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Chapter 1403

Actually, Tina rarely appears on variety shows.

She has been on a handful of variety shows. It is still the kind of guest interview variety show. It is also to promote movies and new dramas. She rarely participates in variety shows other than that.

Because actors participate in too many variety shows, and then go to acting, the audience will easily play.

Another reason is that Tina was too lazy to participate, and the development route the company set for her was also steady and rushing to the path of a pure actor.

She glanced at the variety show’s information. Since it said it was three couples and three singles, wouldn’t they have to invite Peter if they invited Cathy?

Tina paused and took out her cell phone to voice Stephanie: “Has Cathy picked up this show?”

Stephanie should have waited for her by the phone, and said in seconds: “I heard that it is about to be picked up.”

Tina put the phone aside and didn’t reply.

The story of Cathy and Peter is well known all over the Internet. If Cathy picks up this show, can Peter still go?

After all, he has been very considerate to Cathy recently.

Tina continued to scroll back and found that the investor actually wrote “Adams’ Group”.

How many Adams Groups can there be in Rostenvel?

Karl invested in this show?

If Karl really invested in this show, it is no wonder that the show crew is so crazy and dares to invite her and Cathy at the same time.

Tina still decided to confirm.


In the afternoon, she took a bottle of red wine to Alyssa’s house.

She called her in advance, and Alyssa enthusiastically baked a cake at home.

It happened to be the weekend, and Karl and Grace were also at home.

As soon as Tina walked into the door, she smelled the fragrance of the cake.

Grace ran over to her, “Auntie!”

“Baby!” Tina hugged Grace and k!ssed her twice: “Hey, our little Grace has grown taller, I can hardly hold you.”

Grace squinted and smiled at her, and then struggling to get off her body, and reached out to help her get the wine: “I’ll help you get it. Mom is baking the cake. Let me come out and pick you up.”

“Thank you, take it carefully.” Tina asked Grace, and she gave her the red wine without worry.

Entering the hall, the aroma of the cake is more intense.

Alyssa walked out of the kitchen, still wearing an apron: “Tina.”

“Bring the wine to mom.” Tina patted Grace on the head.

Grace blinked, knowing that it was a gift from Tina, and said sweetly, “Thank you Auntie.”

Alyssa took the red wine in Grace’s hand, handed it to the servant to put it in the wine cabinet, and greeted her: “The cake will be ready soon. Go to the top floor for afternoon tea later.”

After baking the cake, the servant brought it to the glass room on the top floor.

Tina looked around for a while and asked, “Where is Karl?”

“In the study, what’s the matter?” Alyssa noticed it, and Tina seemed to have something to ask, otherwise she wouldn’t deliberately ask for Karl.

Tina said directly: “Did he invest in a variety show recently?”

“It’s not very clear…Would you like to ask him if you wait for him to come?” Alyssa said.

Tina nodded.

When Karl went to the glass room on the top floor, Alyssa and Tina had already had a chat. Seeing Karl coming, Tina nodded slightly at him.

Karl sat down next to Alyssa, and Alyssa fed a piece of cake to his lips, and Karl frowned slightly.

“Low sweet.” Alyssa urged him: “You are sweet.”

Only then did he lower his head and ate the cake that Alyssa fed.

Chapter 1404

Tina had long been accustomed to Alyssa and Karl’s crookedness, and Grace on the side stretched out her hand to cover her face, looking like she didn’t even notice.

Tina was amused: “Grace, what are you doing?”

“I’m superfluous in this house.” Grace sighed, “Auntie, otherwise I’ll live with you, you take me away.”

Why is it still acting?

Tina held back a smile and asked her: “Baby, what have you experienced during my absence?”

Alyssa said nonchalantly from the side: “She learned from you, she loves acting.”

Grace couldn’t wait, and ran away after a while, leaving three adults.

Tina didn’t forget the business affairs of her trip. She looked at Karl and asked in a joking tone: “Did Mr. Adams have invested in any entertainment programs lately?”

“Have you received an invitation from the program group?” Karl looked up, looking at Tina with a calm expression.

His answer is tantamount to admitting that he has indeed invested in the show.

Tina asked again: “My Life and Me?”

Karl curled his lips, showing a very shallow smile: “Yeah.”

Alyssa was also very surprised: “Have you invested in variety shows?”

“I feel that the prospects are good, try the water.” Karl said calmly.

Tina’s mood was a bit complicated for a while, it turned out to be Karl’s investment.

At this moment, Karl’s cell phone rang, and he stood up: “I’ll answer the phone.”

After he finished speaking, he walked aside to answer the phone.

Alyssa asked Tina curiously: “What variety show is it? I haven’t heard Karl talk about it.”

“It can be regarded as an observation program, with three couples and three singles.”

“Sounds interesting.”

Tina chuckled: “What’s this interesting? What’s more interesting is that this show invited Cathy and also me.”

Alyssa’s eyes widened: “Ah? Then do you want to participate?”

Tina paused: “I didn’t think about it.”

“You don’t worry about Karl, you can participate if you want to participate, and don’t participate if you don’t want to.” Alyssa also knows that with the topic of Tina and Cathy, this variety show is definitely not going to be less popular.

If Tina really participated, this variety show would definitely be a mess.

Tina chuckled: “You also think of me too great, do you think I will participate in this variety show because your husband invested in it?”

“That’s hard to say.” Alyssa knew that Tina was hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, and also valued love and righteousness. It was really hard to tell.


Tina left after dinner.

Alyssa sent her away, then turned to find Karl to settle the account.

She stared at Karl with a small face: “Let’s go, is it on purpose?”

Karl founded AdamPic in his early years. He left all the routines in the entertainment industry and gave AdamPic to Peter. Now it is strange that he suddenly invests in variety shows.

Karl said solemnly: “I just want to make more money to care for the wife and children.”

“Come less.” Alyssa gave him a white look: “You deliberately asked the show crew to invite Cathy and Tina, right? What do you want to do?”

Karl laughed, and said casually: “I’m getting older, I want to do more good deeds to save some luck.”

“You…” Alyssa had a bold guess in her heart: “Don’t you want to match Tina and Peter?”

Tina also said that the show was about three couples and three single guests. Cathy and Peter should have participated as a couple.

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