CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1375 – 1376

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Chapter 1375

“Cathy is simply a shrew.”

“I didn’t see that Peter turned out to be such a person. I thought he was blind when he saw Cathy. I didn’t expect him to lead Cathy to bully his own artist. He is simply not a man.”

“b!tch, son of a d0g, forever.”

“Fortunately, Sister Weber’s contract is about to expire. Sister Weber has helped AdamPic earn so much money over the years. Peter is really not doing this properly.”

“Cathy: Slap warning!”


Cathy looked more and more angry, but the more angry she was, the more she couldn’t help but want to see it.

The fingers she held the phone kept tightening, the force was as strong as she was about to crush the phone, and she gritted her teeth with hatred. If she could, she almost wanted to follow the network cable to teach all those who scolded her.

She retired from this trending search and clicked in the trending search with the names of Tina and Scott. After a little bit of entry, she saw the two people’s Twitter clarifying the reporter’s screenshots, and she was so angry that she wanted to throw his phone.

Can someone with such a rigid temperament be able to bear it?

Cathy raised her hand and raised the phone high, suddenly remembering that when Tina came to the hospital to confront her that day, she did not admit that she had done something to Stephanie.

Thinking of this, she was flustered. Peter must have seen this video. What did he think?

Cathy couldn’t even care about smashing his phone when she was angry, and he suffocated his breath, thinking about how to argue with Peter later.

At this time, there was a voice outside, and she knew that Peter was back, and hurriedly put the phone away, picked up the chopsticks and pretended to eat.

Peter pushed the door in. Cathy pretended that nothing happened, and said with a gentle expression: “Peter, you are back, what happened?”

“It’s okay.” Peter glanced lightly at where she put the phone.

The location of the mobile phone is different from when he went out. Cathy moved his mobile phone.

Cathy bit her lip and said empathetically, “But I see you have been worrying about it these days. If something happens, you must tell me. I want to help you share the burden.”

“I said, it’s okay, you don’t need to worry about anything, you just need to take care of the baby. The child is important.” Peter’s voice was a little low, and when he slowed down his tone, it sounded a bit gentle.

While she felt happy, she was a little worried.

Even if Peter was being scolded like that on Twitter, he still cared about the child in her stomach, fearing that it would affect her body, and would not tell her about the Internet.

But if Peter didn’t tell her what happened on the Internet, how could she find reasons to quibble about the matter that she denied hitting Stephanie that day?

Peter is treating her very well now, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any grudges about lying to her.

“Peter, I am a person who wants to be with you for the rest of my life. If you have something to do, you must tell me that you have lost weight in the past two days. It is clearly something on your mind. Do you not trust me, so you don’t tell me what happened? what’s up?”

Cathy pretended to be angry and looked at Peter.

Peter seemed to have been moved by her at last, and sighed helplessly: “Since you want to know so much, then watch it yourself.”

Peter picked up his mobile phone, pulled out the trending search on Twitter and handed it to Cathy.

Cathy pretended to be puzzled and took it, and looked at it seriously, even if she had already read it once, she still felt angry when she read these trending searches now.

Chapter 1376

Cathy’s anger is completely real, and there is no need to pretend: “How can these people say that to you! It is obviously Tina that they are too much, you just want to help me…”

Cathy blinked her eyes twice and looked at Peter with red eyes: “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, this video is actually…”

While observing Peter’s expression, she thought of the reason and Peter’s explanation of the video.

Peter interrupted her: “It’s okay, you don’t need to explain, I believe you, you will do something about Stephanie, you must have done it after Stephanie said too much.”

Cathy was stunned.

She prepared a bellyful of excuses, and was easily blocked by Peter with a word.

After brief stupefaction, Cathy’s heart was full of ecstasy.

She knows better than anyone that this video is hard evidence and proves that she did it first, and that she did deliberately act on Stephanie first that day to draw Tina out.

She was not stupid, nor did she think that Peter would be stupid enough to believe her reason. She originally thought that Peter would get confused if she didn’t believe it.

But Peter chose to believe her without saying a word.

If she had some doubts about him before, now she has no doubts in her heart.

Peter really fell in love with her, not even the principal.

In other words, he has been beaten to death by her.

Cathy lowered her eyes, covering the ecstasy in her eyes. When she raised her head again, tears flickered in her eyes: “But those people are scolding you…”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if I get scolded, as long as you don’t scold me.” Peter took a tissue from the side and put it in Cathy’s hand, and said softly, “You don’t worry, those who scold you, I won’t let them It’s better.”

Cathy wiped her tears and smiled: “Yeah.”

Peter straightened up: “My mom is here, I have to pick her up and have a meal with her. You have a meal and rest by yourself.”

“Your mother is here? Then I’ll go with you.” Cathy only met Peter’s mother once a year ago. After she married into Grant’s family, she would always get along with Peter’s mother. She can pull in the relationship.

“No, I told Mom, you just need to stay in the hospital if you are in poor health.” Peter didn’t give Cathy a chance to speak again: “I’m leaving.”

Cathy was a little unhappy in his heart, and wanted to say that her body was all right, but then he thought about it, because her health is not good, Peter can accompany her every day, and Peter is also doing well for her.

Thinking of this, she didn’t feel so angry anymore.


In the cafe near the hospital.

As soon as Peter entered, he saw Jodi sitting by the window.


Peter walked over and sat down in front of Jodi.

Jodi was very painful and depressed. This time the incident was so big that she didn’t know whether she wanted to know it or not, and from the information on Twitter, Peter hadn’t handled it properly, so she didn’t look good at Peter.

Jodi used to be a scientific researcher and was essentially a serious person. When he was a child, she was very strict with Peter, and his father was strict with his wife. When he was a child, Peter was respectful and afraid of Jodi.

At this time, facing the expressionless Jodi, the feeling of guilty conscience and fear when he was a child returned.

Peter cleared his throat and turned to order coffee to ease the embarrassment at this time: “Waiter, let’s have a latte.”

The opposite Jodi sneered, then turned to smile at the waiter: “I don’t take the iron, his mind is not sober, the last ice cube made him sober.”

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