CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1361 – 1362

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Chapter 1361

Cathy cried and talked a lot, and Stephanie’s ears buzzed.

She turned her head to look at Tina, and found Tina embracing her arms, staring at Cathy like a play, calm and stable.

Cathy cried so much that she couldn’t speak, and she was about to pounce into Peter’s arms, but Peter quickly held Cathy’s arm with his hands and didn’t let her pounce into his arms, and said with regret: “Don’t Cry, be careful.”

Tina noticed Peter’s subtle reaction, and couldn’t help narrowing her eyes, looking at Peter with some doubts.

Peter looked at Cathy with a worried look, and his expression didn’t look like a fake.

But why, what does she think is weird?

Although Peter appeared very worried about Cathy, she felt a little weird inexplicably.

Maybe… it’s just the ridiculous unwillingness in her heart that is causing trouble…

Tina pursed her lips, her eyes returned to her previous calmness: “Done?”

With tears on Cathy’s face, she turned to look at Tina: “Miss Weber, I told Peter, let him not embarrass you, and please do it yourself. Human patience is limited.”

“You mean, you don’t admit that you played a lot, do you?”

Tina stared at Cathy with a serious tone.

Cathy was guilty of being seen by her, lowered her eyes slightly, and said in a sad tone: “I didn’t expect you to still want to slander me…”

“Peter is the father of my child. I must be mindful of Peter’s situation in everything I do. I bought coffee for the crew because I thought everyone had worked hard, Miss Weber, don’t be so obsessed.”

“Okay, since that’s the case, I know how to deal with it.” Tina was neither angry nor tantrum, and looked calm and confident.

Cathy’s face changed slightly. When she went to find Tina yesterday, she repeatedly confirmed that there was no surveillance in that place, knowing that Tina would not wait to see her, and deliberately hit Stephanie to force Tina to take a video.

But Tina’s confident appearance at this time made Cathy a little uneasy.

“Stephanie, book a restaurant for me. I want to invite Alyssa to have dinner with her family.” Tina said to Stephanie, but she smiled meaningfully at Cathy.

Cathy shook her heart, she could almost confirm that Tina might have a way to deal with it.

When she first thought about this plan, she wanted to directly hammer Tina to death. She didn’t believe anyone, and worried that the person who helped her secretly took pictures would turn back. The video was also hidden in advance by her pinhole camera.

Therefore, the original video is only in her hands.

There is no surveillance there, and only she has the original video. What else can Tina think of?

If Tina turns over, it will be very difficult for her to clean up Tina in the future.

Peter watched Cathy’s changing face calmly, curled his lips slightly, lowered his eyes and condensed the emotions under his eyes, and said warmly: “The doctor said you want to rest in bed and keep lying down. The baby is important.”

Hearing Peter’s words, Cathy quickly recovered, and raised his head to show Peter a smile. Fans have said that she looks best when she smiles with her head up.

She cleverly replied: “Okay.”

Peter helped her back to the room and lay on the bed.

After helping Cathy to lie down, Peter straightened up: “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Cathy nodded: “Okay.”

“You can’t take a break while playing on the phone?” Peter said, looking at her tenderly.

Chapter 1362

“I see, I’m not a kid, go to the bathroom.” Cathy shyly pushed Peter.

Peter curled his lips as if he was amused by her appearance and opened the door to go out.

The smile on his face disappeared instantly as soon as the door of the ward was closed.

He didn’t go to the bathroom immediately, but moved two steps aside, to a position where the people inside could not see through the observation window.

After Peter went out, Cathy looked at the door for a while, then turned over and sat up, reaching for the phone.

At this moment, Peter tilted his head slightly and looked in through the observation window, just in time to see Cathy holding the mobile phone and keeping her fingers on the mobile phone, as if typing.

After just watching for two seconds, Peter walked away with a blank face, and slightly raised his hand to signal the bodyguard to come.

“CEO Grant?” The bodyguard walked over and asked him what he had to order.

Peter’s voice was cold: “Clean the reporters from all entrances of the hospital, and don’t keep any of them.”

“Okay.” The bodyguard got the order and left quickly.

Peter went to the bathroom.

Standing in front of the sink, he frowned as if his hands were dirty, and washed several times.


“Ms. Tina, how do we get out?”

Stephanie squatted at the entrance of the hospital and looked outside. She found that the reporters were still there. She looked back at Tina anxiously: “It’s strange, those reporters didn’t see us coming in, why are we so tightly guarded at this moment?”

“Of course someone whispered secretly.” Tina sneered.

The online video only intercepted the part where she beat Cathy and then Cathy fell to the ground.

And now that Cathy’s hospitalization has not been exposed. If it weren’t for someone to the whistleblower, how could the reporter know that she would come to the hospital?

“Who tells the news? Is it someone from the crew?” Stephanie asked.

“Everyone in the crew has signed a secret agreement, and no one takes a risk if something can be found out by a check.”

“Who is that?”

“It is clearest that I will come to the hospital, who do you think?”

“My cousin?”

Tina was choked by Stephanie’s guess: “It’s not impossible that this is possible, but Cathy’s possibility is greater.”

“My cousin just talked to you like that, you still believe him.” Stephanie grunted after speaking.

Tina: “Do you think Peter is the kind of mindless person who doesn’t distinguish between public and private?”

Stephanie: “Men are all thinking movements of the lower part of the body. They are so dizzy for love, what can’t they do?”

Tina looked at Stephanie with a weird expression: “Is this a talk of your experience?”

“No, I haven’t been in a relationship before…” Stephanie said in a quieter voice.

Tina couldn’t help laughing: “What do you think of Tom?”

Stephanie thought for a while: “He looks like a human, but generally speaking, this kind of gentleman is not a good thing! Ms. Tina, you If you are looking for the second spring, you must not find this kind of man…”

Tina raised her head to look at the sky, rubbed her ears, and glanced outside, just in time to see the reporters being driven away by the security guards and pulling them out.

“Eh, sister Tina, don’t pull my collar…”

“Then you shut up.”

Stephanie was silent immediately.

Tina and Stephanie got out of the hospital while the reporters were still struggling with the security guards.

How could the security guards suddenly come to catch the reporter?

How could the security know that these people are reporters?

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