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Chapter 455

“Miss, your classmate seems to be very bad at talking!” In the car, the driver asked Harper casually.

“En… It’s strange. She turned around today. I talked to her and she didn’t pay much attention to me… It’s strange…” Harper tilted her head and looked at Amelia was eager to leave outside the car.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when Amelia returned home.

Heaven is already dark.

“Miss… why are you coming back now… you are hungry!” Seeing Amelia go home, Aunt Mia hurriedly greeted her.

“I’m not hungry!” Amelia shook her head and responded with a low voice.

Amelia glanced at the huge living room without any trace, her eyes dimmed a little.

Did not see the person she was looking for…

Tugging the heavy bag on her shoulders, she walked upstairs.

Her big and characteristic satchel is a little weird.

Hanging on her thin body, it looks very unsuitable.

Seeing her stunned and leaving her back, Sister Mia opened her lips as if she wanted to ask something, but after hesitating for a while, she was still silent.

After all, Amelia’s affairs are not something she can manage!

As soon as Amelia went upstairs before she could return to the room, she was deeply attracted by the faint light looming from the door of a room on the other side of the corridor.

The corners of the always indifferent lips raised a childish smile unconsciously.

It turned out that he, at home…


She, standing at the door, could not find a trace of emotion on her childish little face.

The ethereal water eyes stared at the two people on the waterbed in the room without an instant…

One man and one woman!!!

That man, and last time, that woman!!!

Naked, sweating, Kang. Fen hugged together, together… under the quilt, rolled the sheets!!!

The heavy panting-breathing sound and the ambiguous chucking sound sounded in Amelia’s ears, and they were extremely harsh!

For the first time, Amelia lost the peace of the past. It was also the first time… She felt, bed. They are doing something extremely dirty. The nasty thing made her feel bad from the bottom of her heart. Heart thing!!!

It turns out…No matter where she goes, they become-the excited of the world-love drama will always surround her, never stop.

Since she was three years old when she was a child, her mother started with different men, until her little mother, and then her father…

Then, it was this man, what he called the guardian!!!

This man is named James or Liam…

Suddenly, a dazzling plastic package on the carpet fell into her cold eyes without warning.

Amelia’s pupil contracted and looked at it steadily, her eyes scorching as if she was about to burn it into a hole.

On the small packaging bag, it reads “Avoiding Pregnant Gloves”!

He, the toy he robbed yesterday, was used on… him and this woman!

She opened the door, approached the edge of the bed, and picked up the packaging bag on the floor.

“Uncle…” She raised the bag in her hand and called to the bed. The busy man.

The immature voice is not as calm as usual, as if there is still a bit of grievance accusation.

On the bed, the wriggling bedding suddenly froze.

“Ah…” It was another familiar exclaim, belonging to the woman on the bed.

Amelia subconsciously raised her hand to block the eardrum, then closed her eyes…

Half a moment, screaming, stop.

She opened her eyes and stared at him on the bed again without shy.

“She… how could she… be here?” Isn’t this the little girl last time?

How come…

Blair Evelyn’s tone was a little trembling, and the panic was obvious in her eyes.

Burton Liam frowned helplessly, raised his hand, and gently stroked his forehead, a little painful.

“She’s Amelia, the task of grandma!” Burton Liam explained lightly, pulling the bedding that was about to fall under the bed, and thoughtfully covering all of Blair Evelyn’s naked body.

Grandma’s job?

Amelia frowned slightly but did not ask much.

“Why… how could it be her?”

“En…” Burton Liam responded calmly.

During the reply, sticking out his ape’s arm, he picked up the nightgown on the ground, blocked the sexy and strong body, and got up.

“Uncle, this is my thing!” Amelia raised the packaging bag in her hand and asked Burton Liam who had just got up.

A faint glance at Amelia and the packaging bag in her hand, the sword frowned, and then began to tie the belt around his waist unhurriedly.

“Little thing, you have a hobby of voyeurism!” He accused her mercilessly.

“I didn’t!” Amelia retorted.

Every time, they like to stage such a scene in front of her!

Burton Liam tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, “Sure enough, you don’t have the consciousness of ‘don’t see evil’!”

“And…” Burton Liam raised his hand, pulled the packaging bag she was holding tightly in her hand, and threw it into the trash can, “I bought this myself!”

He emphasized.

A young master of the Imperial Clan is not too sordid-so sordid to get something from a 15-year-old girl.

