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Chapter 497

Seeing more will probably only make her sicker and sicker.

The little hand screwed on the door lock, ready to go out.

Only slightly opened a small slit.

With a sudden “bang…” the door panel was pressed hard.

The door closes.

“Ah…” As Amelia exclaimed, her small body was suspended in the air and was picked up by a pair of powerful ape arms.

To the place where the incident happened just now…

That is, walking in front of a large empty wooden table.

“Adam Mason, what are you doing?”

Two unbelievable screams sounded at the same time.

One belonged to the struggling Amelia in Adam Mason’s arms, and another belonged to Harper, who was standing on the table and glaring at him and her with red eyes.

And Adam Mason seemed to be unable to hear their questioning.

The corners of his lips were still smiling wickedly.

Putting her struggling little body on the table, his sturdy body pressed down towards Amelia involuntarily.

The narrow gaze stared at Amelia who was glaring at him, and there was still a touch of drunkenness remaining in the evil pupils.

“Hey! Does it look good?” He curled his lips, smiled, and asked Amelia teasingly.

Amelia skimmed away in disgust but did not answer.

She is not in the mood to watch their performance!

It just so happens that they all need this lounge.

However, Amelia suddenly discovered that the man she was wearing was a typical exquisite man.

Every time she saw his face, it was different.

Both right and evil…


“Adam Mason, you…you are such a beast!!” Harper cursed beside him, her eyes still seeping red.

Just like that, she stayed in place, staring at them sticking together at the table with hatred.

The short skirt is already stretched.

It’s just that the chest-front is still messy, the lace-silk short-trousers are still scattered on the ground, she doesn’t know if she forgot to put it on, or she feels thrown on the ground, dirty, and she doesn’t want to put it on again!

But Adam Mason seemed to be unable to hear her cursing at all.

Still, just staring at the woman below him, for a moment.

The corners of the lips curled up, like a smile.

“Amelia, you are the most special woman I have ever seen!” He smiled and pressed close to Amelia’s sensitive ears.

The lips… intentionally or unintentionally rubbed Amelia’s transparent ears.

For the first time, he saw a woman who can be so calm.

“Let go of me!” Amelia glared at him and shouted coldly.

Almost every time, get along with him…

She is always in a passive position!

This feeling makes her extremely disgusted!!!

“Adam Mason, I have your child…” Harper cried aside.

She did not dare to go forward to pull the man covering Amelia.

Because, Adam Mason once said: Harper, when you don’t remind me of you, only disgust is left.

He can do what he says!

Adam Mason’s passionate desire filled Amelia’s nose.

In the stomach, it began to stir even more.

Even, some pain.

Biting her lip, fiercely.

She swears that she will avoid this kind of thing in the future, and stay away!!!

Because… disgusting!

It’s so disgusting!!!

In the future, when Amelia scolded loudly, her small body suddenly became agitated.

In the next instant, a coldness and nausea flowed from the toes to the top of… the head.

The scorching palms began to wander between her closed legs restlessly, even…

Also, boldly lift her sex-the meaning of the tutu skirt!!!

Today she wore a short skirt for the first time!!!

Amelia only felt that for a moment in her mind, she was dazed!!!

The disgusting smell became worse and worse, even…the next second, she could vomit it out on the spot.

“Amelia, you are so beautiful today…” Adam Mason still smiled.

There was a wicked smirk in the blurred eyes.

Today she…

Especially beautiful!

The former coldness and arrogance have been faded away by cuteness and charm, but she still does not lose her unique taste and aura.

He likes this…Perhaps, for any man, it is irresistible!

Especially for him…

He had to admit that he had fantasized about this little woman more than once or twice.

Men are animals that rely on their lower bodies to think!

However, who can make him once or twice, or even more times thinking of a woman, is an accident!!!

Because he never lacked women, at all, it was too late for a small thought.

But just now…

He was holding the graceful body of another woman, in his heart, in his mind, and under his eyes… but it was completely the figure of this little guy.

A smirk, even a cold look in her eyes.

So…he just became so excited-excited, so involuntarily!

With that said, from the moment she opened the door and walked in, he glanced without a trace to her bright eyes…

Today, he didn’t plan to let her go!!!

Because… he wanted to try to conquer.

Or, if he wants to try to make her eyes so clear that there are no waves, he can…make a little ripple for him.

But, as everyone knows…

When he began to have the desire to conquer a person, it meant that his heart had already been conquered by that person!

Because he was interested (sexually) in her!!!

“Asshole, take your dirty hands away for me!!! Get out of here!!!”

