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Chapter 471

Press the answer button with her finger and place it next to her ear.

As soon as the phone was picked up, Amelia wept uncontrollably.

“Burton… Burton Liam, you… come back soon, okay… OK? I’m… scared!” Amelia’s sobbing voice was full of fear and panic.

Blair Evelyn was slightly taken aback, a little surprised.

After a while, she realized that this little guy must be deliberately pretending to destroy their good deeds!

She likes her man, right?

Want to pretend to be weak and trick him back?

No doors!!!

This little guy is so powerful, she has already seen it!

However, she is not a bully.

Isn’t it just acting? Anyone knows it!

Blair Evelyn twitched the corners of her lips, “Amelia…Amelia, it’s me! Evelyn…Sister Evelyn!”

The voice on the phone is ecstatic and ambiguous…

This Amelia froze fiercely, and a panicked heart suddenly calmed down…

“Where is Liam?” The voice became extremely calm.

Why is it her?

Could it be that he went to her house tonight??

The heart trembled, and it was a little painful.

Blair Evelyn smiled and knew that this guy was acting!

“Liam…light…lighter, ah…” Blair Evelyn’s chuckle of ecstasy came from the phone again.

It was accompanied by rapid and disordered breathing…

One after another, they slammed Amelia’s painful chest hard.

It turned out… to go out so late to go to her to do this kind of thing!

Amelia bit her lip without speaking.

However, there were drops of clear tears rolling out of the red eyes.

“Liam…Listen to the phone! It’s… it’s from Amelia, ah… don’t move, it’s itchy!! Listen first…” On the phone, Blair Evelyn’s laughter was sweet and sweet…

“Dududu…” Her words, before she could finish her words, suddenly, over there, the phone was cut off.

The laughter stopped abruptly.

Blair Evelyn curled her lips and smiled triumphantly.

She can pretend, she can pretend too!

Glancing at the record on the phone, her finger moved slightly.

Received call: small things-deleted.

Put the phone back in place, lie down, and wait for the man in the bathroom to come out.

Late at night

Burton Liam was lying on the bed, unable to sleep.

Turning his head, he glanced at the woman who finally fell asleep when she was tired, a little apologetic.

She repeatedly asked for him, but he tried.

However, in the end, it was still impossible.

He tried to suppress himself not to think about other things or other people…

But his body can’t fool himself!

He still didn’t feel anything for her!

It is even lighter than before…

And Amelia here has been frozen in the quilt…

For a long time, there was no more movement.

The trembling body had already calmed down.

She even lost her fear of the bloody mask outside the window.

Now, in her confused mind, there are only scenes of him entangled with that woman…

She has already turned a blind eye to everything outside.


In the night, the two people on different beds did not know how to sleep.

When the first ray of sunlight in the morning spilled through the glass window into the cold bedroom, Amelia on the bed turned over, stood up with difficulty, and got up.

After washing, she looked at her pale self in the glasses, and there was an astringent taste in her heart.

Changed clothes and went out.

After passing through the corridor, she subconsciously paused the steps under her feet, and her eyes fell on the tightly closed door unconsciously.

Her heart sank.

The fingers holding the backpack were a bit stiff.

She turned her head, walked downstairs, and went directly to the entrance door.

“Miss? You haven’t eaten breakfast yet!” As soon as Sister Mia walked out of the restaurant, she ran into Amelia who was about to go to school.

“Stop eating, Sister Mia, I’m going to be late for class!” Amelia shook her head and changed shoes.

“How come, there is still more than an hour before class! Let’s eat first, and let the driver take you there!” Sister Mia was still worried.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at Sister Mia, then shook her head.

No longer say anything, just turn around and leave.

Sister Mia was slightly startled, a little surprised.

Does she seem to be in a bad mood today? Her face also looked very haggard, what happened?

Seeing Amelia leaving, Sister Mia had no choice but to give up.

Turning around, went to Amelia’s room to clean up.

She was almost scared when cleaning the glass.

On the glass, dots, all red, like blood stains, dripped on it.

Little by little, not a lot, but scary enough!

Later, she discovered that it was only red water mixed with pigments, and the traces were not as deep as bloodstains after drying up.

So she didn’t think too much, cleaned up, wiped the glass, and left.

Amelia lowered her head and walked listlessly into the classroom.

As soon as she stepped into the classroom, she ran into her desk mate, Harper.

Her spirit also looked abnormally weak, and the dark circles around her eyes were unusually heavy.