Caressed his eyebrows, only to feel funny.

He wanted to explain this to a little girl!

Amelia watched his movements for half a second in a daze.

For a while, regained consciousness.

It seems… it’s not her…

“That…then you guys continue…” She faintly pronounced, raised her eyes, glanced at the man in front of her deeply, went out, and left.

She went out and he followed closely behind.

“Hey! Little thing, stop!” Behind her, Liam’s extremely magnetic voice sounded.

Amelia was startled suddenly and stopped at her feet.

Looking back, confused eyes looked straight at the opposite man.

The plain white nightgown lazily loosened the chest-front buttons, revealing his sexual-sensual and strong chest muscles, and the flaxen hair was laid on his forehead lazily, making his whole person extraordinarily unruly and unruly. Lazy, coupled with his charming and exquisite face, the sultry wild-sex time poured out…

Crazy-wild and unrestrained, lazy, but infinitely fascinating!!!

Burton Liam laughed helplessly.

Does this little thing always like to look at people like this?

Taking a long leg, he approached Amelia, bowed his head, staring at her, and wrapped his hands around his chest, “Why did you come back so late?”

“En…something…” Amelia lowered her head, even afraid to look at him again.

The little hand holding it on the bag strap tightened unconsciously, and her cheeks were slightly hot.

“What’s the matter?” He raised his eyebrows, a little surprised.

The inquiring gaze fell on the big bag on Amelia’s shoulder that was extremely incompatible with her, frowning slightly.

Why every time he sees this bag, he always feels full of matches!

“Hey! Little thing, what rare baby is in your bag?” He was a little curious.

“Nothing!” Amelia answered almost without hesitation.

The little hand slammed her bag back hard and looked at the man opposite.

This defensive look…too familiar…

Last night, he held her so-called “baby”, and she stared at him with this look!

“Hey! Little thing, there shouldn’t be…” Burton Liam stared at her in shock.

Amelia’s big eyes stared at him defensively, her small hands tightly grasped the satchel on her shoulders, and the steps under her feet stepped back little by little…

In the next second, she hugged her shoulder bag, quickly turned around, and went straight to her room with lightning speed!

The disappearing figure made Liam who was stuck in the corridor suddenly dumbfounded.

He lowered his eyes and rubbed his forehead, a little helpless…

The hobby of this little thing…will it be a little bit too strange!!!

Turned around and entered the room.

He closed the door, leaned lazily on the back of the door, looked at the woman on the bed with the quilt, smiled faintly.

“Evelyn, I will ask the driver to take you home…”

“Liam…” Blair Evelyn pouted, obviously a little unhappy.

“Sorry, I forgot to have a child at home! Let me find you in the future…” Liam explained lightly.

“Liam…she, will she live here in the future? Then…what shall we do after we get married?”

Burton Liam frowned slightly, lowered his head, and scratched the fragments of hair, a little annoyed.


He hasn’t thought about it!

However, sooner or later…

“Let’s talk about it after getting married…Her guardian still has Lucas!” He responded faintly, his voice a little dull.

Blair Evelyn pursed her lips, “Okay…” Nodded, got up boringly, and dressed.

Amelia in the room leaned on the floor of the bulging backpack and slept.

The ethereal water pupil stared wide, staring blankly at the plain white ceiling…

Just now, the ambiguous scenes in that room were still showing clearly in her almost blank mind…


Sex-sensory and heavy panting-breathing sound, strong back, strong chest, and…Bronze seductive-human skin, and…That magical palm…

Everything that belongs to that man… little by little, bit by bit, biting her heart fiercely.

She saw too many men…

From mother to young mother to father to him…

She couldn’t remember how many men there were, how many such exciting love dramas.

But, she remembered him!

Also, just, only, remember him, that, the man named Burton!!!

Turning over slightly, her heart is a bit stuffy…

Her big eyes stared straight at herself in the opposite mirror…

Seaweed-like curly hair, big eyes, pink nose, small cherry mouth, and… Red cheeks, childish like pink apples…

A touch of loss flashed past her pupils.

She is really like the woman under him…too much difference, too much…

That woman’s bare-naked sex-feeling body seems to be…, very…seductive!!!

Even, it seems that even that man is almost fascinated by her…

Stand up, step by step, slowly approaching the glass mirror on the wardrobe.

Cold fingers, covering the small buttons on the front of the chest, gently, carefully, untie them little by little…



Button…one, along with one…

Tilting her head, she stared blankly at her bare-bodied body in the mirror.