On the table, Amelia hissed and screamed.

The suppressed little hand could not move at all.

The body has been struggling, but it seems that it is still powerless.

His body is too heavy.

“Go away!!”

The voice screamed sharper along with his more wanton palm.

In the tone, it was full of disgust!

Adam Mason frowned, his eardrums aching.

While speaking, looking at the disgust on her face, for a moment, his heart trembled.

He doesn’t know, for what reason…

He thought, probably because male self-esteem is seriously damaged!

Harper on the side was weeping.

“Mom!!” Amelia couldn’t help cursing finally.

Tilted her head, looking at Harper in anger and disgust.

“Don’t cry!!” Amelia yelled out of control, completely annoyed.

This woman is simply no brain!!!

Seeing his man on other women, she would just stand by and cry!!!

She-mum!!! She deserves not to get this man’s heart.

However, would such a man have the heart?

Even if there is, it is extremely disgusting, right??

Amelia let out a roar, and Harper on the side was taken aback.


A long time…

There was a choke in her throat.

In the next instant, painful sobbing, with all kinds of grievances.

And Adam Mason on her body was also taken aback for a second at the rare anger in Amelia’s eyes.

From knowing her until now, she has hardly lost her temper.

Every time, she behaved very calmly, so calm that beyond anyone’s imagination.

This time, she seems to be hot!

Or maybe, she overplayed! However, he likes it!

At least, flesh and blood!!!

“Adam Mason, Amelia! I curse you not to die!!” Harper yelled at them angrily, hysterically.


Amelia was even more annoyed. What exactly did she do in this play??

Amelia thought, if this woman finds a little bit of conscience and drags Adam Mason away, she will kindly persuade her to leave this man quickly!!!

However, she didn’t!

“Adam Mason, I won’t make you feel better!!” There was another threat from Harper.

In the next second, Harper left with tears in her eyes without looking back.

With a “bang”, the door was slammed angrily, and the sound was a bit harsh.

Harper was a little dazed.

On the ground, still, quietly, lying on the pink lace short pants.

Then, she quickly recovered.

Staring at him without fear.

She lowered her eyes and glanced at Adam Mason’s restless palm.

But unconsciously remembered the scene when she opened the door just now…

Suddenly, the stomach began to stir again.


She sank.

She raised her eyes and met him with a wicked smile.

“Adam Mason…” She called to him, “Do you have to make me sick of you so much?”

The palm on Amelia’s thigh suddenly stiffened.

A touch of complex sentiment passed by the ink-stained enchanting pupil.


Quite harsh words!

For the first time, a woman commented on him like this!

For a while, the corners of the charming lips formed a delicate smile.

But still, cynical.

“Hey! Asking you to follow me on a bed, is it so disgusting for you?” His voice was low.

Amelia curled her lips and smiled, still indifferent like the wind.

“If you don’t believe me, you can try it!”

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows for a long time before he smiled slightly.

Big palm, let go of her big leg!

He wants to try…

It’s just that the heart, it seems, there is such a trace of panic.

“Amelia, do you have to be so strong?” Every time, it was the same.

As a result, his conquer heart is getting stronger and stronger!

But every time, let him surrender!!!

This woman, to him, is like a chicken rib!

Stay in his heart…

Throw it, reluctant!!!

Keep it, but suffer himself again!

He bowed his head and kissed Amelia’s lovely pink lips.


However, it seems to be carrying and lingering.

Amelia gave him a deep look without any extra expressions.

Still, habitually raised her hand and wiped her lips.

“Get out of the way!” she asked with a light lip.

She has to go to the bathroom now, immediately, immediately.

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows and smiled softly.

The body, obediently, moved.

He found… in front of her, it seemed… that he was really, there were so many things, different!

Become excited easily…

However, it is easy to be quiet.

Amelia got up, then lowered her eyes and glanced at her short skirt.

Fortunately, neat and tidy.

Unconsciously, she glanced at the dazzling little shorts on the ground.

Pointing sparsely, “Better help Harper take it out!”

Even if she is wearing a skirt, she will feel uneasy if she doesn’t have panties in it?

After Amelia finished speaking, she turned around and went out.

Chapter 498

Adam Mason supported his forehead but felt a pain in the center of his eyebrows.

She cares about things that shouldn’t be paid attention to!

He suspected that she was deliberate.

Cover the lock handle with a small hand.

The door was half-open, and she opened it, startled.

Outside the door, stood Burton Liam.

At that moment, it seemed that he was also stunned for a second.

Then, an inexplicable chill leaped across the deep blue eyes.

