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Chapter 247

Seeing a miscarriage, Karen Xia and Hallie Tang lined their buttocks, but they did not expect to open the door and saw the police standing outside. Karen Xia and Hallie Tang were quickly brought under control, and the pregnant woman with her head covered inside was also lifted. When they came out, Hallie Tang and Karen Xia were surprised to find that the pregnant woman with a big belly who was punched and kicked by them was not Jamie Ye, but another strange woman.

“What’s going on?” Karen Xia pointed to the strange woman and asked Qin’s second child angrily.

“What’s going on? Isn’t this the woman you asked me to bring over?” He asked back.

“You…you dare to lie to me?” Now that Karen Xia is stupid, she understands that she has been calculated, but she understood it too late. The police prosecuted Hallie Tang and Karen Xia in advance on charges of kidnapping and murder.

Article 239 of the Criminal Law stipulates that anyone kidnapping another person for the purpose of extorting property, or kidnapping another person as a hostage, shall be sentenced to more than ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment, and shall be fined or confiscated of property; resulting in the death or murder of the kidnapped person. Anyone who kidnaps a person shall be sentenced to death and confiscated property.

The police believed that the kidnapping case posed a great threat to the victim’s personal safety and also caused a miscarriage. Karen Xia and Hallie Tang should be sentenced to death.

After a lawyer’s appeal, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with a suspended death sentence. Karen Xia and Hallie Tang have to sit in prison in their entire lives.

The whole thing was planned by Juan Mu and Roy Qin. Hallie Tang was targeted by them when he returned to Eurasia. If Hallie Tang settled down, they would let her go. Anyway, they would get rid of her to avoid future troubles. As a result, Hallie Tang turned out to be true. Restless, she went to Karen Xia. The two discussed about Jamie Ye’s affairs and immediately Juan Mu knew it clearly. Since these two sl*ts wanted to die, they had to fulfill them, so they devised such a plan and sent them to prison.

The pregnant woman is not a real pregnant woman, it’s just a scene.

After Hallie Tang and Karen Xia were cleaned up, Jamie Ye’s expected delivery date was almost around. Juan Mu began to prepare for Devis’s transplantation. He invited the best hematologist and obstetrician to give Jamie Ye the umbilical cord. All blood transplant operations were arranged in a hospital.

Devis entered the transplant warehouse 9 days ago. After entering the warehouse as planned, he will undergo intensive chemotherapy for 8 days. He is isolated from the outside world and cannot enter except for medical personnel.

The eight days of intensive treatment are over, and immediately after the drug is stopped for one day, it is the day of surgery.

Jamie Ye entered the obstetrics and gynecology operating room on the Devis surgery day for caesarean section. Before giving birth to Devis, she had a normal delivery. In order to cooperate with Devis’s transplant operation, Jamie Ye chose a caesarean section this time. She was given local anesthesia and lay on the operating table. Although she was given anesthetics, Jamie Ye’s consciousness was still there. It was clear that she could hear the sound of a knife cutting through her skin, but she couldn’t feel any fear in her heart. She was just thinking about the child and whether her child could be saved safely.

Juan Mu has been guarding the operating room, witnessing the entire Caesarean birth process. This is a moment of life witnessing. It is really exciting to see his child taken out of her stomach by the doctor. He couldn’t control it. Yes, there was mist rising in Juan Mu’s eyes.

The nurse was busy measuring the weight and height of the newborn, while the doctor was still taking the cord blood. He heard the child’s crisp crying, Jamie Ye tried to see the child’s pattern clearly, Juan Mu saw Jamie Ye’s movements close to her ear and told her : “Jamie Ye, a boy, the child is very healthy. Now the doctor is taking cord blood to treat Devis, you have worked hard!”

After speaking, he stamped a k!ss on Jamie Ye’s forehead. The child was wrapped and delivered to Juan Mu by the nurse. Juan Mu walked out holding the child. Lisa Lin, Alexa Xiao, Wendy Tian and others have been waiting anxiously outside the operating room.

Seeing Juan Mu coming out, Lisa Lin rushed forward to take the child first, “Grandson, my grandson!”

Then she asked Juan Mu, “How is Jamie?”

“Jamie is very good, she will come out immediately after stitching.” Juan Mu replied. “Mom, you guard Jamie, I’ll go and see Devis.”

Lisa Lin nodded, and Wendy Tian and Alexa Xiao waited outside Jamie Ye’s operating room with her baby in their arms.