It seems no different from her.

Soon, the discussion of the students in the classroom sounded again.

Those contents are nothing more than guessing who the girlfriend of the man named Adam Mason is!

Or, which one does Adam Mason like? Or maybe he doesn’t like both, but it’s just for fun.

Amelia frowned, a little bored at this nonsensical topic.

As for Harper on the side, the pain in her eyes was obvious.

Amelia felt that she was different from Harper who was laughing and joking in front of her before.

“Did you sleep well last night?” For the first time, Amelia took the initiative to speak to her.

Harper on the side was also a little surprised.

Frozen, nodded.

“En!” My boyfriend was robbed by others, how she could sleep well!

“How about you? Didn’t you sleep well?” Her spirit didn’t seem to be any better than her.

“En…” Amelia nodded, went dark unconsciously.

Later, the two did not say much.

“Amelia…” Harper tilted her head and called her in a low voice.

Emotions seem a bit complicated.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at her suspiciously.

“You don’t like Adam Mason… right?”

Harper’s questioning voice was a little choked, and her misty eyes looked at Amelia expectantly.

Waiting for her answer.

“Very annoying!” Amelia confessed truthfully without hesitation.

“Then… Then can you, stay away from him…” Harper’s words were really hard to hear, but the tone was still soft.

Even a touch of pleading was added to the expectation in her eyes.

Amelia frowned, a little unhappy.

Turning her head, her cold eyes glanced at her, “Then how far should I be from him?”

Harper was taken aback, looking at her, a little surprised.

“Amelia, I…I always treat you as a good friend…you, you can’t treat me like this…” Harper whispered, tears of grievance dripping down her eyes.

Friend? Amelia was stunned for a long moment.

Very unfamiliar words, words that have never been seen in her life for fifteen years!

Depressively, she brushed the fluffy curls on her head like seaweed and didn’t bother to take care of her again.

Her affairs are enough for her, and their affairs have to drag her into the water!

Fortunately, she has never cared much about other people’s affairs!

Whether she is happy or sad, it has nothing to do with her!

In the afternoon, Adam Mason came again.

But, fortunately, this time, it was not her, he was looking for Harper.

At that moment, Amelia saw the obvious joy on her face.

That kind of pure emotion…

However, Amelia felt that this kind of emotion seemed to be the wrong person for her.

Outside the classroom, Adam Mason still had a cynical smile on his face.

Under the sun, his lively short hair made him even more unruly.

“Crying?” He raised his hand and gently wiped away the tears from Harper’s eyes.

In the next moment, Harper’s tears could not dry up in the future, and once again it rained down.

Adam Mason is like that. He is so gentle in front of every woman, and it is always easy to hold every woman’s heart.

Also, he never hangs himself on a tree.

Even more not, for one woman, and give up other women!

Therefore, when he still thinks Harper is a good lover, he will not choose to break up.

“You seem to like crying a lot recently?” Adam Mason smiled softly, “Don’t cry, it’s ugly!”

Sure enough, this sentence is very effective.

Harper stopped crying!

She was holding back the tears in her eyes, just not letting them fall.

Because he said, it’s ugly!

“Wait for me after school and go home together!” He offered to ask her.

“Okay!” Harper happily answered him, and the wounds just now were wiped out.

With tears in her eyes, the sincere smile was obvious.

“Crying and laughing… fool!” Adam Mason teased her.

“Harper, I’ll leave first, see you after school!” Adam Mason smiled evilly, raised his hand, and left.

And his eyes didn’t glance at Amelia in the classroom from beginning to end.

It’s just like, he doesn’t remember that such a person has ever existed.

Undoubtedly, this made Amelia happy.

She thought that Adam Mason might not be too annoying, at least it would save her from being questioned and blamed by Harper.

Later in class, Harper seemed to be a different person.

The previous malaise suddenly became more energetic.

“Amelia, he still likes me! He has come to me…” Harper’s tone showed a hint of ostentation and pride.

“En…” Amelia just responded lightly, without any reactions.

Sometimes, she even envied Harper a little.

At least, sad and happy, she has reasons and qualifications.

But she didn’t!

Because, in the heart of that man, perhaps, really, she is nothing!

So… no matter how many women he rolls over the sheets, she is not qualified to ask.

Later, to Amelia’s surprise, Burton Liam unexpectedly appeared at the school.

In the classroom, Amelia stared at him outside the window blankly.

