CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1581 – 1582

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Chapter 1581

Although Tom has been busy with his career and has no time to fall in love these years, there is never a shortage of women who take the initiative to contribute.

There are all kinds of women who are dedicated.

Gentle, passionate, unrestrained, implicit…

He has never encountered Stephanie’s brain circuit, which is unusual.

“You don’t you… don’t like this name?” she asked carefully when she noticed Tom’s face change.

Tom took a deep breath, then slowly spit it out: “What do you think?”

Stephanie: “…”

Why is this man like this.

Either “what do you think?” or “what do you think I think?”.

If she knew, would she still have to ask him?

Fortunately, Stephanie is only straightforward, not stupid.

She could also tell that he didn’t like this title.

But is it too rude to call a name?

“Allison… Tom?”

Stephanie felt that calling his name would never go wrong, but she squatted as soon as she spoke.

Because Tom always looks like a business elite who never makes mistakes, this gives Stephanie a sense of distance. She is not very able to call out his name frankly, and she always feels that calling his name directly is destroying him. The momentum of business elites.

Tom sighed.

It’s better than “Old Allison”.

“Go home early when you are done, and call me if you have something to do.” Tom exhorted her and drove away.

Stephanie stood there for a while, feeling that it was worth making friends with Tom.

In the beginning, she thought that he was not very easy to provoke, and she was angry because he took advantage of Tina, and felt that he was not a good person.

Unexpectedly, they have become friends now.

Stephanie thought, couldn’t help feeling happy.

She has a very good friend-Tom.


The fake news about Tom and Tina’s date on the Internet was dealt with by Stephanie before it had time to get on the trending search.

As soon as she finished processing the fake news, she received a call from Tina.

“The reaction ability is good, and the handling is good. I will give you a bonus this month.”

“It’s all I should do, the bonus won’t be needed…”

Stephanie felt that Tina was good enough for her, and there was no need to add bonuses to deal with this little thing.

Tina is very overbearing: “I am the boss, I will add if I say.”

Stephanie didn’t know what to say.

“What good food did you and Mr. Allison have?” Tina asked again.

Stephanie answered truthfully: “Just ate some fast food.”

“What?” Tina thought she had misheard.

“He said he was in a hurry, so he could just eat something…” Stephanie was also a little embarrassed: “He still queued to buy it. I said I would invite him to dinner next time.”

“Oh -” Tina stretched the tone, which seemed meaningful.

Stephanie has been following Tina these days, and has some understanding of her character. She knows what Tina’s tune means.

“It’s not what you think, Tom and I are just ordinary friends…” Stephanie defended.

“Yes, they have all started to call Mr. Allison directly. They are indeed ordinary friends.” Tina’s voice was full of teasing.

“Ms. Tina, you are so annoying, I won’t tell you anymore, I’ll go to your interview assistant.”

“Okay, our house is full of hard work.”

Tina hung up the phone and found that the bowl in front of her had already piled up a hill, all of which were the dishes that Peter had picked up for her when she answered the phone.

“Don’t put so many dishes for me, I can’t eat so many,” Tina said that she was disgusted, but she still finished eating.

Chapter 1582

Peter finished the meal before her, and after he finished eating, he watched her eat.

After she had finished eating, he said leisurely: “Tina, a generous boss like you who needs a bonus for a small matter, the studio will sooner or later be defeated by you.”

“Crow’s mouth, what you have is money!” Tina glared at him.

Tina has signed with AdamPic for these years, and Peter is very concerned about her. How much money she made and how much money she spent, Tina may not know him yet.

She has never been short of money since she was a child. She spends money lavishly. Even if she doesn’t make money herself, she can gnaw at home for a few lifetimes, and there is no need to save money.

But she is now opening a studio and being her own boss. If she is still the same as before, she is afraid it will not work.

But Peter didn’t plan to tell her that being a boss and an actor are two different things.


He also has money.

Peter pretentiously smiled and said: “Come on, Brother Peter, ten million, you can figure out how much you want.”

“Who do you look down on? Am I such a spineless person? Will I give in for a mere ten million?”

Tina spoke with integrity, and he might have believed her when he was not familiar with her face.

In the next second, Tina lifted the hair near her ear, and shouted with a shy face: “Brother Peter.”

This dog man, she must call him bankrupt!

Peter couldn’t help laughing: “Ten million.”

Tina took the posture of calling Peter poor, and called out again, “Brother Peter.”

“Yeah!” Peter nodded in satisfaction: “Twenty million.”

When Tina saw his complacent look, her hands were itchy and she wanted to hit someone.

At this moment, Peter’s cell phone rang.

Listen to the ringtone, it should be a text message. If you listen to it a lot, you will remember it.

Peter, who was still full of pride, suddenly became serious.

He just opened the phone and tapped on the screen, looking like he was reading a text message.

A text message that could make him change his face on the spot?

Tina had some doubts in her heart, and tried to say in a calm tone: “Is it a text message? What happened?”

“It’s okay.” Peter quickly turned off the phone screen, and said with a smile: “Scam SMS, the trick is too low-level.”

“Really? Let me see what kind of low-level deception, maybe I have encountered it.” Tina’s eyes fell on his mobile phone, with a look of curiosity.

“Nothing to look good.” He put the phone back in his pocket and glanced at the table: “Are you full? Let’s go if we are full.”

Tina saw Peter’s reaction in his eyes, but did not continue to ask: “Yes.”

Intuition told her that he was weird.

But she couldn’t tell what was wrong.

At least, the text messages he received just now was definitely not fraudulent text messages.


At night.

Tina lay on the sofa eating snacks and watching TV, but she was absent-minded and looked in the direction of the bedroom from time to time.

After a while, there was no movement in the bedroom, she vaguely heard the sound of water, and got up and walked towards the bedroom.

When she walked to the bedroom door, the sound of water became clearer.

Peter went to the bathroom to take a shower, and his mobile phone was on the bedside table.

Tina glanced at the bathroom warily, walked gently to the bed, and picked up Peter’s mobile phone.

She wanted to see what kind of text message Peter received. It was so mysterious and he didn’t show it to her because it was a fraudulent text message.

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