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Chapter 1475

Peter’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and his mood was obviously lowered.

Although he had guessed something when he heard Tina’s tone just now, he still inevitably felt lost when he heard Tina say it so plainly.

“Why?” Peter even softened his tone: “What are you afraid of?”

Tina said quietly: “I think it’s better not to let parents know about it for the time being.”

Cody grew up with Peter and they are all in the same circle. If they let him know that he and she are together, it won’t take a long time for this matter to reach the ears of both parents.

The Weber family and the Grant family are family friends again, and the two are not too young, the parents are naturally happy to see it happen.

If they are together, if everyone knows it, if they are not together in the end, it will not end well.

Tina felt that when the two people’s feelings are not stable, it is best not to disclose it.

“Okay, listen to you.” Peter lowered his eyes slightly, his tone was light, and he couldn’t hear his emotions.

But Tina knew that Peter was upset.

“I can go there by myself at night. I’m going to cook and hang up first.”


Peter hung up the phone, leaning on the back of the chair without moving for a while, staring at the front with no focus.

He remembered the past again.

People nowadays are relatively early mature. When he was in junior high school, he had received love letters and snacks every day.

Tina was two years younger than him. Every day after school, she ran to the door of Peter’s classroom to wait for him. One day when school was over, on the way home together, Peter went to buy milk tea for her and took the wallet from the bag. Tina glanced and saw a thick pile of colorful envelopes.

“What?” Although Tina was still young at the time, she could vaguely guess what it was.

“Love letter.” Peter widened the opening of his schoolbag and smiled triumphantly: “This is the charm of your brother!”

Tina frowned and stared at him. He patted Tina’s head: “Forget it, you are still young and don’t understand.”

Tina shook off his hand and asked him, “Do you like them?”

Peter looked blank: “What?”

“I don’t like you to receive love letters and take them home!” Tina glared at him.

Peter noticed that Tina had tightened the shoulder strap of the schoolbag. He knew too much about the temperament of this little girl. If his answer made her unsatisfied, she could just grab the schoolbag and beat him.

He hurriedly said: “If there is nothing, I just take it home and destroy it. It’s not nice to throw the trash at school, right? Take care of the female classmate’s self-esteem…”

Tina snorted, hugged the milk tea, and walked forward quickly.

The next day, everyone in the school knew that Peter had a boss, the beautiful little girl who had just spoken at the freshman conference.

Her name is Tina.

When all the fans knew about this, they all laughed at Peter’s conscience and started to face such a small Tina.

What Peter said at the time was: “You don’t talk nonsense, my sister is too tired to see me receiving love letters all day. She loves me and helps me save trouble.”

However, it was just a joke, after all, Tina was very young.

High school is a direct promotion. Many people know about Peter and Tina, and because Tina always runs to high school, it is not easy to know that the relationship between her and Peter is not ordinary.

At the time of Tina, it was as hot as a small ball, wishing the whole world knew that Peter belonged to her, and everyone knew it.

But now, after the two were together, she said that it should not go public.

Chapter 1476

Peter was very dissatisfied with Tina’s undisclosed behavior.

However, he can’t complain.

Who lost that hot, free, and easy sinking?

Not someone else.

It’s him.


In the end, Cody’s position was still in Best Day.

In Cody’s words, in the entire Rostenvel, only Best Day is worthy of his stature.

At night, Tina drove to Best Day alone.

She parked the car in the parking lot, got off the car, and saw Peter standing in front of her.

Tina looked around, “Where did you come from?”

When she drove over just now, she did not see Peter.

Peter turned around and pointed to a car parked opposite.

Tina looked over and saw the familiar license plate number. It turned out that Peter’s car was parked there. No wonder she hadn’t seen it just now.

Peter probably came over while she was parking.

Tina asked him as she locked the car, “How long have you waited?”

“Just arrived.” Peter curled his lips and smiled, his eyes stuck to her.

Tina turned her face away in a small arc, and stretched out her hand to hook the hair around her ear: “After entering, you know what to say?”

Peter looked reluctant: “We met by chance at the door.”

There are only a handful of people who can make Peter wronged.

Looking at Peter like this, Tina found a trace of the former feeling, feeling a trace of nostalgia that was unkind.

Missing that time, she was domineering and unreasonable, and Peter also condoned her.

“Let’s go.” Tina took the initiative to hold his hand.

The dissatisfaction on Peter’s face vanished for a moment, and a smile appeared on his face. He held Tina’s hand and murmured Tina: “Go in and sit next to me later, stay away from Scott… “

That kid Cody always praised Tina and being beautiful before, and it didn’t mean that no one was so beautiful.

Although Peter thinks so, it does not prevent him from feeling that Cody is plotting against Tina.

Tina’s house is so beautiful, who doesn’t like it?


When they got out of the elevator, Tina broke free of Peter’s hand, and the two of them walked to the box one after another.

The box door was not closed tightly, and Tina walked to a position still some distance away from the box door, and she heard the sound of howling ghosts and wolves inside the box.

Tina turned her head and looked at Peter: “We should have time to leave now.”

But the next second, Maria came out of the box and saw them.

“You are here.” Maria said “you”, but her eyes were fixed on Peter, her eyes bright.

Tina took a step forward, deliberately blocking Peter behind her, and looked at Maria: “Yes.”

A flash of dissatisfaction flashed through Maria’s eyes, with a smile on her face that couldn’t pick up a problem: “Everyone is here, just waiting for you.”

Tina raised her foot and walked forward.

Maria stood still, obviously waiting for Peter behind Tina.

Tina saw her mind clearly. When passing by Maria, she held Maria’s arm and smiled stiffly: “Long time no see, Maria.”

Maria was irritated, and it was not easy to shake off the cold in front of Peter, and could only cooperate with a smile: “Yes, you haven’t rested lately, so your skin condition is a bit bad.”

A blunt knife is Maria’s habit.

But Tina likes to play straight balls: “You are also very busy at work. There are a few more folds in the corners of your eyes. When you are old, you should pay attention to your body.”

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