Perhaps, in him, there is a kind of magic power…

As long as he, stop there, the elegant and noble temperament will flow out unconsciously…

At that moment, she could feel that the eyes of all the girls in the classroom fell on him.

Chapter 472

Also included, her desk mate, Harper.

The orange-golden sunlight, like a broad folding fan, penetrated the clouds and projected obliquely, falling on the left side of Bon Liam, making his delicate features more angular, revealing firmness and evil. The breath of…

He just leaned on the railing so lazily, waiting for her to come out of the classroom.

He will always be like this…

No need to do anything, no need to say anything, he can easily attract the attention of others.

At this moment, his appearance had already become the most powerful and attractive scenery before her eyes.

“Wow…who is he?”

“Blue eyes, is he a mixed-race? So handsome!”

“Very familiar, I seem to have seen it in some magazine…”


The discussion began to ring again.

“Amelia, where’s your boyfriend!” Harper took the lead to come back to her senses and glanced at Amelia who was stunned.

She shook her severely and pulled her back to reality.

Amelia was taken aback and gave her a confused look.


Three words of happiness…

“What do you want? Are you not going out yet, he is waiting outside!”

Seriously, Harper was very happy to see this man appear!

It turned out that Amelia was not interested in Mason.

Then she and the man outside should be a boyfriend and girlfriend, right?

If it is, that’s great!

She hoped so!

Boyfriend? Harper’s words, in the classroom, seemed like a secret.

The female classmate began to look at Amelia with strange eyes.

Yesterday it was said that she was hooked up with Harper’s boyfriend Adam Mason senior, and today her boyfriend came to the door again.

However, the mature and stable atmosphere of a man outside the classroom is not something a young boy who has just grown up can possess.

Could it be that Amelia… has a sugar daddy?

The questioning sound reached Amelia’s ears, but she didn’t care at all.

Even, she still likes this kind of jealous relationship.

Sugar daddy? If so, she hopes it is!

At least, she is still one of his many lovers!

Get up and walk towards him outside the classroom.

From when she went out to approach him, his eyes kept falling on her.

Somewhat complicated.

She doesn’t understand much.

“When didn’t you sleep last night?” He frowned and asked her, his voice a little low.

It seems that there is slight unhappiness.

Her face is too pale!

“En?” Amelia raised her eyes and looked at him in confusion.

No way? Did he come to the school to find her just to ask her this?

“Why are you here?” Amelia answered the question.

“Are you sick?” Liam also answered the question.

Raising his hand, covering her forehead, probed for the temperature.

Withdrawing his hand, looking at her with dark circles under her eyes as heavy as panda eyes, his blue eyes were sharp.

Fortunately, the temperature on the forehead is normal.

“Wait for me to go home after school!” Burton Liam faintly confessed, and then, without waiting for Amelia to recover, he turned and left.

Amelia stared at the corridor in a daze, the steady body shadow gradually disappearing…

In the bottom of her heart, a sense of melancholy flicked across.

On her forehead, there is the warmth of his palm…

In the ear, there was his voice asking her to wait for him.

She felt that the distance between them had never been narrowed…

From the beginning till now.

She did not move, he did not move.

She took a step forward, and he took a step back…

For a long time, their distance is still in place, lingering!

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Amelia returning with a lost look, Harper was a little surprised, but even more worried.

Did they quarrel?

Amelia shook her head, “Nothing!”

She is not used to telling others about her.

Harper was anxious.

She was really afraid that there would be no play between them so that the chance between Amelia and Adam Mason would be a little more.

“Amelia, didn’t you catch him yet?”

Amelia tilted her head and looked suspiciously at Harper, who was gossiping.

Wasn’t she still angry with her just now? Why did she suddenly start to care about her again?

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in that man named Adam Mason!”

Harper was taken aback for a moment, then smiled, a little embarrassed.

“Amelia…Amelia, I didn’t mean that! I…I just wanted to tell you what kind of methods a woman can use to get a man the easiest way to get a bait!”

The easiest method?

Amelia looked at her curiously, puzzled.

She is more interested in this topic!

“Come here!” Harper secretly glanced at the classmate next to them, beckoned to Amelia, motioned her to come closer.

Amelia obediently approached her.

“Men are animals that rely on their lower body to think, so if you can tie his body, you can tie his heart… However, sometimes, you have to learn to refuse and welcome, just enough to stop, if you want to leave…” Harper posted Amelia whispered to her in the ear. There was a shyness across the eyes.

