CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1483 – 1484

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Chapter 1483

Miss Weber…

The corner of Peter’s lips was pulled slightly, there was no arc, the whole person looked as if he was smiling, but after a closer look, he was not smiling.

After two seconds, Peter asked Cody unhurriedly: “Do you really want to chase Tina?”

“Of course, Tina is your sister, can I not be sincere? If I am not sincere, you can’t fix me?” Cody straightened his back, and said how honest and honest the whole person looks like. With his own determination.

Peter’s lips curled up when he heard the words, and this time he really laughed, turning his head and beckoning to the waiter standing not far away: “Bring a box of wine.”

The waiter glanced at the empty wine bottle in front of Peter and confirmed: “Mr. Grant, should I bring another box of this wine?”

Peter nodded his head with a faint expression, and tapped lightly with his long fingers on the table, appearing a little impatient.

Mainly, because this is a foreign wine, it is very strong. Although there are many people in the box, it is not enough to finish a box. Drinking too much will cause problems.

But Peter had already spoken, and the waiter naturally delivered the wine.

“Open it now?” the waiter asked.

Peter glanced at it and said quietly: “Open it all.”

Not only the waiter, but the others were also taken aback.

Someone realized that something was wrong, and the music in the box became quieter without knowing who turned it off.

Peter was a frequent visitor of Best Day, and he had such a deep friendship with Karl, and the waiter naturally listened to him and opened up.

Someone wanted to round the stage and said grinning: “Mr. Grant, you can’t finish drinking so much, it’s a waste…”

Peter ignored them.

Then no one dared to speak out again.

The waiter had a drink, and left the scene as if ran away.

Peter pushed the bottle in front of Cody, and looked at Cody sharply: “Go ahead.”

Cody and Peter are about the same age, and their personalities are not restrained.

The path Cody chose was to wander around. He called it to explore the mysteries of nature. To put it bluntly, he was just eating, drinking, and having fun with the family’s money, and didn’t want to take responsibility.

But Peter did not choose to inherit the family business, but met Karl, and chose to start from scratch with Karl, and then he had today’s prosperity.

Except for Karl who contributed more in the early days of the prosperous period, Peter was responsible for most of the following years, he was already able to stand alone and possessed the thundering skills of a businessman.

In these years, he has been in the business world, making Peter involuntarily exuding the fierce aura that only the upper class has when he is unhappy.

But how could Cody, who eats, drinks and has fun all day long, beat Peter on the aura? He was seen by Peter’s sharp eyes, even if his scalp was tingling.

Cody didn’t go home very often during these years, but occasionally came back. When people gathered together, they also talked about things that were not related to interests. The atmosphere was naturally harmonious.

It was precisely because of this that Cody couldn’t see the gap between himself and Peter.

At this time, he vaguely understood the gap between himself and Peter, which made him feel a little embarrassed and his complexion could not help but become ugly.

Cody looked at the wine bottle in front of him, speaking slowly and slowly: “Mr. Grant, we are all these years old, so how come we still play the same as when we were young? Drinking can solve everything, so we can’t do anything differently?”

Chapter 1484

“Different?” Peter’s tone was light, but his disdain was overflowing between his eyebrows.

Unconvinced, Cody was about to speak when he heard Peter’s ridiculous voice: “What have you won me?”

As soon as this was said, the box became quieter.

Everyone noticed that Peter was serious about this. Thinking that Maria and Peter had a good friendship, some people went to Maria and said in a low voice, “You have a good relationship with Mr. Grant. Please persuade him. The two brothers, don’t have to be like this for this little thing, how ugly…”

Maria hesitated.

In case she went up to persuade Peter, if Peter listened to her persuasion, she would also have faced, if Peter did not listen to her persuasion, wouldn’t she be ashamed in front of so many people.

“Okay! I’ll drink with you.” Cody said this sentence almost gritted his teeth.

Maria also breathed a sigh of relief because she didn’t need her to come out to persuade them at any risk of shame.


The band performance on stage is over.

The band left and went backstage to change to another performance.

Tom got up and walked over to Tina.

Walking to Tina, he asked very gentlemanly: “Miss Weber, do you mind if I sit down and chat?”

Tom’s expression was very calm, with a slight smile in his eyes, and the whole person looked very gentle.

Tina didn’t agree or refuse, and only said aloud, “What is Mr. Allison going to talk to me?”

Tom was not polite, and sat down directly opposite Tina: “Just chat.”

Tina’s eyes fell on the stage, and a new performer appeared on the stage, who looked like a dance troupe, dancing hot dances.

“My Life and Me”, when is the next recording, have you received any notice?” Tom’s voice sounded.

“Afraid that your sponsorship will be ridiculous?” There was a trace of teasing in the calm tone.

Tom was noncommittal: “Chatting.”

Tina smiled: “The program group has its own arrangements, you can rest assured.”

“Ms. Tina?” Stephanie’s voice sounded from the side.

Tina turned her head and saw Stephanie and yelled with a smile: “Stephanie.”

“Why are you here?” Stephanie’s tone was a little surprised. After all, Tina had been nestling at home recently. It was quite unexpected to encounter her in the bar.

“There was a meeting upstairs. I felt bored and went down.” Tina said lightly.

“Oh.” Stephanie nodded.

Seeing that Stephanie and Tina had finished speaking, Tom said, “Miss Stephanie.”

The lights in the bar are extinguished, bright for a while and dark for a while. Stephanie was too familiar with Tina, and then she recognized her at a glance. Just now Grant was talking to Tina without noticing Tom was there.

“Mr. Allison, you are here too!” Stephanie’s gaze swept back and forth on Tina and Tom, her eyes changed subtlely, and she could not help but sit down and look at Tom carefully.

Tom calmly met Stephanie’s gaze, letting her look at himself, probably because of the light, making him appear gentle and elegant.

Stephanie’s face turned red for a moment, turned her head hurriedly, and squatted: “That…that’s a coincidence…”

“It’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect Miss Stephanie to be here.” Tom’s eyes were slightly bent, his speech slowed down a lot, and his smile leaked from between his eyebrows, becoming more gentle.

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