The doctor sent the umbilical cord blood removed from the baby to Devis’s transplant chamber. To facilitate the operation, Devis’s transplant chamber is next to Jamie Ye’s operating room. Jamie Ye is performing the final stitches, and Devis’s trnasplantation begins.

After a brief surgical meeting for Devis’s transplant surgeon, he took the lead to enter Devis’s transplant chamber. Because the catheter had been inserted into the body from the clavicle in the transplant chamber previously, the main purpose of this operation was to pass the cord blood through the center. Intravenous infusion is sufficient, and the doctor expects the transplant operation to be completed within half an hour.

Juan Mu stood nervously outside, observing his son on the operating table through a layer of glass. The doctor was infusing umbilical cord blood into Devis’s body through the central vein. During the input process, Devis produced some reaction gas in his body, which caused discomfort. Devis was struggling in pain, and his facial expression was very painful. The surgeon asked Devis to cry so that he could breathe and expel the reaction gas.

Devis’s cries grabbed Juan Mu’s heart. If he could, he would rather bear all the pain! He tore his hair in pain, watching Juan Mu’s painful movements, Roy Qin and Simson Tang on the side held his hand from left to right, cheering for Devis with Juan Mu.

The heartbreaking scene was finally completed, the cord blood transfusion was completed, Devis’s heart rate was normal, and everything went smoothly. Juan Mu’s hanging heart finally let go.

The doctor walked out of the transplant chamber, and Juan Mu stepped forward and took the doctor’s hand and said thankful words.

Jamie Ye has been trying her best to stay awake. She wants to know the result of Devis’s operation, but there is no way to resist the effect of anesthesia. She is too tired, so tired that she doesn’t have a trace of strength. She only heard a slight whisper around her. Juan Mu’s voice, he whispered in her ear, “Jamie, rest assured, our child will be fine, you can rest assured that everything will be fine when you wake up!”

Jamie Ye didn’t know how long she had slept, and she didn’t even know when she was pushed into the ward. She faintly heard someone talking in her ears. There were too many familiar voices, such as Alexa Xiao and Wendy Tian. There is Lisa Lin, and of course Juan Mu is indispensable.

She opened her eyes hard and saw the people in a circle in the ward. Seeing Jamie Ye’s eyes opened, Juan Mu came over immediately, with a joyful smile on his face, reaching out and holding Jamie Ye’s hand, “Jamie” ,you’re awake?”

“Devis! How is Devis?” Jamie Ye is now most concerned about Devis’s surgery.

“Devis’s operation went well, don’t worry!” Juan Mu replied immediately.

Jamie Ye was relieved, as long as Devis’s operation went smoothly, she could feel relieved.

Lisa Lin also came over, holding the child in her hand, “Jamie, the child weighs 7 kg and is very healthy, look!”

Jamie Ye looked at Lisa Lin’s pink-to-do son and smiled.

Alexa Xiao, Wendy Tian, Simson Tang, and Roy Qin all came to congratulate her. Jamie Ye thanked them one by one for their concern. After a conversation in the ward, they all left with goodbye. Juan Mu remembered Jamie Ye for so long. She hasn’t eaten in time, and he was worried, “Jamie, are you hungry?”

“Hungry!” Of course Jamie Ye was hungry after not eating for so long.

Juan Mu looked at Lisa Lin: “Mom, Jamie Ye has been off the operating table for several hours. Have you asked Auntie to prepare food?”

Lisa Lin looked at the table below and glared at her son, “I am more worried than you for Jamie, but it is not time to eat. I have asked the doctor a long time ago. After a caesarean section, they have to have gas and then eat. Eating too early will cause abdominal distension. , In severe cases, it can cause intestinal obstruction due to gastrointestinal dysfunction.”

“Ah, really?” Juan Mu didn’t expect such a statement at all. “


“Then what to do? Keep them hungry?” Juan Mu looked at Jamie Ye distressedly.

“There is no way, only let Jamie work hard.” Lisa Lin also had no choice.

“Go back, you are not in good health. Go back and rest first. There is Juan here.” Jamie Ye knew that Lisa Lin must have been waiting here for a whole day. Lisa Lin is getting older and has just recovered. She shouldn’t be tired. .

“Yeah, Mom, you should go back first, I will be here!” Juan Mu also persuaded that Lisa Lin was indeed tired after waiting in the hospital, so she did not insist.