And Amelia…

Looking at him lightly.

Heart, a little bit, becomes cold…

Suddenly, a sharp spirit, a small body, for a time, the ice became cold.

Did he see it just now?

So why…

Didn’t come out, help her… Or, protect her?

Is he because, did not see her weakness, or, did not see, her tears…

Therefore, he felt that she did not need…

So, he can, just stand by the door, keep watching, watching…

In the eyes, with indifference and coldness.

Watching, she was bullied by other men?!!!

But his face was gloomy and cold.

Probe’s hand, strangle her little hand.

Hold her and leave.

The strength of the fingers is a bit heavy, it seems…a little anger is hidden.

Amelia’s wrist felt a little painful.

However, she didn’t struggle too much.

She also wanted to gave him an explanation.

They didn’t walk a few steps in the corridor.

Suddenly, Burton Liam paused.

Opened the bathroom door and pulled her in.

With a “bang…” the door closed as if there was slight anger.

Small body, standing against the door panel.

Looking at him, inexplicably, the bottom of her heart was a little empty.

It’s weird…

Being stared at by him… it seems that everything just now was her fault.

He stared at her, his eyes burning.

It seems…want to see her through.

A little bit of anger was hidden in the bottom of the blue eyes.

The atmosphere was once tense.

The temperature…a sharp drop.

There was silence in the bathroom.

Only…the little water droplets from the faucet, dripping, a bit cold.

Quite a while…

“Why don’t you know how to resist when others kiss you?”

“Why people kiss me forcibly and you won’t come out to protect me?”

The question sounded rashly, with annoyance in her tone.

She stared at him.

He stared at her.

Everyone asked aloud.

The voice falls…

The silence of the room is a bit weird.

The arm supporting the door panel moved.

The eagle-like eyes became deeper and deeper.

Strong kiss? He curled his lips and smiled coldly.

That’s it!


The anger in her heart is hard to stop.

“Idiot!!” He glared at her, scolding annoyedly.

He has never seen such a stupid woman…

Strongly kissed by the same man again and again!!!

He raised his hand, wiped, and wiped her lips with warm fingers.

Annoyed, it was a bit obvious.

Amelia came over from the blame just now.

It turns out…he didn’t see the previous scene.

So far so good…

At the bottom of her heart, she was a little bit lucky.

It is estimated that if he saw the previous scene, this man must scold her for being an idiot and a fool!

“Wait, I’ll go wash first!” Amelia pushed him in front of her and then walked towards the wash basin.

Approaching the faucet, holding up the water, covering the lips of the kiss, washing, and washing, wiping and wiping.

And Burton Liam was just leaning against the bathroom door, looking at her with eyes like eagles.

However, he seems to be a little unhappy.

“What is your relationship with that man?”

The hard voice asked her over there.

He wants to know the answer.

Once, and again, he met and kissed so many times…

Frequent, no one can bear it, right?!

At the bottom of his heart, after all, it seemed that he became more depressed.

Damn it!!!

Compared to her, his own, number of kisses, seems to have the same fight??

Amelia turned around, looking at his dull and cold handsome face, she was inexplicably flustered.

“Classmate…” she replied weakly.

Once again, fiercely kicked that bastard man out of her circle of friends.

What dog-fart friends, friends are used to eating tofu??!!!

“Classmates?” Liam chuckled.

“Does your relationship with your classmates get too far?”

Amelia was taken aback, a little startled.

Is he angry with her?? Somewhat weird.

Quite a while


Burton Liam was completely annoyed by her silence.

He didn’t even start to argue!

He thought that her silence was tantamount to acquiescence.

The temperature of the sound suddenly dropped to a freezing point.

Commanded her coldly, without a ripple in his tone.

“Are you angry?”

Amelia was on the spot, asking him with a cautious voice.

But it seems that there is no trace of fear…

Even, there is, then, some more, cheer?!

“No!” He vetoed it without hesitation.

“Come here…” He seemed a little impatient.

“You are unhappy?” She asked him again, not afraid of death.

“I said no!!” He frowned, unhappy.

What is this girl cheering about?

Amelia sprinted, approaching him.

She hadn’t waited to be upset in the future, and she came back to her senses. She stood on tiptoe, peeked at her pink lips, and struck his seductive ice lips.

A little bit of water.

Then, she quickly drew away.

Wow!!! So cold…

Su Mo exaggeratedly excitedly looked at him and smiled low.

“Sniff!!” Pursue his lips, hurt her, and spare no effort.

The corners of the tight lips finally showed a faint smile, but for a moment, he froze because of a ‘cheeky’.

