CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1417 – 1418

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Chapter 1417

Alyssa and Tina have a close relationship, and Cathy even hates Alyssa.

So she asked Alyssa again: “screenwriter Alyssa, you asked me this question, have you ever been in a relationship with Tina?”

Alyssa smiled, and said in an unhurried manner: “Of course it does matter. You are a newcomer. You probably don’t know a mature artist like Tina. There are constant invitations and announcements, often in the new year. It is arranged by the company, and the company naturally knows the artist’s schedule clearly. It is impossible for the company to know about major events such as dating, let alone a large professional company like AdamPic.”

Alyssa’s words were gentle and simple, but Cathy’s expression suddenly changed.

Tina is very popular. Various invitations and announcements continue, and the schedule is full. The company will make a special plan for Tina’s entertainers. This plan can be accurate to several points in the day. What does she do?

In this way, Tina has no time to do other things, which indirectly shows how red Tina is.

And Cathy debuted for more than a year, and only made a tepid web drama.

Alyssa used the words euphemistically, and did not explicitly say how hot Tina was, nor did she clearly say that Cathy was the eighteenth line.

However, as long as it is an individual, it can be understood from her words.

Janie turned to look at Glen, and sat up silently.

The screenwriter is the screenwriter. There is nothing wrong with what he said, but the meaning to be expressed is also clearly expressed, and it also leaves Cathy no step to step down.

Cathy’s complexion changed and changed again. She is now Peter’s girlfriend. If she bites on Tina again, she may have secretly talked about love affairs. She is saying in a disguised form that AdamPic is unprofessional. This is also fighting Peter’s face.

She turned her head and gave Peter a cry for help.

Peter lowered his eyes, and after clearing the disgust under his eyes, he raised his head and looked at Cathy with a gentle expression: “Miss Alyssa is right, but our family Cathy is very young, let’s talk about it. With me, she doesn’t need to understand this.”

In one sentence, Cathy’s embarrassment was easily resolved.

Janie’s embarrassment was also resolved, and she finally had something to say.

Janie was afraid that Alyssa would speak again, and that Tina would yell at Peter, and quickly said, “I have become a lemon.”

She turned her head and pushed the sound of Glen: “Sir Grant, is a learned person.”

Glen tacitly accepted the stalk, pulled out the chair and got up and walked outside: “I can’t shoot this show, so you won’t let me survive. If I knew Grant was always like this, I won’t come, I will really go. It’s…”

He said that he was leaving, but he kept reaching out in Janie’s direction, and his whole body was expressing the meaning “Come on and pull me, I don’t want to go.”

Alyssa knew that Tina couldn’t say these things, and she took the initiative to speak because she was afraid that she would be caught. Since this matter had been revealed, she stopped speaking, lest Janie is embarrassed.

It’s not easy for everyone.

The following clip was made by Karl and Alyssa.

The time between Alyssa and Karl was very short, only five minutes.

This length is a bit perfunctory, and the content of the video is also perfunctory, that is, when two people eat together, there are no more than ten sentences that the two people say together, and it is not clear where the filming location is.

Even Tina couldn’t tell where they took it.

Chapter 1418

Although the footage of Alyssa and Karl seemed very perfunctory and didn’t say a few words, they felt particularly warm.

Speaking of which, among the three couples of guests, only Alyssa and Karl’s feelings are the most real.

The looks of both people are exceptionally good. Alyssa has experienced so many things over the years. What time and suffering left on her is not the vicissitudes of years, but a gentle but unignorable aura. And the very contagious temperament that does not move.

There is no dazzling edge on her body, but people can’t help but keep their eyes on her.

Not to mention Karl. He grew up in the Adams family. He was educated very well before his mother died. Although the Adams’ family hid the dirt, but after all, it is a wealthy family. That extravagance is how ordinary people learn.

Although he has reduced his sharp edge, he still doesn’t seem to be a good-tempered person, full of distance, but sitting with Alyssa with a gentle smile, he fits perfectly.

There is no int!mate movement and language, but anyone who looks at it will feel that they are a loving couple.

After watching Alyssa and Karl’s clips, the studio suddenly became extremely quiet.

Tina has watched them come over these years, but watching their lives from the video still has some unspeakable emotion.

It’s not easy.

Tina looked up and looked in the direction where Alyssa was. Alyssa blinked at her and said two words silently: “Eat.”

Tina understood. Alyssa asked her to wait for a while after recording the show to have dinner together, and then slightly nodded.

At this time, Janie suddenly said: “It’s so warm.”

Then, the others also seemed to react suddenly and began to applaud.

Janie added: “Unfortunately, the video is too short, I haven’t watched enough.”

Alyssa and Karl will come to this show. They didn’t come for the effect of the show. Naturally, they won’t take too much private life for others to watch.

Janie was also there with Glen, and she understood that there was only this point in this segment, it should be the arrangement of the program group, and she finished it with Glen.

“Then we’ll see you next time!”

As soon as it was over, almost everyone slumped on the chair with relief.

Janie looked around and said, “Let’s have dinner together later? How about? I wonder if everyone is free.”

Tina looked at the clock not far away, it was a little bit faster, and after recording the catalog for the whole morning, it was no wonder she felt a little hungry.

Generally, when the show is recorded, everyone will basically go out for a meal.

Get to know each other, expand your friend’s list, and maybe exchange resources or something.

However, after Janie’s voice fell, no one immediately responded.

Although David and Lester are popular, they are both newcomers in the entertainment industry, and the other people in this scene are more identifiable than them. They look at each other and dare not speak easily.

It is not easy for Janie to liven up the atmosphere, and her temper is quite pleasing. Tina didn’t want her to be embarrassed, so she smiled and said, “I can. I only have an announcement at night.”

Janie didn’t expect Tina to respond to her initiatively. A touch of gratitude flashed across her eyes: “What does Miss Weber want to eat?”

Cathy hadn’t planned to pay any attention to Janie. After hearing Tina’s words, she snorted with disdain, then turned her head and said to Peter, “Peter, let’s go.”

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