After Lisa Lin left, Juan Mu sat down next to Jamie Ye’s hospital bed. He straightened the hair on Jamie Ye’s cheeks with his hand, and reached out to hold Jamie Ye’s hand tightly, “Jamie, thank you!”

Thank you for giving birth to Devis! Thank you for forgiving me! I know that I am not good enough, I know that I have hurt you very deeply in the past, but Jamie, as long as you give me a chance, I will not let you down.

I will doubly make up for the debt I owed you to Devis in the past. From now on, I will always protect you and our children, and will never leave you forever!

Jamie Ye’s hand was held by Juan Mu, feeling the warmth from the palm of Juan Mu’s palm, she felt a little emotional in her heart. After going around, she and Juan Mu went back to the past. It’s just that the two of them, they have children, and Lisa Lin who supports them, she believes they will be happy.

Juan Mu is now running on both ends, taking care of Jamie Ye while going to see his son’s situation. Jamie Ye’s situation is fine. Now he is most worried about Devis. Although the cord blood has been successfully transplanted into Devis’s body, it does not mean that Will surely succeed,

The doctor told Juan Mu that after the cord blood is transplanted into Devis’s body, he needs to pass the infection barrier, move in, and rejection barrier before he can truly be considered as a successful transplant.

Among them, rejection barriers may be the most sad. Rejection reactions may occur at any time, such as fever, vomiting, inability to eat, diarrhea, etc., and require doctors to treat them according to the situation at any time, and Devis also needs to actively cooperate. Under normal circumstances, it can return to normal levels after 3 to 4 weeks, and you can leave the clean room.

Juan Mu would go to see his son every hour, because of uncertain factors, Juan Mu was extremely anxious, but could not show a little bit in front of Jamie Ye.

Whenever Jamie Ye asked him how Devis was doing, he always said that the answer was good. Finally, the doctor told Juan Mu that Devis was in very good condition and had successfully passed. Juan Mu was so happy that he immediately told Jamie Ye about the situation.

Jamie Ye was already trying to walk down the ground, and she was so happy when she heard this, she asked Juan Mu to help her to see Devis. Through the glass door, they saw Devis talking to them in the transplant cabin because of the soundproofing. The effect was that they couldn’t hear clearly, but Devis was calling mom and dad.

Jamie Ye burst into tears, her son! Her darling baby finally managed to break through!

Devis was quickly transferred from the transplant cabin to the general ward. Jamie Ye and Juan Mu went to see him. Devis hugged Jamie Ye and Juan Mu and kissed them, “Mom and Dad, I want to see my brother.”

“Brother is sleeping. When he wakes up, I will hold him to see you.” Jamie Ye explained.

“Mom, what’s my brother’s name?” Devis asked again.


“Happy joy?”

“Yes! Happy joy!”

“I want to thank my brother for saving me. In the future, I will treat my brother as much as possible. I will give him any fun and delicious food and protect him from being bullied by others. I want my brother to live a happy life forever!” Devis guarantees.

“It’s not just about letting your younger brother live a happy life, but our family must also live a happy life! We want to be together forever and be happy forever!” Jamie Ye replied.

“For our family, I want to live happily and happily for a lifetime!” Juan Mu held Jamie Ye and Devis’s hands and repeated, and the three of them looked at each other and smiled.

Their family has gone through so many winds and rains, after so many sufferings, and now they have all their suffering, they must live happily and happily.

Three months later, the wedding of Simson Tang and Wendy Tian was held in the Costaguana. Jamie Ye and Juan Mu took their two sons to the wedding. Alexa Xiao and Roy Qin also appeared at the wedding. They were not just here attending the wedding, but also serving as another identity, the best man and bridesmaid.

Roy Qin has brought Alexa Xiao to meet Qin’s parents. The Qin family is very satisfied with this upright and straight-forward girl and gave Alexa Xiao many expensive meeting gifts on the day of the meeting.

Alexa Xiao told Jamie Ye that when she met Qin’s parents, she was actually very nervous, and her palms were sweaty. I thought I would face countless difficulties, but nothing happened. Old man Qin was very kind to her, and Josie Gao was very affectionate to her. After the meeting, the Qin family was already planning their engagement ceremony.

The wedding march sounded. Watching Simson Tang and Wendy Tian say they would like each other under the witness of the pastor and relatives and friends, watching them exchange rings, watching them k!ss each other, tears flickered in Jamie Ye’s eyes.

See the rainbow after the storm, and wish her and her love a lifetime happiness, happiness and peace!


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