He glanced at her and gave a cold snort.

Then, he raised his hand and wiped his lips exaggeratedly.

“I won’t eat this set!”

She wants to pass the level again, right?!

“Burton Liam!!” Seeing the movement in his hand, Amelia suddenly raised her voice several decibels.

How dare he wipe it off??


“Do you dislike me?” She looked at him aggrievedly, the injury written in the bottom of her eyes, it was obvious.

Burton Liam was slightly taken aback, somewhat stunned.

Then, he suddenly came back to his senses.

The palm that wiped his lips became stiff, and then he lowered his hand, his movements were a bit stiff.

“I didn’t!” He denied it, his voice still seemed a bit innocent.

“You have it!!” Amelia accused him with her misty eyes.

It seems… in Amelia’s eyes, there are still drops of water brewing.

He was wronged, she was wronged too!!!

Her voice just fell off.

Burton Liam suddenly probed his hand and pulled her in front of him.

Rubbing her into his arms fiercely, in the next moment, he could not help but grab her pink lips.

He wanted to do this a long time ago!!!

From the moment he saw her being kissed by that man, he could not wait to strip this woman alive, but he suffered, and sooner or later he could not swallow her alive!!!

This time, finally…

Let him catch a good opportunity!!!

He kissed her deeply.

Between lips and teeth, rolling, entangled.

In the action, there is a strong pampering and domineering sentence!

Probably, every man is selfish!!!

Even if…

Relationship, too uncertain.

But, as long as he has a heart that he likes, he wants to… embezzle everything!!!

He, as to her ownership, is still no exception!!!

At last…

He didn’t let her go until the little girl in his arms began to gasp uncomfortably again.

Faintly drunk flashed in the pupils of the faint blue eyes.

Staring at her, with a narrowing.

“Want me to kiss you, that’s a good reason!” He teased her.


“Burton Liam, obviously you want to… kiss me, okay?” Amelia retorted.

But… a little bit vague.

She lowered her eyes, her eyes flickering a little.

This guy, can he guess this little thought?!

Sure enough, ginger is still hot!

“Huh? Why is the bathroom door locked?” A suspicious voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

“Boom boom boom…” a knock on the door sounded.

Then, on the door panel, the two people hugging each other suddenly came back to their senses.

Amelia deceived him and smiled badly.

“Liam, do you think people outside think we are doing bad things inside?” she asked him softly.

The evil words are full of playfulness.

For a moment, Burton Liam couldn’t help thinking about the invincible words of this little thing this afternoon.

[“Liam, anyway, others thought that we both slept, otherwise, we just realized the dreams of our classmates and went to sleep! Anyway, neither I sleep nor you sleep, what you think?”]

Heart, there are lingering fears!!!

“Or, let’s just…”

“Papa…” With a muffled sound, he raised his hand and tapped a finger on Amelia’s white forehead.

Interrupted Amelia’s playful words, simply and neatly.

“This kind of bad thing is not something you don’t do in vain! Stupid!” He taught her seriously.

Amelia put out her tongue mischievously and touched her suffering forehead.

He smiled, “How do you know what I’m going to say next!”

Can this be guessed?

Originally, she wanted to deliberately tease him.

Originally, she just did the bad thing, and if she didn’t do it, it was nothing!!!

When the two came and went, for a long time, the woman outside seemed to be a little impatient.

When the door was opened, the people outside were startled for a second.

Then, teasing and shocked eyes glanced at those who had just left the house.

Lonely man and widow…

In the bathroom, even, the door is still locked.

However, that little girl seems to be… with a little… shy (do not rule out the possibility of pretending).

This will inevitably not let others think about it…

Glancing at their eyes, in an instant, it became a little profound, even… with a strong interest.

Burton Liam rubbed his eyebrows, and sure enough, he was misunderstood!

Soon, Burton Liam took Amelia’s little hand and left this extremely boring business banquet.

But, as everyone knows…

Behind him, the inquiring gaze had long since turned into a dangerous camera!!!

The car, by the river, stopped.

He obeyed the little guy in the car.

Amelia pushed the car door and got out.

The breeze slowly hit the pink face, obviously, a bit cold, but she… only felt that such a cool breeze seemed warm.

Straight, warm into the heart.

Lifted her eyes and looked at the night scene on the other side.

A heart seems to be filled with happiness.

She can’t help but sigh, the night view of T City is always so beautiful.

“Put your clothes on!” Burton Liam’s eyebrows, holding the windbreaker, faintly ordered her.

In the blunt tone, there was inevitable favor and worry.

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