to say, questioning loudly.

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while.

The bodyguard on the side followed Peter for many years and knew that Tina was close to him. Hearing Tina’s questioning, he did not dare to speak out. They all stood upright, looking straight ahead, pretending to hear nothing.

Stephanie didn’t have a long time with Tina. Some time ago, Peter basically suppressed Tina and gave Tina’s resources to Cathy. Tina said nothing. This is the first time Stephanie saw Tina like this. Talk to Peter.

According to reason, she does not carry any personal feelings. If she hadn’t seen the conversations between Tina and Peter in the box before, she would really believe that the two were just in a simple relationship of the boss and the artist. With no other feelings.

The atmosphere was suppressed to the extreme.

Stephanie didn’t dare to speak out, and silently retreated to the side to make room for Tina.

In this matter, it is true that Peter was not kind, and she was also on the side of Tina.

When Tina finished speaking, she stared at Peter, Her face was cold.

Peter lowered his eyes, his complexion was no better than Tina’s, his voice was cold and indifferent: “Tina, I just gave you a lot of tolerance because of growing up together, you don’t want to give away an inch!”

“Do I have to make an inch of it, or do you not distinguish between public and private?” Tina raised her chin slightly, a flash of sarcasm in her eyes.

Peter was a little irritable: “Okay, the company will take care of this. You have been too tired these years, and now you can take a break after work has stopped.”

Tina sneered, her tone of disdain: “Mr. Grant is really good at planning for his artists. Since you have said so, then I have to be respectful instead of fate.”

Peter raised his eyes slightly, seemingly a little unexpectedly calm and so easy to talk.

Suddenly, Tina said, “Peter, the official business is over, we can now talk about private affairs.”

Chapter 1360

Speaking of personal affairs, Tina called Peter by name.

“Oh? There is still a private matter between us?” A very faint smile flashed through Peter’s eyes, which was so subtle that it was difficult to detect.

“There is no personal matter between us, it is your girlfriend who is guilty of being cheap!” Tina had no scruples at all. Peter is still her boss, and directly cursed Cathy for being wicked in front of him.

Peter narrowed his eyes and sneered with anger: “Tina, speak well.”

Tina smiled: “Speak well? Okay.”

When Stephanie saw Tina’s expression, she knew that Tina was going to do something.

She wanted to stop Tina, but after thinking about it, she felt that she could not stop what Tina had to do, so she simply gave up.

“Let your Cathy not beat people around like a shrew. No one is her parents and must tolerate her. Next time, it will not be as simple as a slap back. I also see that we grew up together. For the sake of that, I was so polite to her.”

Tina’s tone was not rushing, and it was arrogant that he couldn’t tell. What she said was not to put Cathy in her eyes, and it meant that she didn’t even put Peter in her eyes.


A weak female voice sounded behind Peter.

Tina raised her eyes and saw Cathy.

Cathy was wearing a hospital gown, standing behind Peter with a pale face, thin and fragile, as if the wind could fall down.

“Why did you come out?” Peter hurriedly reached out to support her, watched her expression nervously, frowned and said, “Just go back to bed and lie down.”

The voice was soft and coaxing.

Stephanie couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Tina, but only saw Tina staring at Cathy expressionlessly. This int!mate scene didn’t seem to affect her at all.

She secretly admires Tina in her heart, and she really can afford it.

“It’s okay…” Cathy burst into a pitiful smile, and her tone was particularly gentle.

Since Cathy came out, all Peter’s attention has been on her, not looking at Tina at all.

Cathy raised her head to look at Tina, her eyes were full of pride, and she exaggerated and said: “Miss Weber, I also looked at the relationship between you and our family, Peter, who grew up together, so I didn’t plan to care about what happened yesterday. You have been so aggressive, and I can’t bear it anymore.”


Stephanie was inexplicably slapped yesterday. Cathy was already the number one enemy in her heart. Hearing Cathy’s words like this, she was so angry that she wanted to go forward and argue.

Tina’s slender arms blocked her in front of her, motioning her to stay calm.

Although Stephanie was angry, she listened to Tina’s words very much.

Cathy was very satisfied with Tina’s reaction. It was just that she should be so jealous of her, she was the future young lady of the Grant family!

When she turned her head to visit Peter, Cathy changed her expression again, with tears in her eyes, and a look of weeping: “Peter, I have never wanted to hurt the relationship between you and Miss Weber, but she is too much. Yes, I just went to the crew yesterday to deliver a coffee. She didn’t want to get off from the car. I was going to leave. She even got out of the car and slapped me…”

The tears in Cathy’s eyes fell, and she felt sad as if she was about to lose her breath at any time: “I really… didn’t plan to care… Although our children are almost gone… but I don’t blame her… …But she really can’t do this, so she can’t go on in the entertainment circle…”

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