CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1363 – 1364

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Chapter 1363

In the ward.

Peter was sitting in front of the hospital bed, flipping through the files in the mailbox with his mobile phone, looking carefully one by one.

Cathy stared at him for a while, then glanced at the phone on the bedside table.

Seeing that Peter looked attentively, she reached out to get the phone on the bedside table.

However, she was discovered by Peter before her hand reached the phone.

“What are you doing?”

Peter has a pair of eagle eyes, the ends of the eyes are slightly raised, and when he is smiling, they appear very gentle.

Since Cathy was hospitalized for babysitting, Peter has been guarding her in the hospital. The previous Peter looked at her unwillingly, but recently he always looked at her with such gentle and smiling eyes. At the very beginning, Let her feel like floating in the clouds.

After a few days, she gradually got used to it, but she still felt a little shy because of Peter’s eyes.

“It’s a bit boring, I want to watch and play with my phone.” Cathy said with a grimace with her eyes red.

Peter put the hand holding the phone on his lap and asked, “What’s so fun on the phone?”

“Just watch the news casually to pass the time. Although I am lying in bed and can’t make movies and notices, I still want to know something about the entertainment industry. Let me take a look… My baby wants to see it too.”

Cathy said as she stretched out her hand to caress her stomach.

The smile in Peter’s eyes deepened, and he said thoughtfully: “The entertainment industry…”

Cathy didn’t know why. Peter was smiling obviously, but she felt an inexplicable chill. Looking carefully at his eyes, she felt that those eyes were as deep as a pool, as if he was not smiling at all.

Cathy felt a touch of fear in an instant, and she was hesitant to speak: “Yes…Yes…”

“Okay, you can watch it if you want.” Peter picked up Cathy’s phone and handed it to her.

His voice was extremely gentle.

Cathy looked at Peter intently, and saw the gentleness and patience in his eyes, she was relieved, she must have been thinking too much.

“Peter is the best for me.” Cathy happily took the phone.

Earlier, Peter had many scandals, but none of them was his officially recognized girlfriend, let alone one of his scandals who became pregnant.

And she was the first woman to be pregnant with Peter’s child.

Peter is thirty years old, and most men at this age want to start a family and settle down, so it is normal for Peter to change his attitude suddenly.

Even if Peter just liked the child in her belly, she was willing.

With such a single heart, Cathy suddenly felt a sense of relief and a lot of peace of mind.

She opened Twitter and scanned the trending search list.

After refreshing several times in a row, didn’t see Tina’s name on the trending search list?

what happened?

When she pretended to be pitiful in front of Peter and told him to stop Tina from work, she knew that with her cool temper, she would definitely come to the hospital to confront Peter.

So she notified the reporter in advance.

After Tina left, she sent a message to the reporter to ask about the situation. The reporter said that they had never seen Tina come to the hospital, so she told the reporter that she had come to the hospital and was about to go out, hoping to get Tina to be photographed by the reporter.

At this time, public opinion has fermented, and Tina has no conclusive evidence to counter her, so no matter what Tina says in front of the reporter, she will be scolded.

But after so long, why is there no news on Twitter?

Chapter 1364

Cathy did not dare to believe it and went to scan the trending search list several times, but she was a little angry because she failed to scan the trending search related to Tina.

But because Peter is here, she is not easy to have an attack, so she can only find a reporter to vent her anger.

She used an anonymous trumpet to message reporters.

“I have said Tina’s whereabouts so clearly, you still haven’t photographed her?”

“I have never seen such a stupid reporter, and you can’t catch the headlines that I send to your door, so just don’t mess around here!”


Cathy posted several similar messages to vent her anger, all of which were not very pleasant.

At this time, the message she sent out showed the word “read” underneath.

The reporter squatted for a few days without squatting to the point of depression. He was already very depressed. Cathy still came to scold the reporter, and he was also angry.

“What the hell are you? If the news you gave is true, we can’t stay in the cold, you just played with us on purpose, right?”

“If there is a kind of thing, what is the ability to speak in a large number and curse in a trumpet?”

Upon seeing the reply, Cathy became even more angry.

“You speak with respect, you can’t offend me!”

“Be careful that I can’t keep you in the industry.”

Now that Peter spoils her so much, helping her to clean up a few small reporters is nothing difficult. She wants to make a round and squash, but in the end she has the final say.

The reporter has firmly believed that Cathy was deliberately telling false news, and her words were not a deterrent to them. There are many people in the entertainment circle who love to pretend to be ruthless.

“Okay, report your name, I think how much you offend me!”

Although Cathy was angry, she was not too stupid to really report her name, but she felt that she couldn’t swallow it.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in her mind, and she replied a name to the reporter: “Scottia.”

Cathy was dissatisfied with the fact that she could not participate in the “Lost City” movie. Scottia was the heroine of the “Lost City” web drama.

The same script, the movie version and the TV drama version are usually compared together.

The hot drama “Lost City” has a high degree of discussion, and everyone’s expectations are also high. The marketing account has long compared the heroine of the online drama Scottia and the heroine of the movie Tina for the sake of popularity.

At that time, the reporter will explode the screenshots again, with a cool temper, can he not trouble Scottia?

Scottia used to be a traffic flower. Before she appeared in “Lost City”, her acting skills have been criticized by others, but after filming the “Lost City” web drama, her acting skills have been recognized by everyone and a lot of circles and fans.

At the same time, Scottia’s fans are young and can tear them off, while Tina’s fans are diehard and strong.

Cathy just thought about such a big scene of dog biting a dog, and he was looking forward to it.

As long as you spend a day in the entertainment circle, don’t think about having a birthday.

The reporter is not stupid. After receiving Cathy’s reply, he did not believe Cathy’s words.

Although Scottia used to be a small traffic flower, but she didn’t have a brain and couldn’t become popular. How could she be so stupid to expose herself to such a thing?


If this screenshot is exposed, it will definitely attract countless clicks and traffic!

After a brief hesitation, the reporter continued to send messages to Cathy to guide her to say something controversial.

And Cathy also caught the reporter’s psychology before saying that she was Scottia.

The reporter intends to guide her, she is naturally willing to cooperate, anyway, this matter has nothing to do with her, it does not matter if it is exposed.

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