CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1485 – 1486

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Chapter 1485

Tina glanced back and forth over the two of them calmly.

Stephanie is still young and is Peter’s cousin. The people around her, both men and women, give her a bit of face, which has led to her friends being crowded.

These friends of hers are all from wealthy families and grew up in the upper class. Weighing the pros and cons and calculating the benefits are the courses they must learn, but because they are young and with little qualifications, they are always frizzy.

Tom is different from the frizzy boys around her. He is restrained and calm, with the calmness and tolerance of everything under control. He has the charm of a mature man after time has settled. This is a boy of the same age anyway. Are incomparable.

But at the same time, Tom had the shrewdness that a businessman should have.

The two words, gentle, shrewd, and somewhat contradictory, were displayed in Tom very harmoniously.

Stephanie didn’t like him because of Tom’s cold heat before, but she couldn’t hate him.

After all, no one can hate a handsome, gentle and generous man.

Tom is exactly the kind of man who is most fascinated by young girls.

This is completely human nature.

Thinking about this, Stephanie’s mood was much calmer. She just felt the charm of Tom just like most girls. There was nothing to be shy about.

Stephanie’s expression became more calm, and her tone became more natural: “I came here to perform, you should have seen it just now.”

The cups in front of Tina and Tom were almost empty, and they had sat there for a while.

“I don’t see that you are still playing on the team, haven’t you thought about debut?” His cold fingers clasped the transparent water glass, slender and white.

Stephanie smiled and shrugged: “Hobby.”

Then she added another sentence: “I still prefer to bring artists.”

Tina smiled without saying a word.

Tom seemed to be interested in the band, and asked Stephanie in a serious tone: “Is it hard to learn drums?”

“It shouldn’t be difficult. I have been learning since I was a child. I vaguely remember that it was easy to get started…”

When Stephanie talked about the things she liked, his eyes were bright.

Tina found that she knew very little about her agent.

She glanced at Tom again. Tom listened carefully to Stephanie’s teaching about drumming when she was a child, without a trace of perfunctory. He completely removed his usual shrewd attitude and looked more like a good person.

And Stephanie obviously took this set and spoke more vigorously.

Tina thought of the things that Tom had used before, and sneered in her heart. Sven sc*m was probably Tom’s kind.

The two were engaged in chatting, Tina had no place to intervene, and then remembered Peter, opened WeChat and sent him a message: “Hurry up when you are over there. Your cousin will be abducted by a wild man.”

Peter sent two messages in a row.

“I will get rid of Cody this stinky boy and come there.”


solve? How does he solve Cody?

Tina thought of Peter’s tricks and organized her language: “Is it a young man, don’t be too cruel, it’s almost done, leave alive.”

“Relax. [Dear, k!ss]” Peter also posted a “dear, k!ss” emoticon.

Tina: “[angry.JPG]”

Peter: “That girl is full of inattentiveness, please watch, don’t let her be deceived and help her count.”

Tina: “Nonsense.”

Of course, she knows that Stephanie is full of shortcomings.

Chapter 1486

Seeing Tina’s reply, Peter slightly twitched the corner of his lower lips. Just about to reply, Cody stretched out his hand and almost yelled, “Drinking…what are you doing with your mobile phone, can’t you afford to lose…”

Peter looked at Cody, whose eyes had fallen apart, and thought of what Tina said earlier, and said, “Can you still drink? Take a moment.”

“Yes! I’m too capable!” In order to show that he was very capable, Cody picked up the bottle and started filling it.

Peter raised his eyebrows blankly.

It’s this brat who is looking for death, don’t blame him.


When Tina’s glass of wine reached the bottom, Stephanie seemed to finally find that she seemed to be left out in the cold.

She glanced at Tina’s cup and said, “Ms. Tina, would you like to drink more? I’ll treat you.”

Tina smiled: “No need.”

Stephanie turned her head and glanced at Tom. She had been chatting with him just now, and found that he knew a lot and had a very good chat. She still had a little bit of thoughts, but she couldn’t keep hanging in the cold.

Just thinking about changing the topic.

But she hadn’t thought of any topic that all three of them could talk about, and she heard Tina speak out.

“Did Mr. Allison’s fiancee come back?”

Tina’s words reminded Stephanie that Tom had a fiancee.

The loss was like ink smearing on paper, and it quickly smeared, covering the entire atrium of Stephanie.

He has a fiancee.

Last time, he told her that he said his fiancée ran away and he had to wait for her.

He also said that his fiancée was young and he had to give in.

don’t know which girl is so lucky.

Suddenly she became envious.

A smile appeared on Tom’s face: “Not yet, but I don’t think I will wait too long.”

Stephanie felt Tom’s gaze sweep over her face, and he didn’t know if it was intentional.

If it is deliberate, he is reminding her that he is not single, so she should not think too much?

Stephanie curled her mouth, drank dully, and turned to look away, too lazy to look at Tom again.

“I’m really curious about what kind of girl Mr. Allison’s fiancé is like.” Tina leaned against the back of the sofa, looking curious.

“She…” Tom said with a gentle expression, without thinking: “She’s cute, funny, and simple.”

Tina wanted to laugh a little: “Is that so?”

Stephanie heard it in his ears and couldn’t help but want to put these three characteristics on herself, but she soon reacted to what she was already doing, and was a little angry.

Tom smiled: “This is enough.”

Tina said, “I thought Mrs. Allison would like to be smart and beautiful.”

The smile on Tom’s face faded a little: “Why are you saying this?”

“Because Allison is always a very smart person, I thought you only like fellow travelers.” Tina’s tone was a bit more serious than before.

Tom’s expression also became a little serious: “Partners need fellow travelers.”

Tina looked at him, and didn’t mean to relax. There was even a hint of provocation in her tone: “Really?”

Tom calmly responded: “Of course.”

The atmosphere is a bit wrong.

Stephanie even felt that in the next second, the two were going to raise the table and quarrel.

She thought again that it was a coincidence that Tina and Tom appeared here at the same time, and there had been the same coincidence before.

There was a bold idea in her heart, Tom…Couldn’t it be that he likes Tina?

He said that he was waiting for his fiancé, but in fact he liked Tina and wanted to step on two boats, so Tina deliberately asked about his fiancée, and then provoke him with an unkind tone?

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