The Warmest Romance Chapter 1105 -1106

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Chapter 1105

Yu Yimo closed the documents in his hand and ordered the work after that. “In addition, the list of Xicheng should be discussed. Before that, the planning group and the public relations department should do the promotion of public service advertising and set up the image first. Xicheng is most keen to cooperate with enterprises with good brand image.”

As soon as his voice fell, a voice suddenly came from the side, “Mr. Yu, I’m afraid the recent remarks have a great influence on Yu.”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes, looked at the speaking shareholder, paused for a few seconds, and asked, “what’s the comment?”

The shareholder coughed softly, “it’s your personal incident. Recently, it’s been uploaded on the Internet…”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo, Mou Guang is cold a few minutes.

Of course, he knows that his divorce with ye Wan’er should have been handled in private, instead of sending it out through social platforms. But he just wants to make it public and let everyone know. At the same time, his relationship with the Ye family is broken. In this way, it seems to be troublesome on the surface, but in fact, it saves a lot of follow-up trouble.

“I have my own discretion in that matter. You can rest assured.”

Yu Yimo quietly shifted the topic and continued to talk about work.

All the people at the meeting table had different ideas, but Yu Yimo had already mentioned it in a word, and they had no choice but to pretend that nothing had happened.

Soon after the meeting, Yu Yimo got up and left the meeting room first.

Du Yue followed him and reminded him softly, “Mr. Yu, today I also heard some bad comments from the company.”

Hearing this, Yu Yimo hums coldly, “these people are like this, especially those shareholders. When the company makes profits, they are all meritorious men, fighting to step back and share profits. When the company has an accident, everyone puts their eyes on my personal affairs and leaves them clean.”

Du more pause, open mouth to ask, “that about those remarks on the Internet with PR?”

Yu Yimo said in a light voice, “no need.”

Those are the things he wanted to tell the world, there is no need to hide.

“Also, at the meeting just now, the servant from the wedding room called and said that she felt that ye Wan’er was in a wrong state and had not eaten since last night…”

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank slightly, and he didn’t speak for half a second.

It’s not the first time that this kind of thing has happened. Once something happens, ye Waner always likes to threaten him with such things as suicide and hunger strike. Now, he is used to it.

Yu Yimo said, “don’t worry. If she doesn’t sign the divorce agreement she sent in the morning, she will send someone to deliver it in the afternoon.”

Now, everything will not follow her.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, the wedding villa.

Ye Wan’er sits on the sofa in her bedroom, flipping through the news on her mobile phone. Now, the news about her divorce with Yu Yimo is overwhelming.

At this moment, the servant came to knock on the door and asked carefully, “madam, Mr. sent someone to send something to you.”

Hearing the sound, her eyes flashed. She got up and ran to the door quickly.

She ran to the door barefoot, opened the door and asked excitedly, “brother Mo has changed his mind? You’re not going to divorce me? “

The servant’s eyes dodged, his head hung slightly, his hands handed him a paper document, and he whispered, “madam, please have a look for yourself.”

Chapter 1106

Ye Wan’er glanced over the document. The surprise that just appeared in her mind was swept away. She reached for it and opened it. Unexpectedly, it was still a divorce agreement!

Suddenly, ye Wan’er’s chest went up and down, unable to say a word.

This morning, Yu Yimo had sent someone to send her a divorce agreement. She didn’t sign it. She tore up the document and threw it away. Unexpectedly, it was only in the afternoon that the divorce document was sent again!

She clenched her teeth and looked at the servant who sent her the documents outside the door. She was even more angry. She rubbed the document into a ball and threw it on the servant’s face. She said angrily, “roll away, roll away!”

The servant was shocked and ran away in a panic. Ye Wan’er stood in the same place, angry. But after a while, tears came out of her eyes.

It seems that this time, Yu Yimo is determined to divorce her. Before the divorce agreement is signed, he can’t wait to announce the news of their divorce on social media, and then send someone to send her the divorce agreement again and again. This is obviously forcing her to sign it.

Ye Wan’er turns back to the room and slams the door. Thinking of what Huo Chuan said on the phone yesterday, she is more and more confused.

She knows that Yu Yimo’s patience is limited. If he sends the documents again and again, she refuses to sign them. She is afraid that he may transfer the evidence of her collision to the police station. In this way, she will lose more than she gains.

Ye Wan’er grits her teeth, turns to the door, opens the door, picks up the crumpled divorce agreement on the ground, unfolds the document and smoothes it out. Seeing the black and white words, she is even more at a loss.

She didn’t want to sign, let alone divorce, but now, she has been driven to a dead end and has no choice.

All of a sudden, she had a flash of inspiration and thought of something.

Maybe, you can go out and gamble! Even if yu Yimo knew that she had done those things, she and he had known each other for more than ten years, and he would not let her go.

Once, she saved Yu Yimo’s feelings for her by cutting her wrist. This time, you can also try!

Ten minutes later, she put the camera on the table, turned on the video, took a deep breath, and pressed the start button. “Brother Mo, I’ve already thought about it. I’m willing to sign the divorce agreement, and I’m willing to bear the mistakes I’ve made. But without you in my life, there’s only darkness left. Once, you were the light in my life, and now when you leave, my life is gone Meaning, I don’t want to stay in this world any more… “

Recording some touching “heartfelt” words, she picked up the art knife prepared in advance on the table next to her, pointed it at her wrist, and directly rowed down.

In an instant, there was a bloodstain on her white wrist, and the blood came out. Ye Wan’er frowned, looked up at the camera, and inhaled deeply, “brother Mo, I really love you. If I can’t do it in this life, I will stay with you in the next life…”

After recording the video, she picked up the gauze and wrapped it around her wrist, then immediately sent the video to Yu Yimo.

Success or failure depends on it. Even if there are more holes in her this time, as long as you can make Yu Yimo change his mind, it’s worth it!

Who knows, the blood keeps coming out, she can’t press, she wanted to ask the servant to send her to the hospital, but just walked to the door, suddenly in front of a dark, fell to the ground.

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