CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1473 – 1474

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Chapter 1473

At noon, Tina took the tablet and watched the video while cooking according to the method.

She was watching it carefully, and a notification feed appeared at the top of the screen.

She glanced at it and saw Cathy’s name. She was cutting vegetables on her hand, soaked in water, she bent her finger and used the knuckles of her finger to tap and push.

“Cathy left the club in an int!mate manner with a man, suspecting the child’s biological father…”

The picture below is for six continuous shootings.

Although the photo is not high-definition, it is not blurry. You can clearly see that the woman in the photo is Cathy. The slightly bulged belly of Cathy is also marked red on the photo, and the face and figure of the man are heavily circled. Coming out is meant to show that this is not Peter.

The incident that Cathy gave Peter a green hat before became known to the whole Internet, and Peter quickly withdrew the hot topics from Twitter.

But this time, Cathy was photographed like this, which is undoubtedly a public sentence, which completely confirmed what happened before.

After Tina zoomed in on the photo, she found that the background was in Best Day. She often went to Best Day and was very familiar with it.

It’s not right.

Cathy still squatted at her at the gate of the community in the morning, saying that she wanted to see Peter.

She seemed to be in a posture that she would not give up until she reached her goal. However, it didn’t take long for her to find another man directly?

This is not Cathy’s style.

Tina was thinking about it, when the phone placed outside suddenly rang.

She wiped her hands and went outside to look at the phone.

“Mr. Scott” is displayed on the phone screen.

Tina couldn’t help laughing when she saw these two words, and then answered the phone.

“Mr. Scott, what kind of wind is this blowing today, I really didn’t expect to receive a call from you in my lifetime.” Tina took the phone and sat down on the sofa.

Mr. Scott’s real name is Cody Scott. They grew up together as children. He has been passionate about extreme sports these years. He runs all over the world. He is a real wayward boy. It is rare to see him once.

“Tsk, Weber girl, what are you talking about, it sounds like I’m dead…” Cody grew up wearing a pair of trousers with Peter when they were young, and they were somewhat similar in personality.

Tina glanced at the time and felt that the soup in her pot was about to boil dry, so she interrupted him: “Say something.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and Cody said solemnly: “Okay, tell you the truth, I am at the North Pole at the moment and encountered a blizzard. Our team of more than a dozen people is gone. I am the only one left. Lie on a piece of floating ice, and the floating ice doesn’t know where to go, today…”

He sighed and said, “Mostly I want to confess here. At the last moment of this life, thinking of you, I haven’t seen you for several years. It’s a pity that I haven’t confessed to you yet.”

His tone was very serious, Tina was about to believe it, but he quickly reacted: “Cody, are you brainless, or do you think I am brainless? Even if the North Pole can really make calls, the temperature of tens of degrees below zero, cell phone Can it still be turned on?”

Cody was still sternly breaking: “Yes, I have a high-end customized mobile phone.”

“No time to listen to your nonsense, hang up.” Tina didn’t believe him anymore.

Cody heard that she was going to hang up, and was anxious: “Eh eh, don’t hang up in a hurry, I’m serious this time! Brother is back, back to Rostenvel, the big guys get together tonight!”

Tina: “Really?”

Cody: “Of course it is true.”

Tina sneered, “You dare to lie to me and I will twist your head off.”

Cody: “Let me say, sister, you can’t find a boyfriend for so many years for a reason…Hello? Let’s talk a little longer, what phone call?”

Chapter 1474

Tina hung up Cody’s phone and went to Twitter to check again.

Cathy’s matter was on the trending search list, and it was still in the front position. There were also many netizens who watched the excitement and did not think it was a big deal.

Tina got up and walked to the kitchen while scanning Twitter. When she arrived in the kitchen, she threw the phone aside and continued cooking.

She and Cathy were never the same.

Cathy will have today, and she made it by herself. Tina is not surprised, but feels a little too sudden.

Just watch it lively, Tina didn’t bother to do things that beat the dog.

She and Cathy are not the same people, and I am afraid there will be no intersection in the future.

Tina was making stewed beef brisket today. Just after she stewed the beef brisket in the pot, Peter’s video call came.

In the morning, after Tina went out to buy groceries and sent a few WeChat messages to Peter, after that she ignored him. If she ignored him, Tina had no doubt that Peter would rush to the house to find her.

She answered Peter’s video call.


As soon as the video was connected, Tina saw Peter in the video taking his face directly into the camera, with a big face in front of the camera, a proper straight male depth perspective.


After Tina responded calmly twice, he quietly cut the picture.

Peter grew up like this, even from the perspective of depth, it is not ugly, but it still looks a little funny.

Tina looked at the screenshots and couldn’t help but laugh.

Peter was holding the phone, looking like he couldn’t wait to see her from the other end of the phone: “So happy to see me, or I will work early today to accompany you?”

“Who to date?” The smile on Peter’s face disappeared in a second, and he rolled up his sleeves twice.

Tina stopped smiling and glanced at him: “No time, I have an appointment tonight.”

Upon seeing this, Tina smiled and said, “A man.”

Peter’s face collapsed: “Where is it?”

“I don’t know, the place is not decided yet.” Cody hasn’t sent the address yet, it should be that the place hasn’t been decided yet.

“Go to Best Day, I’ll treat you.” Peter smiled generously. If he hadn’t gritted his teeth, Tina would have believed him.

Tina said in a leisurely manner: “Would you like to take you with me again?”

Peter said without a smile, “That’s naturally the best.”

“Well, let’s go together at night. As for the treats, there is no need.” Tina continued without explaining.

“Really take me…” Peter was startled. He looked at Tina carefully, and noticed that the corners of her pursed lips rose slightly, and finally came back to his senses: “Tina, you play with me. is not it?”

Tina pretended to be innocent: “What?”

Peter snorted coldly, “That stinky boy Cody, isn’t it?”

“Does Mr. Scott know that you call him a stinky?” Peter and Cody are the same age.

“He called you? Let’s go together tonight. I’ll come back to pick you up from work.” Peter breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back in his chair.

Tina shook her head and refused: “No, I will go by myself.”

“What do you mean?” Peter’s breath of letting go was suddenly raised.

Tina said that she wanted to start again with him, and now the two of them are boy and girl friends. Cody is their childhood friend. It is normal for them to go to the party together.

Tina refused to go with him, Peter guessed something in his heart.

Sure enough, after a brief silence, Tina said: “I want to keep our things together temporarily.”

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