After all, this kind of topic is not suitable for a high school student!

“This is what my sister told me! My sister is very experienced! Really…” Harper seemed to be a little worried about Amelia’s disbelief, nodded heavily, and deliberately increased her tone.

Amelia looked at her in confusion, still a little suspicious in her heart.

If what she said is useful, then why isn’t Adam Mason tied up by her?

Harper seemed to see through Amelia’s mind, her eyes flashed, and a little mist overflowed.

“The second method…I can’t bear to use it…” The voice trembled slightly, and there was some choking in her throat.

Amelia gave her a clear look.

Isn’t it reluctant, maybe she wants to use it but she can’t do it herself!

If you want to refuse yet welcome if you just leave…

Ask herself, chuckling and laughing, maybe she can’t do it!

“The first method is still useful…” Amelia smiled low, the painful expression that had just faded away and replaced with a smiling face immersed in happy memories.

“At least, on the bed, he said he loved me…”


Amelia stared at her happy smiling face blankly, and her heart was at a loss.

Is it that simple for a man to say, love?

She is very skeptical!

However, doubt belongs to doubt, but she is willing to try!

Because only those who have tried it know whether this method works or not.

But Liam didn’t expect the teacher to inform him to come to school for such a thing.

Little things… unexpectedly, is she in love?

Inexplicably, upon hearing this news, there was a sour feeling in his heart.

An unspeakable taste.

However, he did not believe it!

A fifteen-year-old kid, does she know what ‘love’ is?

“Teacher, have you ever asked Amelia about this question? Maybe she just got closer to some other boy!” Burton Liam questioned the teacher’s private conclusions euphemistically.

He knows that teachers are very sensitive to students’ puppet love. Generally, when boys and girls are too close, they start to have a lot of thoughts and thoughts.

However, his conclusions can’t even be convinced by himself!

Because it is almost impossible for a girl with a personality like Amelia to have that kind of close friend!

“Mr. Burton, as the guardian of Amelia, I believe you should understand Amelia’s personality better than we do. From the time she entered this class to now, according to the class monitor’s reaction, in this class, she was only with Harper, she has rarely had any contact with other people in the class!” The teacher carefully analyzed Amelia’s current situation with Burton Liam according to the specific situation.

“En…” Burton Liam nodded, approving the teacher’s words.

His chest is a little suffocated, and there is still a trace of distress.

Does the little thing have no friends in school? Is it too lonely to be alone?

But, even so, doesn’t it mean that she’s been in love with a man too close?

“I know, this can’t prove anything!” The teacher seemed to see through Liam’s mind, and after a pause, she continued to speak.

“The relationship between her and that boy was told to me by the only female classmate who had spoken to her, that is, her tablemate. She said… It was Amelia who admitted that she was with that boy, even two people. Also… she had close contact. Later, I heard other class teachers say that she ran with the boy on the promenade behind the teaching building. The two of them acted a little close… This, I don’t know, I believe you understand!”

The teacher’s words are very tactful, but they really…make sense.

He can no longer question.

After all, seeing is believing.

The deep blue pupil was cold for a while.

Close contact…

Maybe he knows what is going on! It should be the “bite” thing she said yesterday!

But, did she admit it in person?

Admit that she is in love with that boy?!

Is that boy the same boy who sent her back when she went to the bar last time?

A series of questions appeared in the muddled mind.

But, for each one, he didn’t know the answer.

At the bottom of his heart, it was a little dull.

It turned out that he didn’t know too much about her!

Perhaps, he should try to communicate with her more, after all, she is too young, she still does not understand many things.

If it is puppy love, for her only fifteen years old, it will be harmless and useless.

At least, he thinks so!

Later, he discussed some of Amelia’s topics with the teacher.

Liam walked out of the teacher’s office until the school bell rang.

When he went to Amelia’s classroom, she was already waiting.

“The teacher came for you?” This Amelia watched him walk out of the teacher’s office.

“Well, let’s go!” He faintly answered her, his voice a little dull.

The eye-catching light swept across her body, without saying anything, and walking forward on her own.

Amelia was a little surprised.

What’s up with him? It seems to be in a bad mood.

Did the headteacher tell him anything? Is it possible that even he was trained by the teacher together?

But soon, Amelia dismissed this idea.

He is not the kind of object to be oppressed!

What happened to him then?

Amelia trots all the way, catching up with him.

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