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Chapter 1421

There was only one parking space between the place where Tina parked and the place where Peter parked. Therefore, she heard Cathy’s words clearly.

The car was parked in the parking space between them, but the car parked irregularly, just staggered, and Tina could see the front of Peter in the car.

She saw Cathy yelling at him in the car with an angry expression. After two seconds, Peter opened the door and went to the other side to open the door for Cathy.

Cathy was still not satisfied, and shouted: “My legs are numb!”

Peter was not angry either, he seemed to grin with his lips curled: “Get in the car.”

Cathy got into the car now, but she still looked angrily.

Tina naturally didn’t know what the two said in the car, and it didn’t take long before Peter’s car passed by.

They did not see Tina.

Tina watched Peter’s car disappear completely before lowering the window completely.

She came back to get her coat. Just now, she left her coat in Best Day. Stephanie had something wrong, so she drove home by herself.

She saw this scene unexpectedly.

She herself has a bad temper and doesn’t have a good face to Peter, but she has always targeted him, and will not send the anger received from elsewhere to Peter.


Even yelling at Peter like that…

Peter wanted to have everything since he was a child, but now he has to be so angry.

But he really endured it like that.

Tina took a deep breath and spit it out again, trying to suppress the irritability in her heart.

What does this have to do with her?

It has nothing to do with her, this is Peter’s matter, he is willing.

After doing psychological construction for himself, Tina got off the car and walked into the Best Day.

As she walked, the cell phone rang.

Alyssa called.

“Tina, you forgot to take your coat. If you are not in a hurry, I will take it home and wash it for you. I will give it to you next time you come back, or you can come to my house to get it.”

Alyssa has always been so caring.

“I’ll get it, just arrived at Best Day, where are you, I’ll find you.” Tina said.

Alyssa told Tina where she was, and Tina looked for it.

“I didn’t sleep last night, so I even ran a trip specially.” Alyssa looked at the green mark on Tina’s eyes, feeling distressed.

Tina smiled: “I prefer to wear this coat, I’m used to it.”

“Well, I’ll send you out, go back and rest quickly.” Alyssa took her arm and sent her out of the Best Day.

When Tina arrived at the parking lot, she remembered what had happened before, and her expression became a little irritable.

Alyssa noticed that her expression was a little strange, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tina hesitated for a moment, and then told Alyssa what she had seen in the parking lot.

Alyssa listened carefully, and said leisurely after listening: “Are you distressed for Peter?”

“I feel sorry for Peter?” Tina suddenly exploded her hair: “Where does he need someone to feel distressed…”

Alyssa showed a slight smile.

She held her cold hand, her voice was soothing tenderness.

“Because of that child’s matter, he has walked into a dead end and got into a horn. You have suffered from it all these years. But even so, you did not tell Peter about your child. You don’t want him to suffer as much as you. , You still love him…”

Tina subconsciously retorted: “I don’t!”

Chapter 1422

Regarding Tina’s rebuttal, Alyssa was not eager to argue, but just looked at her with a smile, silent, but made Tina feel helpless.

Tina dodged her eyes, and finally lowered her eyes, giving up the useless struggle.

Alyssa continued: “Emotions are not something that can be controlled at will, otherwise, there will not be so many sad people in this world.”

Tina still didn’t speak, her eyes lowered, her expression sad but helpless.

“Tina, look at me and Karl. You said before that you were envious of us, but you also know that Karl and I were not suddenly happy. We have experienced many bad things before we became what we are today. Happiness, happiness also has its negative side. The negative side may be a bad thing, but don’t be afraid, love can conquer everything.”

Now Alyssa seldom thinks of the past events anymore. Maybe she was too happy. She has to think carefully for a long time to remember how those things happened, when they happened, and who they happened with.

Tina pursed the corners of her lips, and her voice was slightly muted: “You have always been braver than me. From the beginning, you rescued me from those people.”

Alyssa has a good temper and looks like a person who is easily bullied, but many times, when they encounter problems, Alyssa pulls her forward.

She and Alyssa became best friends not only because Alyssa saved her in the old school building, but because Alyssa possessed the tenacity and bravery she yearned for.

Alyssa laughed: “That’s also because you are behind me, and I completely trust you. No matter what happens, you will help me cover it up. Even if you can’t help, you will bear it with me, so I will Only if you have confidence will you become brave.”

“You really think so.” Tina raised her eyes suddenly, she didn’t expect that she would have such a big effect on Alyssa.

Tina at this moment looked like a helpless and self-suspicious child, Alyssa looked at her firmly: “Yes, because I know I am not alone, so I am so fearless, I know that behind me are you.”

“Similarly, you obviously love Peter in your heart, but you choose to end everything. That is because you subconsciously feel that Peter will not give you a lot of money, because he left that year and you can no longer trust him. Over the years, you have built a solid barrier in your own heart, and this barrier is specially designed for Peter. Even if you are moved in your heart, you are more afraid of repeating the same mistakes, so you choose to drive away. Peter’s way to protect himself.”

Tina’s head suddenly pressed lower.

Because Alyssa was right.

The two have known each other for more than ten years, and they have gone through a long period of youth together. Together they have grown from a reckless girl to a stable adult. Alyssa can feel her temperament clearly and see her thoroughly.

She found so many reasons for herself.

What do you say is to end everything, look forward, say to end with the past, and say you should have your own life…

A summary of these many excuses is just one word, that is-fear.

She was too afraid to repeat the same mistakes.

Too scared to do it again.

How confident she was, how self-questioning she was after that incident.

On her 18th birthday, she tricked Peter into a hotel to get drunk.

At that time, it only took her one day to make this decision.

It took the next ten years to pay for this decision.

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