Seaweed-like hair, messy scattered on her shoulders, like a lovely doll, pink and tender, revealing a sexy charm…

The exquisite figure, with a different sultry…

Chapter 456

Although she does not have the innocence of that woman, she has her unique enchanting and childishness!

It’s like…cute and sexy! The liquor is mixed with sweet strawberry juice…

Don’t have a flavor!

Tilt her head, smile sweetly…

It turns out that she can be so beautiful, so seductive, and so attractive!


“It seems, it’s a bit small here!” Amelia tilted her head, still looking a little dissatisfied with her small and exquisite body.

“Liam…will you send me home?” Amelia, a sweet squeal outside the door pulled back Amelia’s self-intoxicated thoughts.

“Be good, Evelyn, I still have business tonight…” Burton Liam responded perfunctorily, knowing what this woman meant.

In the bedroom, Amelia’s tender lips raised a knowing smile.

Is that woman leaving?

With bare feet, she rushed to the window excitedly, stood on tiptoes, and covered the high window with difficulty, looking down at everything outside the door of the mansion downstairs.

The car lights came on, shining straight into her glazed eyes, reflecting the sweet smile of her whole face.

Downstairs, the woman stood on tiptoe, gently kissed the thin lips of a man’s sex, smiled, got in the car, and left…

The smile froze on the pink face.

Heart, a little bit of a sudden…

Down at the edge of the window, low eyes, heavy loss…

A very strange feeling!!!

The light-naked body is weak and limp on the soft water bed-, eyes closed heavily…

Suddenly, steady footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Amelia was stunned, and the next second, she bounced from the bed and stared at the closed door in a daze.

“Little thing, you unexpectedly…” The door suddenly opened.

Burton Liam’s voice froze in his throat, choking for a second, and the following was broken.

The next second, with a “bang…” the door was heavily closed.


He has never had the habit of knocking at the door because he has always been the only one living upstairs.

However, he found that from today onwards he must cultivate this good habit!

He stuck outside the door, a little embarrassed unexpectedly.

Just now, he saw the body of a girl who was only fifteen years old!

Although it was just an unintentional glimpse… it fell into his eyes.

He curled his lips, smiled faintly, and felt a little guilty…

After all, she is too young!

“Little things, do you want to come out and eat something?” Just now, Mia said that she hadn’t eaten anything since she came back.

Amelia in the room pursed her mouth and smiled sweetly.

Just now, she seemed to have caught a trace of embarrassment from the man who had always been indifferent…

“Come in!” Amelia was still bare-standing naked on the spot, motionless.

Her body, she doesn’t care about being looked at by this man-bare!

“No, I’ll go back to the room first, you remember to go down and eat something when you are hungry, and Mia will help you prepare…” He crossed the messy hair in front of his forehead, faintly exhorted, turned, and left.

Amelia froze on the spot, losing her heart a little bit…

That man, he didn’t push the door to come in!

The familiar footsteps disappear little by little until they fade away…

He didn’t bother her body at all!!!

After leaving Liam entered the bedroom, he went directly to the bathroom.

In the scene just now, he still couldn’t recover…

The delicate body, as clean as a ceramic doll, lingered uncontrollably in his confused mind, lingering no matter what.

Blow-breakable skin, flat belly, and beautiful and slender legs…

Everything is so perfect, cute and attractive!

It’s like…a ripe peach, with a reddish and attractive pink…

Taste, sweet, but still full of fragrance!

But the only thing that made him feel at ease was…

Fortunately, for that small body, he didn’t even have a bit of male desire-mind.

He licked his lips and smiled faintly. If he did, he should call himself a beast, even a 15-year-old underage girl!

Late at night…

In the bedroom, there was black light.

The bedroom door was quietly opened.

A petite body leaned in…

Climbing on his big bed, buried in his warm bedding, her small body pressed close to his sex sense and strong chest like a fascination.

Close her eyes comfortably…

The fascinating fragrance belongs to the man below her body, tightly surrounding her entire world.

Happiness…and sweet.

She is curious…

She wonders if this man will help her to pull the quilt as he did to that woman…

Or, kiss her lips, or… hug her body…

“Little thing?” Suddenly, in the darkness, a muffled magnetic voice sounded, full of doubts.

With a “pop”, the small lamp on the bedside suddenly lit up.

The bright white light was still a little dim.

