CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1393 – 1394

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Chapter 1393

Tina looked so big that she threw the phone aside, reached out, and pressed her temple.

Stephanie saw the trending search behind Tina and said excitedly: “That woman was mocked by the group again.”

Tina did not speak.

Stephanie turned her head to look at her: “Isn’t it bad to go on like this?”

Tina did not speak immediately.

After a while, she sneered: “It doesn’t matter, as long as they think there is no problem between me and Mr. Grant, as for Cathy? Who is she and does she matter to me? I really don’t want to care about her.”

Stephanie didn’t say a word, with an admiring face, gave Tina a thumb up.

Tina wiped her face sleepily: “Go to bed early, this is a trivial matter, there will be no trending searches when you get up tomorrow morning.”

The most indispensable thing in the entertainment industry is news.

Get up tomorrow morning, these little things will be overwhelmed by other new things.

Everyone likes new things.

However, the truth is not what Tina thought.

The uncle Na of the film critic who helped Tina scold Peter before, a Tweet made Tina a trending search.

“As I said long ago, the artist and the company are in a cooperative relationship, and the relationship between each other is pure interest. There is no need to please the boss’ girlfriend because of the contract with the company. After the boss’s face, should she go to please the boss’s girlfriend? Is it necessary?”

“Furthermore, it’s just a girlfriend, and not the boss of the company. If it’s the boss, that’s another matter.”

As soon as that uncle’s tweet was posted, it attracted many netizens.

Some people agree with this Tweet, and some oppose this. There is a lot of noise under this post, which is too lively.

“Ms. Tina, I kind of suspect that this uncle Na is your stupid fan, otherwise why would he always speak for you.” Stephanie thought for a while: “It’s not necessarily, it may be just pure heat.”

Tina shook her head: “It shouldn’t be for the heat.”

But if it weren’t for the heat, Tina couldn’t figure out why that uncle Na would help her like this.

Maybe he hates Peter?

She originally thought that the heat would drop in one night, but she didn’t expect the heat to rise instead of dropping.

She didn’t want to care about these things, she just wanted to make a movie with peace of mind.

For fear of meeting Peter and Cathy in the restaurant, she didn’t eat breakfast, so Stephanie casually packed something for her, and she ate it on the way to the studio.

After she filmed two scenes, Alyssa arrived late and sat next to the camera to watch the replay with the director.

Midway, when Tina changed her clothes, Alyssa walked in with a cat.

Tina had changed her clothes, and when she saw Alyssa coming in, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Did you eat with Peter last night?” Alyssa asked.

Tina nodded: “Yeah.”

“Oh.” Alyssa nodded slowly.

She was very hesitant to tell Tina, Peter actually only did these things to “prove his innocence”.

But, what if the child in Cathy’s belly is really Peter’s?

Karl seemed to believe Peter, but the man was helping the man to speak.

Tina looked at Alyssa’s eagerness to speak, thinking that something was wrong, and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I just feel that Peter’s recent behavior is quite abnormal…” Alyssa decided to try her cool reaction before making a decision.

Chapter 1394

Tina heard the words, and the hand that arranged the clothes had a meal. After a while, she said with a sense of feeling: “A person has different ideas in each period. He may just like that child too much. But I believe His nature has not changed.”

Human nature will not change easily, but ideas will change.

Once the thinking changes, the position will be different, and naturally, the way of doing things will be very different from before.

Except for the day Cathy was hospitalized, Tina was a little broken. After that, she had always been calm, as if she was a bystander, watching all this quietly.

Alyssa’s heart sank hard.

She didn’t understand where the problem was, and even felt that things weren’t that bad.

However, the coldness in front of her was already like this.

Tina looked like nothing had happened, filming and living as usual, but Alyssa knew that Tina’s heart was already deserted.

Alyssa thought for a moment, and said, “Peter doesn’t like children very much, right…”

“Why don’t you like him, he likes Grace so much.” Tina retorted her.

Alyssa said subconsciously: “You don’t like Grace too.”

“Yes, I like Grace, and I also like children.” Tina’s tone was obviously lowered.

Alyssa knew that he had failed: “Tina…”

“It’s okay, don’t be so cautious. I’m not that vulnerable. It’s all over. My next scene is about to begin. It’s time to go out.”

Tina smiled and patted Alyssa’s shoulder, but in turn comforted her.


The next scene was filmed very smoothly.

A week later, the crew took two days off.

Stephanie was thinking about the bleak vacation, and picked her up an advertisement, a commercial event, and a variety show flying guest.

“You really don’t let me rest at all.”

After reading the schedule, Tina threw it aside, pulling down her blindfold and preparing to go to bed.

Stephanie pleased her and pressed her shoulders: “These are all signed before, and there is plenty of time. They all finished work very early. You can go home and get a long sleep.”

Tina laughed, without speaking.

Stephanie stopped beating her and gave her time to rest.

Unexpectedly, Tina just closed her eyes and was about to fall asleep when the phone rang again. It was her personal phone.

Tina pulled down her blindfold a little irritably, took the phone and took a look, and found that it was a strange number.

After thinking about it, she answered the phone.

“Tina!” An unkind female voice rang over the phone.

Tina thought it carefully before distinguishing it. This was Maria’s voice.

“Maria?” Tina looked at the number again: “Did you change the number?”

When she was a child, she saw that Maria liked Peter, so she got Maria’s number and secretly blocked her number with Peter’s mobile phone.

Even so, Maria never changed the number.

In retrospect, she did a lot of stupid things for Peter.

“You are embarrassed to ask? You blocked my phone number. How can I call you without changing my number?” Maria’s tone was a little angry.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Tina’s apology was more perfunctory and superficial.

“I ask you, what’s the matter with Peter and that Cathy? Didn’t you tell me to fight for it? That child named Cathy has it, how can I fight for it!”

When Maria said that after she put aside her cultivation, her voice became sharp with anger.

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