CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1509 – 1510

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Chapter 1509

Tina drove the car home, feeling a little heavy.

It can be seen that Cathy is not doing well.

Can’t say sympathy, but she feels a little sorry.

Most of the time, women like to embarrass women.

For example, Cathy always had deep malice towards her, and when facing Henry, she seemed to be only afraid.

Until returning home, Tina’s mood was still a bit complicated.

After she parked the car in the underground garage, she took the elevator upstairs. As soon as she got out of the elevator, her mobile phone rang, and Alyssa called.

“Alyssa, are you home?” Tina answered the phone and asked in her usual tone.

“No, in Karl’s company, not long after I came out, he called me and asked me to come over and wait for him to leave work.”

Tina listened carefully, and could still vaguely hear the sound of flipping files in the background of Alyssa.

“That’s good, you are like this. It would be nice to go home with Karl.” Tina was also a little relieved that Alyssa would go home alone.

Although she knew it was fine, but too many things had happened before, which made her think about bad things easily.

“It’s okay, don’t think about it.” Alyssa knew what Tina was thinking. After comforting her, she asked, “Where is Cathy? Did she do nothing?”

“No, after you left, Henry came over and took her away.” Tina said.

Alyssa was silent for a moment. She remembered what had happened in the restaurant before. Henry didn’t seem to be a good person, and he certainly didn’t treat Cathy very well. She can see from Cathy’s condition.

This can be regarded as…Cathy’s retribution.

“Just fine.” Alyssa didn’t say more.

Tina was about to respond when she heard Karl’s voice resounding from Alyssa: “Come and see this.”

It was obviously a call for Alyssa.

It was indeed for her.

Recently, Grace’s kindergarten assigned homework to raise a plant. Karl didn’t know what happened. After raising a small wild flower with Grace, he became interested in plants.

He is thinking about growing flowers and grass when he has time.

Alyssa felt that it might be because she was older, but she didn’t dare to say that.

Afraid of Karl being angry.

The man’s temper is getting better and better, but he is still stingy and holding grudges. This point will probably remain the same for a lifetime.

“Go ahead, I think about something to eat at night.” Tina smiled and urged Alyssa to find Karl. Without giving Alyssa a chance to refuse, she hung up the phone.

Sitting on the sofa, Tina swiped the Moments absently, swiping to the Moments Cody posted three hours ago.

The content of this circle of friends is only one word.

Concise and full of meaning.

This word is: grass!

After all, they were playmates who grew up together when they were young, and had many mutual friends.

Tina glanced at it, and there were already several rows of likes, and those who knew the situation responded “hahaha” below.

Those who don’t know also reply below: “?”

Tina thought for a while, and also clicked like.

After she clicked the thumbs up, she looked forward again. When she finally refreshed, she saw a new message reminder. She clicked in and took a look. It was Peter who replied with a smiling face to Cody.

Immediately afterwards, a mutual friend who knew Peter replied to Peter under Cody’s circle of friends: “Hahahaha, brother is here.”

Tina thought for a while, and felt that Cody was also quite miserable.

It took him three hours to post to Moments, probably because he only woke up three hours ago.

After sobering up and discovering that he had done a good job, Peter still ridiculed him.

Chapter 1510

Peter appeared under Cody’s circle of friends, and Cody’s circle of friends was even more lively.

In addition to a lot of onlookers who watched the excitement and made a fuss there, Cody also replied to Peter.

His reply was: “Mr. Grant!!!!”

Although he got a big embarrassment from being drunk the day before yesterday, it is the friendship that grew up together when they were young.

But the four exclamation marks following this “Mr. Grant” are very spiritual.

Tina looked at the like she had clicked again, and felt a little inappropriate, as if she had teamed up with Peter to bully Cody.

After thinking about it, she canceled the like.

Who knows, as soon as she liked, Cody’s message came over.

Cody: “Miss Weber, you canceled the like!!!”

Three exclamation marks follow.

Cody likes to use exclamation points now.

People with experience are different.

Tina thought for a while, pretending not to see it.

But soon, he sent a message again: “I see you are ‘typing’, so don’t pretend you haven’t seen it, squeak!”


She was silent for a long while, and replied with two words: “Hands slippery”

Cody: “Guess I believe it?”

Tina: “I guess you really believe it.”

Cody rolled his eyes back.

Tina comforted him again: “Mr. Scott, it’s okay, isn’t it just a swim in the lower reaches of the public? Who has never swam before?”

As soon as the message is sent out, it displays “typing” on the other end.

She waited for a while, but before he returned the message, she returned to the chat list.

Peter’s head was marked with red, and he sent a message over.

Tina opened it, and Peter said, “Is Cody chatting with you?”

“You monitored my phone?” Otherwise, how could he know that she was chatting with Cody.

“Oh, I have battled with him for three hundred rounds in the circle of friends, and he suddenly stopped returning to me.” Cody’s mouth was so cheap that he never confessed to the battle easily, and he would not return to him. He must be chatting with people.

He saw Tina’s likes before, and Tina canceled the likes. He naturally knew it, and guessed that Cody must have been chatting with her.

Tina understood this when she thought about it, a little bit dumbfounded: “My mind is pretty delicate.”

Peter: “All men in love are Sherlock Holmes.”

Tina: “…”

Just when she didn’t know what to return, Peter made a video call.

She clicked the connect.

“Tina!” As soon as the video was connected, she heard Peter calling her name.

She replied: “Yeah.”

Peter: “Are you still chatting with Cody?”

“Yes.” Tina nodded.

Speaking of Cody, Tina remembered to go and see if he has responded to her.

She lowered her eyes, looked back, and found that Cody had replied to her just now, the time was still three minutes ago.

Cody replied: “Miss Weber, I was serious that night.”

Tina paused.

She knew that Cody was talking about what he confessed to her on the night of the party.

To confess this kind of thing, Tina has encountered countless times since childhood.

But he is different from those who confessed to her. He is the young one of her and Peter, and his attitude seems very serious.

Tina typed slowly in reply: “Make an appointment to meet and chat.”

This kind of thing must be resolved face-to-face and seriously.

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