CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1461 – 1462

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Chapter 1461

Peter would regret his decision in the past.

But it was the first time, so truly felt what he had missed.

The Hot Pot was churning, dense bamboo sticks exposed outside, and the smoke blurred the faces of the opposite person, and even the expressions of each other became trance under the light.

Tina saw that Peter was just listening quietly, and did not go to the pot to get something to eat, so she said, “You can eat.”

After Tina finished speaking, she grabbed a handful of bamboo sticks and picked it up to see if the food underneath was cooked. She picked some cooked ones and handed them to Peter. Peter looked down and took it.

Tina and Peter have good family backgrounds. When they were young, their playmates were in the same circle. Those elder brothers and eldest ladies are used to picky and enjoyment. They go to high-end restaurants and hardly eat such inconspicuous roadsides. Bistro.

Thinking of this, Tina said again: “You don’t worry, eat, this is quite clean.”

Peter curled his lips when he heard the words, “Am I being so particular?”

“Aren’t you paying attention?” Tina poked her chopsticks into the bowl and stared at Peter eating.

Peter put the meat skewers upside down into the bowl, holding the bamboo skewers in one hand and holding the chopsticks in the other hand. From top to bottom, the chopsticks pushed the meat on the bamboo skewers into the bowl of dipping sauce. No drop of oil spilled out.

The strength is just right, unspeakably clean, and pleasing to the eye.

Tina went to film academy. Whether she was in school or after her debut, the good-looking men she met were like crucian carp who crossed the river.

Most people with good-looking skins, men and women, are easy to lose themselves in the Vanity Fair, proud of their extraordinary looks, ambitiously peeping in secret, trying to trade their skins for shortcuts and gain fame.

Of course, there are also people who cherish the simplicity and focus on strength.

However, in these years, Tina has hardly encountered a man like Peter.

When he was a teenager, Peter was mentioned as a dude, except for the face that looked good and the family was rich, he had no advantages.

But this kind of Peter, like a magical person, made everyone like her, including her.

Even after growing up, until now, when people mention Peter, they still say that he is a swinger.

But after so many years, Tina looked back at the past with mature eyes, and gradually understood why she liked him back then.

Because he is Peter.

In the eyes of others, he still be himself.

Being able to do it alone is the greatest charm.

“The taste is not bad.”

Hearing Peter’s voice, Tina regained her senses, and saw that there were several more bamboo sticks beside Peter.

Tina glanced at him, with a slight complacency in her tone: “Of course, when I was in school, I and Alyssa didn’t get tired of eating, so now the boss still remembers me.”

Peter reached out and grabbed food from the pot: “Go on.”

Tina: “What are you talking about?”

Peter looked at her: “Tell me about you when you were in college.”

“Why don’t you tell me about your university?” Tina raised her eyebrows and looked at him, her eyes somewhat meaningful.

Peter paused, and seemed to think about it seriously, then shook his head: “I was boring when I was in college, and there is nothing to say. I was not helping Karl with money or attending class…”

Tina curled the corners of her lips, her tone slowed down, and asked quietly, “Are you going to class with your female classmate?”

Chapter 1462

The eyes of the two met in the air.

Peter was about to go to grab a bunch of hands, and put it back, denying solemnly: “How is it possible.”

The smile on Tina’s face narrowed a little, and she deliberately said, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

After she finished speaking, she fixedly stared at Peter, wanting to see his reaction.

Peter put down his chopsticks.

Is this to start to settle accounts with him?


Peter thought of something fiercely, and looked up at Tina, “Have you been to me?”

Tina smiled, and said softly: “No, I cheated you.”

Peter pressed the corner of his lower lip, his eyes flashed.

This is a manifestation of a guilty conscience.

At that time, Tina wanted to find Peter, but for various reasons, she didn’t make it. Although she hadn’t seen Peter’s life abroad with her own eyes, she knew that there would never be a lack of women around him.

Peter did not get angry because Tina deliberately defrauded him, but instead thought of another thing.

When he first went abroad, Tina often called him.

At the very beginning, Tina was angry. When she called, she lost her temper at him. He remembered that he didn’t hang up the phone at the time and waited for her to lose her temper every time. Every time Tina cursed and became angry. She hung up the phone.

She couldn’t remember it anymore, he didn’t think of anything at that time.

He vaguely remembered that after two or three months, Tina said that she wanted to see him. If he didn’t come back, she would not look for him.

and then?

Peter thought of what she had done later, his heart sank to the bottom of the sea, and he couldn’t breathe.

After Tina called again, he deliberately found a different woman to answer Tina’s call.

After another few months, Tina stopped calling.

After half a year, she stopped looking for him.

At that time, Peter came back to his senses, regretted a little, but did not dare to come back. Until later, he met Karl. After AdamPic took root in the Rostenvel, he returned to the city. Did not dare to find Tina.

“I attended class with female classmates, but not alone, there are other classmates.” Peter is not good at explaining this kind of explanation with others. The more he explains, the heavier he feels in his heart.

In the past few years, he has been entangled in Tina, deliberately avoiding the previous things, thinking that it can be regarded as having never happened.

Tina suddenly smiled, “Are you going to say sorry to me next?”

Tina was a beautiful little girl when she was a child, and Peter was also very superficial when he was a child. Only when she was beautiful, he took her to play and where to take.

Now that she grows up, she is still a beautiful woman.

The smile is bright and brilliant, and it makes people unable to move their eyes.

Tina looked at him with relief in her expression, showing a bit of gentleness.

But her relief was like a blunt knife slashing against Peter’s heart, and the pain became longer and worse.

Tina can be relieved, but he can’t let go of it.

He was a cowardly coward from the beginning.

He thought that he and Tina were destined.

Only now he found out that maybe he was not worthy of her.

After Peter’s Adam’s apple slipped and swallowed, he said ardently and hoarsely, “Tina, don’t do this.”

Don’t be relieved so easily, don’t forgive him so easily.

Although Peter’s words are not very clear, Tina understood his meaning from his expression.

For a while, she even thought about taking revenge on Peter, depending on the remorse.

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