Reflecting on the delicate and strong facial features of Burton Liam, he looks extremely charming.

Amelia stared at him blankly, just like that, kept watching, for a long time, without saying a word.

“Tell me, what’s the matter with you?” Burton Liam held Amelia’s petite shoulders and asked worriedly, his always indifferent voice was somewhat soft.

She seemed to be not in a state of the state, that kind of dazed horror made him feel a little worried.

“Your name is… Burton Liam?” Amelia tilted her head, thinking hard about the red writing on the seal.

At that time, she didn’t care too much…

But she still remembered it!

Moreover, that woman called him “Liam”…

So, he is Liam!

Burton Liam lowered his head and chuckled, somewhat helpless.

“Yes, my name is Liam! But, little thing, I am not asking you this!”

Amelia curled her lips and smiled faintly, the smile on the corners of her lips felt ethereal.

Gently pulled down his big palm that fell on her shoulders, and buried it in her gentle chest, “You are also named Burton… But why are you so different from her?”

She sticks to his arms, muttering lowly as if talking to herself.

That she, her little mother, never only smoked her, never treated her well…

It feels like panic except for fear…

However, for this man, apart from her obsession, she also has a faint feeling of existence, called…safety!!!

She likes his feelings, obsessed with his temperament…

Although he is often indifferent, and, sometimes, very overbearing, like…when robbing her toys, but he still feels so gentle, beautiful lips, and a charming smile.

“Who am I different?” He lowered his eyes and looked at the little woman in his arms in confusion.

The little thing has been rubbing against him playfully as if something makes him difficult to fight, but fortunately, the feeling that he holds himself is not too bad.

However, he was a little confused about her familiarity.

From entering this house to the present, this little thing doesn’t like to be too close to people. Why did she suddenly make such a big turn tonight?

“Burton Olivia…” Amelia was buried in his arms, responding to him, “You are different!”

“En? Really… maybe!” Liam replied deeply.

The half-siblings, probably a little bit different!

“Okay, little thing, go back to the room and go to bed! I remember you will get up to class early tomorrow morning!” He pulled her away from his arms and tried to persuade her to go back to the room.

After all, between them, there is still a difference between men and women!

Even though she is still just a child!

“I want to sleep with you!” She was buried in his arms, muttering lowly.

She likes the smell on him.

“No…” Burton Liam shook his head, somewhat helpless.

He doesn’t like this feeling.

Coaxing a child to sleep is not suitable for him!

“Why? Isn’t it okay for you and that woman? Or, are you afraid of me? Or, even you… hate me?” Amelia raised her head, holding her big eyes, looking at him in confusion.

The voice was full of grievances.

Raising his hand, lazily fluffing his hair, explaining lightly, “You are not the same as her, she is my fiancée…”

And this little thing is just his duty or task!

She should count him, uncle!

“Are you going to marry her?” The questioning voice was somewhat cool.

“Um… maybe!” He nodded heavily.

It should be married!

“But, you don’t like her!” Amelia surely accused him, and a touch of obvious injury flashed across Liam’s eyes.

He was startled, a little surprised at her affirmation.

For a while, he pulled his lips and smiled gently.

He is not interested in continuing to talk to her on this topic.

“Little thing, go back to your room and sleep!”

He got up, hugged her petite in the quilt, hugged her horizontally, and walked directly to her room.

“Liam, you won’t marry her!” The little hand clung tightly on his shoulders and looked at him fixedly, the tone of the questioning was almost certain.

He frowned, his deep blue eyes staring at her deeply as if a little unhappy.

“Doesn’t the teacher teach you the most basic manners?”

“You won’t marry her, will you?” Amelia directly ignored his question and wanted his answer again.

Suddenly, Burton Liam stopped at his feet, looking at Amelia who was holding on to him in his arms, a little surprised.

“Do you care about this question?”

He didn’t understand why.

Amelia nodded, looking at him with expectant eyes.

He moved, holding her, and continued walking into the room, without the intention to continue this topic.

Gently put her into the cold quilt, and carefully pull the quilt.

“Little things, the complex world of adults is not suitable for children to participate, and…I will marry her!”

The deep voice is very soft and dull.

It seems…too much helplessness and pain…

However, the tone was very positive, as if he was talking to her, but he was also talking to himself.

With the lights out, he left.

In the darkness, Amelia held her big black eyes and stared at the ceiling dryly, watching until her eyelids began to fade…

I will marry her…………

I will marry her…

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