CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1373 – 1374

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Chapter 1373

Tina hesitated for a moment, and finally answered the phone.

She can’t hide past the first day of junior high school and can’t hide from the fifteenth year. This time it was big trouble, and it can be regarded as the biggest trouble since she entered the entertainment circle.

Although she feels a little irritable to be cross-examined, if she doesn’t answer the phone, her family will worry again.

After Tina took a deep breath, she answered the phone: “Mom.”

“Eh, Tina…” Melba’s voice was very gentle.

Tina’s scalp was numb. The last time she heard Melba talk to her in this gentle tone, she was still in elementary school.

She simply asked directly: “Mom, have you seen all the news about me on the Internet?”

Melba was silent for a moment: “I saw it.”

“You don’t worry, I can take care of it, go out with your old sister more, don’t always use the mobile phone to watch the mess…”

Melba interrupted her: “What’s wrong with you and Peter? Is it true what was said on the Internet?”

It’s time to come.

“Mom, Peter and I have grown up. We each have our own standpoints. It’s no longer like when we were young that everything is right and wrong. I can handle it.”

Tina’s words can be regarded as an indirect acknowledgment of “Peter’s public revenge” on the Internet.

Melba also watched the two children grow up together. The relationship between the two had been good since they were young, but she didn’t want them to be like this.

“Mom knows.”

Hearing the low tone in Melba’s tone, her calm voice became softer: “Love you.”

Tina coaxed Melba for a while, and coaxed her a little bit more happily before hanging up the phone.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Stephanie standing not far away.

“Why are you stunned, come here.” Tina waved towards Stephanie.

When Stephanie came back after calling the producer just now, she saw Tina answering the phone with her family, so she didn’t come to bother.

Stephanie walked over and said to Tina: “The producer said that today there are indeed fans who visited the crew to visit the crew, and they didn’t expect your fans would also go.”

After a moment of deep contemplation, he said: “Contact my support club, no matter what the situation is on the Internet, let them close the wheat and not participate.”

“The current trend of public opinion on the Internet is biased towards you.” Stephanie felt that there was no need to shut down fans.

“The current trend of public opinion is biased towards me. Everyone is scolding Peter, thinking that I have been bullied. But who can say that public opinion is accurate? Besides, the film critic named’Uncle Na’ is obviously In the rhythm, I think someone must have instructed.”

That uncle can become a big film critic at a young age, not just because he has ideas and can express, but because he can protect himself wisely.

He stood up this time, and once the rhythm didn’t get up, he just set up a target there for people to hit.

If this kind of thankless thing hadn’t had some benefits, he wouldn’t take such a big risk.

Stephanie nodded: “Yeah.”

Tina again urged her: “Shut down after sending it out, and let’s go eat.”

The trouble is so big that if you don’t turn off the phone, the phone will be blown up.


“Peter, what’s the matter with you? You’ve been looking at the phone since the afternoon, and have been frowning.” Cathy leaned on the bedside, looking at Peter with worry.

“It’s okay.” Peter smiled softly at her: “Let’s eat.”

“Okay.” Cathy replied cleverly on the surface, but was a little impatient in her heart. She felt that something must have happened.

However, her mobile phone was stolen while she was asleep, and Peter chased them back but it was already broken and unusable.

Chapter 1374

Cathy sat down at the dining table, and Peter thoughtfully passed the chopsticks to her hand.

Seeing that he was so considerate, Cathy calmed down her irritable heart.

As long as she can give birth to this child well, she will definitely be able to marry into Grant’s family. Then she will really be a wealthy wife, and no one will want to step on her again.

She picked up a dish for Peter: “You eat too.”

“Yeah.” he answered, but didn’t move his chopsticks, and smiled at her: “You eat first.”

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

Peter glanced at the door, did not see anything clearly, then turned to her and said, “You eat first, I’ll go out and see what’s going on.”

“Yeah, good.” Cathy smiled and nodded.

Peter got up and walked out, knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, he did not bring his cell phone.

She was eating, but her entire attention was focused on Peter’s phone.

It was really inconvenient to not have a mobile phone in the hospital. She didn’t even know what happened online.

It stands to reason that she deliberately told the reporter before that she was Scottia, and that reporter should have already sent out the screenshots for the purpose of gaining traffic.

don’t know if Tina and Scottia are torn up.

Cathy felt a little excited when she thought about this.

Seeing Peter’s figure disappearing outside the room, she slowly put down her chopsticks and reached out to take Peter’s mobile phone.

Peter’s mobile phone has a fingerprint password set, but her fingerprints are also recorded, so she can also open Peter’s mobile phone.

Peter completely trusted her and didn’t doubt her at all. She was very satisfied with this.

That’s not the case for men.

Cathy thought smugly as she turned on Peter’s mobile phone.

She couldn’t help but read Peter’s WeChat and address book.

Cathy found in his WeChat address book that her WeChat was pinned by him, and the name was “baby”.

She originally wanted to search for Tina’s name, but this discovery already made her extremely excited. She never thought that Peter would value her so much.

She was afraid that he would come back, so she didn’t look at other things, and directly opened Twitter.

Peter had used Twitter before and did not log out, so as soon as Cathy opened it, she could see the trending search tab.

The trending searches related to Tina came to the forefront, and a hint of excitement flashed through Cathy’s eyes, and she clicked in to see how these people scold Tina.

But when she entered, she realized that it was not scolding Tina, but there were also scolding her and Peter.

How could this be?

Why did they suddenly start scolding her and Peter?

Cathy only clicked on the video to watch it and found that she was playing Stephanie.

How could this be?

She looked at the phone screen in disbelief. Why would anyone post this video?

Obviously, she had the original video only in her hands, and to prevent accidents, she deleted the original video when she intercepted the video and posted it online.

Where did Tina find this video?

Isn’t the monitoring there bad? Why can Tina find the original video?

How could Tina get it!

Cathy couldn’t believe it and continued to look down. The more she scrolled down, the more people scolded her.

The comments are almost one-sided.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Shouldn’t they scold Tina?

Why did they start scolding her?

Obviously everything was under her control!

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